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  1. She didn't add her mom or dad to her income she wants her mom and dad to sponsor me and the lawyer hasn't said anything or found any solution for that.
  2. Thank you for replying. I appreciate it . in 2014 she made less than 18,000 but in 2016 she made more than 20,000 and he wrote the amount of 2014 total income instead of 2016. Although her mom and dad are signing a AOS for me as well do they do i864 or i864a or what?
  3. So we found out that our lawyer made a mistake in how much my wife makes a year he wrote the 2014 income instead of 2016. she didn't make that much in 2014 but she made enough in 2016 and the NVC sent us that we need to bring the AOS documents to the embassy in the interview. Can my wife make another AOS and ask her mom and dad to support me as well? will it be a problem that the lawyer wrote the wrong amount? P.S. our case has left the NVC and now it's in the embassy and my interview is in Aug (next month).
  4. Thank you everybody for replying 😊 What should I write?
  5. So the website asks about my priority date and it's required to fill it but my visa class is IR-1. and I looked at my USCIS approval notice there's nothing there, the priority date field is empty in the approval. What should I fill in? Please help. Thank you.
  6. Thank you @SabRob & @mallafri76 for replying. So our visa type is IR-1?
  7. So we received our interview letter today, when we applied for i-130 we were married for less than 2 years and when our case was sent to the NVC we were married for less than 2 years too but after a few days from the NVC receiving our case our 3rd anniversary came. we received a checklist on July 6, 2017 that says our visa is IR-1 meanwhile the CEAC website says CR-1, and the interview letter says nothing about the visa type/class. My question is What class/type is our visa? We're registering for an online form for the U.S embassy in Amman, Jordan and they ask for our visa type. please help! Thank you.
  8. We did call and they gave us our interview date and said they're sending the letter within a week
  9. Thank you for replying we just got our interview date by phone and they told us they're going to send the interview letter within a week.
  10. US embassy : Amman, Jordan CC : July 15 2017 Interview Date: Aug 17, 2017
  11. We checked the status of our case at the NVC and it says "In Transit" and the message box literally says "Your case is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center." but we haven't gotten anything my wife and i checked our emails and nothing! what should we do now? we haven't received the Interview appointment letter
  12. I think you probably should call them, it took a month and a few days for the nvc to receive our case we called then they gave us the case number and the lady asked about an email to send the invoice thing and they sent the email like the other day.
  13. Thank you yep it's taken us so long due to security checks or background checks it took a year to get done.