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  1. Based on my experience, I was hired in my filed as mechanical engineer, without even revaluate my Egyptian degree, all they want is to see my degree in English and transcript with each subject I studied , and it was not even stamped from US embassy. Here they are more keen on your knowledge, and that you really can do what you say. I would get international driver's license it might help switch to USA driving license or not, I didn't have it so till now I'm not driving and have to do the whole test to drive. Hope that cleared your question.
  2. Which one thing i pick?? CR1

    so i'm reading about hiring process , and i saw two things to choose from a lawful permanent resident or an alien authorized to work until expiration date filing the I-9 i have now the green card, so i'm confused which one pick? its CR1 with two years expiry date.
  3. With the help of one of my friends here and that organization https://www.upwardlyglobal.org/ It's really good organization helping high skilled immigrants. And using there one page resume. It helped getting me calls. I added in my resume willing to relocate anywhere in USA. Use LinkedIn, dice , and indeed.com really good one too Hope that helps.
  4. Missing name on SSC

    I contacted USCIS and they said i need to wait till i get my card!! or make infopass and visit one of there offices! he said any way the card might come in first name and last name only? so will see.. lots of friends here they advice i fill anything from now on in just first name and last name only and dont use egyptian name format..so i think we will do that
  5. family registration [merged threads]

    Maybe his family never issued one before, that's why they making him collect all the data . So my advice is to follow what they said and do it fast. I know Malawi is South of Egypt. But hopefully you can finish it all on time
  6. Missing name on SSC

    thanks for the info, yea . i'm sure our arabic long names is making every one confused, i went back yesterday, and at the SSN office they said they cant change or correct it, as they get it from DHS/CBP and i have to contact DHS to do the change. but he said that is my number i can start use it. no problem,,, i just hope i can correct it , if not then i hope it does not create problems in the near future. good luck with the interview, hope they schedule you guys fast!!
  7. Missing name on SSC

    Any input?
  8. Missing name on SSC

    so we landed couple of weeks ago, really easy transaction! thank god! after first week we went to check if I can get the Social Security card!! well seems my name was messed up or missing something on the system , so they had to do verification with DHS throw SAVE " https://www.uscis.gov/save/casecheck" which cleared in almost three days, and done , i got my Social Security Card, to find my grand father name missing!! on it??? Example lets say my names is : Ahmed Mohamed Belal Mahmoud Abdou the card came like these Ahmed Mohamed Belal Abdou??? miss the name before Abdou? is that character limitation or what ? cause i checked every form we filled , we had it fully and correct? only same way on the CR-1 visa it self? so the many questions i have is... does it matter? can i fix it? how to fix it? and what is the best format to do my name from now on, just first : ahmed and last Abdou!! cause i'm sure its confuseing for Americans to deal with arabic long names... help would be much appreciated
  9. dont worry or panic. we had similar but tiny typo in my graduation year , not like ur issue and after researching the issue.. i found that you mention it during the interview and clear it with the CO , so no worries, just explain it. humans make mistakes .. that what i did.. but my input is not legal advice nor you should follow make ur own decision. and you may ask NVC to see what they will tell you . but any way YOU MUST TELL THEM good luck
  10. No mention for Egypt.everyone should continue paper work or start as faster they can. He intends to make vettting immigration longer and harder on all countries. That might make the process longer anyways Egypt is not effected now. Good luck everyone.
  11. Please don't merge it with the Mega-thread! nothing been signed YET!!! it just a draft , and no mention to Egypt. we kept worrying and thinking what next. we really need to focus , stop worry.. no mention of Egypt and that executive order not signed yet even. whom ever planning to travel >> advice travel as soon as you can whom ever planning to start filing do it faster.. and be ready and save ur time by filing carefully to avoid Request of evidence and Check list at NVC that post just to make us all focus and stop looking at the news and worry about something didn't happen yet and again no mention about Egypt good luck every one. Wish you all the best
  12. How long start to finish?

    no one knows exactly, and with the new administration . who knows whats the will change. maybe try to apply from UK instead of Egypt. UK have DCF!? which is kinda faster
  13. Let's wait and see what's in those orders will take affect everyone or new application only..
  14. passport visa

    same thing for me, and Aramex have no clue, but embassy said at least 10 working days or like two weeks , so no need to panic yet..
  15. i dont really know how they do it in Embassy or how long it will take no one can tell!