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  1. I just sent our docs to nvc (affidavit n civil) I'm usc husband uk, but lives in Kazakhstan. Please advise Thx
  2. Translations do not need to be notarized. At least it doesn't say so on the website. All it states is that the translator states that the translation is accurate and that s/he is certified to do that job, as far as I remember. Also, you do not need to translate documents in the language of the country you're having the visa interview. I hope this helps and if others couldn't either confirm this Best
  3. That's interesting I was just about to post about this There is a coversheet that tells you that you MUST RETURN it, and I got only one for AOS The other coversheet is actually a checklist I just wanted to print the coversheet through the CEAC site, but it's down. Is the IV document coversheet different?? Thanks
  4. Thank you, Jessie! I have the same 1st page you've indicated But, doesn't that page "YOU MUST RETURN THIS COVER SHEET" pertain to AOS only? I mean the address on it says National Visa Center and then Attn. CMR AOS did you send to that address or to the general address as indicated in the 2nd page you've attached> I'd appreciate your input Thanks
  5. Thanks, the difference between None and N/A is definitely, important. But as I said my inquiry is about numerical input such as A- # and USCIS ELIS # what should one put there as to not trigger inquiry especially since I don't have the latter (the blank doesn't take letters) Thanks again
  6. Hi there, Yes, common sense helps a lot, but a lot of checklists comes from nonsensical information. Thank you very much for your input. I believe from reading your comments on previous financial info inquiries (of which I can tell you're a seasoned member) I shouldn't leave any line blank. It remains to find out the best way to fill out numerical blanks. I am afraid that a zero (0) will be coded as an erroneous input generating a checklist. For instance, I have no USCIS ELIS Any recommendation for that Thanks
  7. Thank you Yes, I read those instructions although we're at the NVC stage, not uscis I agree with you that blanks would be as left blank if filed electorally and that's where I'm concerned, if it's a numerical field, e.g. uscis number or a number, should I write Zero (0) wouldn't that be read as an incomplete number whereas I mean not applicable? Thx again
  8. I am filling out I-864 and now having second thoughts Should I fill out in the pdf format (in-document filling) and then print it? or should I print it and then manually fill it out Also, if I were to fill it out electronically should I write N/A in all the blanks that are not applicable to us?? or should I leave them blank? Will that affect the barcode?? The blanks that are meant for numbers do no take N/A in them, should I then write that manually? wouldn't that affect the barcode? Please advise since I am very concerned about checklist for those who leave empty lines Thank you
  9. Hi all, As I am gathering all the documents (financial and civil) for my husband's visa, I noticed that I received 3 emails from NVC all of which had a document cover sheet attached to them 1- Addressed to me ( I'm the petitioner, my name is not on the top of the cover sheet, but on the 1st page welcoming us) with June 1st date on the cover sheet 2- Addressed to my husband (the beneficiary, his name is on the top of the first page of the attachment, not the cover sheet itself) with June 1st date on the cover sheet 3- an email dated 6th of June (confirming agent selection) but this time the cover sheet had June 6th as the date on it Which one of these should I attached with the packages And just to confirm, AOS has to have a cover sheet and IV package has to have a cover sheet. Total 2 cover sheets?? Thank you
  10. Welcome I am sure you've got some pics together over the years. Actually now that I think about it, I included a cover page outlining our relationship for 10 years, how we met, etc it's short and in bullet points Get affidavits from people who can attest to your relationships (i did that) Best of luck
  11. It seems that NVC loses a lot of papers and then requests them resetting the scan date How can this be remedied? Should I send a copy of each document I submit (for instance, 2 I-864 forms, 2 copies of police certificates, etc)?? I know we're submitting copies to begin with, but if THEY lose them, why are we being penalized? Thx much!!!
  12. It wouldn't help. I tried everything under the sun, ended up giving birth alone and now our son is 7 months old and hasn't met his daddy painful to witness hurry up and finish all the documents so your husband arrives asap Congratulations and good luck with you pregnancy!
  13. My husband and I had a 10 year relationship before we got married, living in the US and separate in different countries at times as well. What I did is similar to millefleur's suggestion 1- 2 photos a trip (event) not more than 2 events a year with a description of the occasion under the pics 2- I attached boarding passes, passport pages with stamps entering a destination country for both of us to show we were there at the same time and actually included arrows poiting at the entry and exit dates and writing where the trip was 3- yes I had 10 pages, concluding with our wedding pics (2 ceremonies in 2 different countries) include 1 or 2 sentence description of where those pics taken