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  1. Hi everyone, On November 8th, I have got a letter from NVC saying the case is in the queue awaiting the interview date Can anybody tell when I will get an interview date? thanks Milly
  2. Oh thanks for telling that, I had no idea about sending the RFE with confirmation page Thanks again
  3. yes I have got this on my confirmation page Oh God I have to wait another month :(((
  4. Hi Guys, I submitted IV packages to NVC 2 months ago and got an email from NVC saying that DS-260 is not completed (my lawyer forgot to tell me that I should have to do it by myself) Two days ago I submitted DS-260, so how long does it take to review DS-260 and complete the case? Saylin's NVC wiki says, since you sumbit a missing doc to NVC , it takes another 60 days to review it, does it mean that my online submitted DS-260 will take 60 days to be reviewed? Thanks in advance Milly
  5. Hi Everyone, The worst thing happened to me 2 months ago I hired a lawyer to complete my son's NVC part, I went through and got approved by USCIS by myself, so yesterday I have got a letter from NVC saying that DS-260 is missing, can you imagine my lawyer forgot to complete it, I submit DS-260 yesterday and please guys can you tell me approximate waiting time for DS-260 to be reviewed ? Thanks a lot Milly P.S. Never trust a lawyer
  6. Hi Friends, Do I need to submit a Police Clearance Certificate for my 16 y.o son, Isnt he under age for having a record?
  7. Thanks AnnaMBoros, Is it necessary to submit a pay stubs? My friend who is a co-sponsor she is a president of her own company so she do not have a pay stubs I mean W2 and checks, so can she provide her company's IRS transcripts?
  8. I-864

    I have the same situation, I am filing for my son,I have a low income and my friend is going to be a co sponsor So where should I have to show that I am not using my income but co-sponsor's income to bring my son? Is there any difference when filling I-864 of co-sponsor?
  9. I-864

    Hi Sona, are you filing two I-864? One for you and one for the main sponsor?
  10. My PD is April 4, 2016 and I have got a WL, I completed Choice of agent form and paid AOS fee, what is the next? My income is low and I have my friend as a co sponsor, my question is should I have to complete I-864 also? what about my friend ? should I have to show myself as a sponsor on I-864 even my friend is going to be a main sponsor? Thank you in advance
  11. My income is low and I am getting a co-sponsor, should I fill the I-864 form too? I mean should I file two separate I-864? one for me and one for my friend who is the main sponsor
  12. Thanks Penguin, what's the difference between Co-Sponsor and Joint Sponsor?
  13. Hello Friends, Can the Business be a Joint Sponsor? I am the Petitioner (bringing 16 y.o son to US) and my income is low than required, can my friend's business be a joint sponsor? Is the joint sponsor should be one of my relatives or it can be anyone? Thank you, Milly