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    So this our second round initially filed for k1 denied for some reason lol. Anyways got married and now filing for spousal visa?

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  1. What did the officer say in the interview, did they ask for cosponsor or request any information from the petitioner?
  2. Sorry to hear it's taking so long my NoA2 took 8 months and everytime i called they said they were waiting for background checks and I think member Sundee from Ghana took 12 months as well.hopefully it will come soon .
  3. Just got my case complete email last night hoping for March or April interview
  4. Approved!

  5. ITIN Number

    We applied for ITIN but we used the birth certificate and voter ID card the IRS just sent the card and birth certificate to Ghana and state they are processing the petition.
  6. I don't know if this will work but maybe try getting an appointment with ACS for yourself so you can ask someone in person at the embassy what you should do. You can make an appointment online at the embassy website I believe.
  7. Wow that was fast hoping we get a date soon too, congrats😀
  8. I just found out we have case complete today scan date was 12/22 and hopefully we will have our interview scheduled soon in Ghana😅😅
  9. Wow so no questions about relationship history. That is strange but it sounds like they approved Congratulations 😃
  10. Congrats you guys on the approval

  11. Congrats you guys!!!

  12. Congrats on your approval, so happy for you guys 

    1. prako22


      Congrats and can you share with us the questions you're asked during your interview. Thanks.

  13. Wow congrats okay I will call on Monday and check
  14. Me to scan date 12/22just waiting