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  1. Oh thanks for telling that, I had no idea about sending the RFE with confirmation page Thanks again
  2. yes I have got this on my confirmation page Oh God I have to wait another month :(((
  3. Hi Guys, I submitted IV packages to NVC 2 months ago and got an email from NVC saying that DS-260 is not completed (my lawyer forgot to tell me that I should have to do it by myself) Two days ago I submitted DS-260, so how long does it take to review DS-260 and complete the case? Saylin's NVC wiki says, since you sumbit a missing doc to NVC , it takes another 60 days to review it, does it mean that my online submitted DS-260 will take 60 days to be reviewed? Thanks in advance Milly
  4. Hi Everyone, The worst thing happened to me 2 months ago I hired a lawyer to complete my son's NVC part, I went through and got approved by USCIS by myself, so yesterday I have got a letter from NVC saying that DS-260 is missing, can you imagine my lawyer forgot to complete it, I submit DS-260 yesterday and please guys can you tell me approximate waiting time for DS-260 to be reviewed ? Thanks a lot Milly P.S. Never trust a lawyer
  5. Hi Friends, Do I need to submit a Police Clearance Certificate for my 16 y.o son, Isnt he under age for having a record?
  6. Thanks AnnaMBoros, Is it necessary to submit a pay stubs? My friend who is a co-sponsor she is a president of her own company so she do not have a pay stubs I mean W2 and checks, so can she provide her company's IRS transcripts?
  7. I-864

    I have the same situation, I am filing for my son,I have a low income and my friend is going to be a co sponsor So where should I have to show that I am not using my income but co-sponsor's income to bring my son? Is there any difference when filling I-864 of co-sponsor?
  8. I-864

    Hi Sona, are you filing two I-864? One for you and one for the main sponsor?
  9. My PD is April 4, 2016 and I have got a WL, I completed Choice of agent form and paid AOS fee, what is the next? My income is low and I have my friend as a co sponsor, my question is should I have to complete I-864 also? what about my friend ? should I have to show myself as a sponsor on I-864 even my friend is going to be a main sponsor? Thank you in advance
  10. My income is low and I am getting a co-sponsor, should I fill the I-864 form too? I mean should I file two separate I-864? one for me and one for my friend who is the main sponsor
  11. Thanks Penguin, what's the difference between Co-Sponsor and Joint Sponsor?
  12. Hello Friends, Can the Business be a Joint Sponsor? I am the Petitioner (bringing 16 y.o son to US) and my income is low than required, can my friend's business be a joint sponsor? Is the joint sponsor should be one of my relatives or it can be anyone? Thank you, Milly
  13. 2016 April filers Any news from NVC???
  14. Thank you for your honest advise, I am not even thinking to lie, just I could not find the answer to my question about " Will divorce affect to obtaining Citizenship in 3 years?" I have got to many different answers from people thats the reason why I posted this Topic on this website