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    So this our second round initially filed for k1 denied for some reason lol. Anyways got married and now filing for spousal visa?

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  1. Wow congratulations I am praying for you guys, as we were also denied k1 around the same time you guys were!☺☺☺
  2. We received NOA2 on Oct 14 with no update online until November 14th withhis case sent to Dept of state called onot Nov 30 and received case number and IIN. Completed ds261 now waiting to pay fees hopefully his process moves along quickly
  3. CR1 reaffirmed in Ghana (split topic)

    Congratulations on your approval I am sure it's been a long journey but thank God your approved! Did you guys send a lot of evidence?
  4. I think you answered brilliantly to show him that you are a level headed sincere person who genuinely wants to be with his wife. Congratulations to you guys😀😀
  5. So happy for you guys that this part of your journey is over. God bless
  6. Congrats nice to see Nebraska coming through
  7. I called and spoke to Tier 2 officer as my date was Feb 8 he told me I was still within processing time as they are processing application from December 1 he then said that they are just waiting for background checks and then afterwards file will be sent to NVC and then to embassy for interview , so 240 days and counting just praying for us to receive the visa this time as we were denied K1 in 2016.
  8. I just called USCIS and was able to speak to a tier 2 officer who told me that my file was waiting for background checks to return so it was good to hear at least something is happening. I told the officer that it has been a long time and he seemed very understanding and he told me that once background check return they will send to NVC and I should wait to hear from them for interview.
  9. I filed in February and am still waiting so I understand but we just need patience, you can also try calling USCIS but I haven't had much success with that only them saying that we are within processing time. Best wishes hoping for a speedy approval and for our spouses to get the visas in Ghana!
  10. We are in the same boat denied K1 last year and now waiting 7 months for our CR1 to be approved. Hopefully, we will all be approved soon and Ghana will treat us better this time around 😊
  11. Marry on first visit

    Don't worry the marriage license is only 400 Ghana cedis when I got married last year October 1st. So it's less than a $100 dollars. I would really recommend following some of the advice. We were denied K1 and now are awaiting CR1 in Ghana. I have made 4 trips :one for 1 month, two weeks and for one for 2 months and one for three months. We got married on my third trip so some of my family could attend. So take your time plan your visit well make sure you get to know him well and enjoy your trip. Remember to take pictures and have fun. Also keep your boarding passes hotel receipts, dinner receipts for additional evidence. best wishes