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  1. Actually my lawyer still working on the case to get resolved in different way than to file against the DOS. However, we giving it till the end of the year if it does not got done then he will go ahead with the Filling Writ Mandamus. My advise to you try to work out on your case with a talent lawyer in this zone who could find certain ways to resolve you case before to file Writ Mandamus because if it got denied then you case will go back to USCIS and it will take you another 10 month to move it back to the embassy. Good luck.
  2. That's what the two officers stated at the second interview in the embassy.
  3. They only take clearance requests from government or federal agencies.
  4. Well, my lawyer has similar case were in AP for 18 month and the applicant got his visa within 60 days of filling writ mandamus. So the case was successful.
  5. It doesn't matters still she could file as she's a part of the case.
  6. I took look into it already, and actually I'm living it myself . Hopefully we get out of this situation soon and wake up from this nightmare.
  7. Im not in US but my wife she's the one going to fill against DOS.
  8. Yea that's really crazy. We actually thinking to go back to Egypt by April 2nd. We have no other option.
  9. Just to let you know that, the bottom line of my case is. I been targeted by FBI agent to work as informant and spy on muslim communities in US, and his deal was to me is make everything easy and smooth for me if I would agree and work with him otherwise everything it could be hard and difficult. And that exactly what happened, i been victimized, discriminated and harassed by him, just because he think himself above the law and he can use the nasty dirty way in order to challenge you. So from my prospective is the only way that my wife and I can get our case move on is the federal court. As everyone saw that in past couple of weeks how was things goes with executive order, the federal court could challenge anyone even the president. I believe I never done nothing wrong or illegal in whole entire period I been in US, and whatever it's going on with me now is the result of been victim to the most corrupted officer I have met in my life. And by the way the two officers met with me at the day of the interview admitted that I'm cleared but the would help me out and get my clearance within 3-4 month. Now we been over 13 month and we believe that the FBI behind this delay and they don't want to send the clearance.
  10. I really Appreciate your advise and I will consider it.
  11. Thank you bro for your feeling. Actually we confirmed that our case been hold by the FBI but we have nothing to do than to take the case to the federal court.
  12. Believe me when we though about suing the DOS that was last hope and option.
  13. We have done that long time ago and the embassy just responding as the case has to go through this AP.