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  1. Thanks for the info yuna628.
  2. How soon after a K-1 beneficiary arrives into the U.S. is required to purchase and carry medical insurance? Is there a "grace period" or any other exception for it not to be required immediately?
  3. Ive noticed that most of the CS listed on the following website are not listed on USCIS "Find a Doctor" webpage @ Only a handful on their list are actually listed on USCIS official site. What gives? Have anyone dealt with any doctor listed on that page and found out they are actually authorized?
  4. Yes, you are right Ash1101. However, there was at least one CS that I know of, that you will fax the vaccines record to and he will mail you back your copy of the completed I-693 and the sealed envelope to file with the I-485 packet. That's what I'm looking for since all the CS in my area either want to repeat the medical exam, (which isn't necessary), or charge and arm and leg for the I-693 form. All we need is the shots record transcribed on the I-693, that's it.
  5. Searching older VJ posts, seems like Dr. Lloyd E. Arnold of Austin, TX was a popular Civil Surgeon used by many members here to transcript theirs vaccines records into the I-693. Dr. Arnold offered the service by fax at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, it appears Dr. Arnold has since retired. Anyone knows of another CS that would complete the I-693 (vaccines section) by fax?
  6. Thanks so much for the contact information rasaco, I'll definitely give them a call.
  7. We don't have the DS-3025 nor vaccines records. At her K1 medical in Ecuador, the doctor didn't gave her any shots. Instead, she was told none were required at the time for a K1, she'll need to get them, (as needed), in the U. S. for AOS.
  8. I'm having a hard time finding a CS with reasonable prices here in Central Florida to do my wife's vaccines transcript on the I-693. The first doc I called, wants to repeat the whole medical. Then, I also contacted 2 others; one charges $175 and the 2nd one $295, just for the transcript! These guys are a joke!!
  9. I contacted a local Civil Surgeon to fill out form I-693 as required for my wife's AOS. I was told the doctor needed to repeat the physical exam even though her K-1 physical is only 5 months old. They want $180.00 for the physical. I explained she doesn't need the physical repeated, only the vaccines section, but the doctor wants to do everything. Is this a common practice? Should I run as far as I can from this office? IDK, but it seems a bit odd and crooked to me...
  10. Great! Appreciate the info very much!
  11. I'm getting ready to begin filling the AOS for my wife. Unfortunately, she doesn't have her vaccines record (Carnet de Vacunacion) from her country Ecuador. In such cases, it is my understanding - ALL- the required vaccines for AOS will have to be administered again in the U. S., regardless if she had have them back home in Ecuador. Is this correct? If so, do the vaccines need to be administered by an immigration Civil Surgeon or can they be administered anywhere, (ie., public health clinic, private doctor's office), and then bring the vaccines record to the Civil Surgeon for the I-163 completion?
  12. So apparently, we had missed the time frame for my K1 beneficiary, (now wife) apply for her SS. She was only 5 days left before her I-94 visa expiration. Is there any possibility of she been able to apply for the card before Visa expiration? Have anyone gotten their SS card with a similar time frame as ours? I've read the visa can't expire within 14 days of SS application. Is this an office-specific decision? If she can't apply now, at which point after AOS can we submit the application? Thanks!
  13. So, to follow up on my situation, I personally visited the Orlando CBP Deferred Inspection Office and explained the situation to the officer behind the reception desk, a very helpful, bilingual, gal. She took all the paperwork we brought with us and were told to wait at the reception area, meanwhile, the officer went to a back office. About 10-15 minutes later, she returned and told me we needed to come back another day, giving us an appointment for 2 days later. We returned to the CPB office at our appointment time, greeted by the same officer, and she again took the passports and sealed envelope from my K2. The officer again went to a back office, but returned fairly quick with the passport stamp corrected, a printout with their I-94 visa status and obviously, retaining the sealed envelope they miss retrieving at POE. We were told everything was in order and were good to go. Once again, the officer reminded us we needed to get married within 90 days of my fiancée's arrival, (we had married since). Other than the fact we needed to return a second time, the experience went flawless and pretty smooth.
  14. Thanks so much for the information EM. Actually, we are in Central Florida and the Orlando site seems like the closest location to us. I will contact them Monday to setup an appointment. Appreciate you clearing up my concerns.
  15. Is that the same as a USCIS field office? Sorry, not sure what you meant.