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  1. Just wanted to ask, how many people that put in a K-1 app, did NOT get there NOA-2. for one reason of the other? Can I ask what it was? Thanks in advance.
  2. Can I ask what you forgot? I have 8 pages, 2 noa2, and the letters I wrote to cancel them, and a letter from the us embassy in manila, and one letter from the uscis for the cancellation. And 2 pages asking for the waiver. Thanks for your reply!
  3. That's good! The info is not that available on any waivers. Thank you wrestling289!
  4. I was wondering if anybody knows here about this waiver. I had to include this in my I-129F. I read somewhere that it takes up to 6 months extra for this waiver. VJ estimates my NOA-2 will come the start of December. But that's without the waiver. I know I have to be patient. Anybody heard about extra time for this waiver? Thanks for reading. RW
  5. Can't the have a line that has 5 items per customer. Just kidding...just a joke to lighten up the mood..sorry!
  6. Ebunoluwa Any suggestions about the page number? Richard
  7. geowrian, thought you might want to chime in on this. RIchard
  8. Thank you, was not aware.
  9. Any suggestions on this topic guys/gals?
  10. Hi guys and gals, I have a question about a I-129F. I have had 2 approvals, 1 marriage, and 1 did not make it here. I know I need a waiver. I have looked at the sample waiver templates, and have chose one. I have a question about what I should enclose behind the letter. I am putting a waiver letter in, then a sheet one my past relationships and how this new one will work for me. Should I include a copy of the letter I sent to the USCIS and the US Dept of State Affairs, from me? Also, am including the the letter the Embassy of the United States sent from Manila saying that It's been cancelled., Then one from the USCIS-Notice of Decision. My Waiver packet will have the waiver letter, 1 why this one is different, 2- NOA2's (past relationships), 1 letter to the USCIS from me to cancel, 1 letter from me to the US State Dept. of Consular Affairs to cancel, 1 letter from the Embassy of the United States Manila cancelling the visa, 1 letter from the USCIS Notice of Decision. What do you guys/gals think? 8 pages for this part of the I-129F. Any suggestions are appreciated! Richard
  11. geowrian Did you have an attorney help you with your waiver? Richard
  12. I am not using an attorney for this, I guess I do not need a G-28?
  13. geowrian I have a waiver to also add, remember you responded to my note here one time. I will insert that in order with the other extra pages like the divorce papers. Also, I copied the photos and put a note on the date and place, or should I send the originals? Richard
  14. Where can i find a CURRENT additions to the I-129F packet that I am going to send in June? I am filing the 13 page one, and I hear the 325a is not required anymore. Complete copy of my visa, proof of travel, birth certificate, past marriages, pictures, $525 check, g-1145, letter of intent for both of us. I can't find the info on what to include, and have looked at the you tube videos, but they are the 6 pages applications, not the 13 page.