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  1. Ah, the good old student loans. If true, then of course got them and expecting to incur more now that my doctorate fellowship is about to expire. Good point on Kazakhstan. Thanks for throwing these ideas at me. I'll definitely explore all options with the lawyer.
  2. Thanks. So I was not totally off Is it strange that I still have a glimpse of hope for the waiver?
  3. That's a good point, but I think, and again, I may be just as wrong as you are, they checked everything pertinent to the validity of the marriage. As it were, there is ample evidence it isn't, 10 years of documented evidence of bona fide relationship, is heck of a lot. So technically, if my husband had a clean record there is nothing to prevent his immigration based on my petition. But his is nothing but, so embassy decided record outweighs evidence. Of course I may be totally wrong too Would also like to hear your viewpoints Thx
  4. I only got the dates for 09 so far. When he was in college he wasn't on an F visa, but G
  5. Interesting, my husband was saying 6 months the entire time and I was arguing with him it's 180 days. Hmmmm Regarding the one year total, the B1 visa was not the visa he entered with until may 15th and I now find out that the oil company thing was training that lasted tI'll mid June Prior to that he had a different visa and he didn't work under it but was finishing uni
  6. I don't find the analogy compelling. If my drivers license is valid until a certain that means I can until that date. Alternatively, how could it be valid, if cannot be used, what's the scenario where this could work? I know it's futile arguing what I do, but I'm trying to understand for my consultation prep with the lawyer and not find myself overwhelmed with legal jargon. You meant POE for the August 12th entry? I doubt he remembers ...
  7. Then why the entry stamp says until Feb 11th? And then the CO also said the bar is for 10 yrs for overstayin over a year. But, the paper given says 180. Can anyone see clarity between oral and written statements Thanks
  8. Hi again, Here is the timelinew for 2009 Entry Jan 15th 09, exit April 20th Entry May 15th, exit August 8th En try August 12th( this stamp clearly has until Feb 11, 2010 on it), Exit Feb 10 , 2010 Thanks
  9. Thanks for your input. Different strokes for different folks. Some would move to DRC, some wouldn't move even to the UK. With that being said, my husband hasn't been based there for a while, hence the interview in Kazakhstan. P.s. how can loans be used for this situation? Many thx
  10. How do you mean? He was denied, of course he's getting a visa! Point?
  11. Thanks for the offer. Yes, I would love to share, but I'd rather speak with a lawyer first before knowing what qualifies. I hope you understand Going back to the bar, what pains me the most, and yes, it's emotions and I'm a human being. Is this an offense that cannot be forgiven? Of course all is up to the discretion of the officers, but I'm wondering aloud. On another hand, I read somewhere on this forum, actually a pic of the letter on a decision on I 601, that the embassy dismissed the inadmissibility and therfore the waiver wasn't needed anymore. Question is how was that done?
  12. Yes, 2019. But again we don't know what overstay they are talking about, especially a one year overstay. That's why I'm going to look up a request for freedom of information as suggested
  13. Thank you I certainly understood the circular argument you've outlined Indeed, I'm looking for lawyers specializing in waivers. Furthermore, since we have not misrepresented anything but fully disclosed his ban on I 130 n ds 260 and have evidence of good faith, a good lawyer is the only route to go Best
  14. Thank you. My understanding thus far is as you said my hardships from moving from the US and/or for not having my husband moving in. I appreciate your input