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  1. Hi all, My husband has an L1 visa and I have an L2. We often travel separately and I have entered the US on three occasions (once via air and twice driving across the Canadian border) with photocopies of both the I-129S and blanket petition and had no problems. However, last week when I flew into Boston the Immigration Officer was irate that I didn't have the originals and said that next time I'd be "sent downstairs". He threw the copies back at me telling me that they are useless as the originals have security features (I've since looked at the original I-129S and it just looks like a standard piece of paper to me?). My husband and I have only ever had one original stamped I-129S. Does anyone know how to go about getting a second one? If not my husband and I will always have to travel together which isn't very realistic for us. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I thought I'd update this thread as we've been for our interview today. It all went well and both our visas were approved. It's such a relief! We took a lot of documentation and evidence but in the end they didn't ask to see any of it and didn't even ask me any questions. Thanks for all your input and advice.
  3. Thanks Boiler. Do we just need to make it clear at the interview that it's a B2 cohabitating visa? There was nothing on the DS 160 to indicate that it was this variation?
  4. I don't think VWP is viable, at 32 I feel a little old for a long distance relationship. I'm feeling a little disappointed in our attorney for not advising us that the B2 would difficult to obtain. I've only found that out through these forums! Marriage may be the only option then!
  5. Thanks for such a quick response! I don't yet have the visa, both my boyfriend and I are applying for our visas at the moment. Apparently mine is linked in someway to his? I'm not sure how true this is though. My reluctance to use the VWP is that I can only spend 3 months at a time in the U.S. and I'd need to return for a period of time inbetween.
  6. Hi everyone, My boyfriend has accepted a contract in the U.S. and will be obtaining 2 year L1 visa as an inter company transferee. I plan to take a career break in order to join him on a B2 visa. We're both UK citizens and we have lived together for over 3 years. We own a property each in the UK (mine is rented out and we currently live in his). I have over £30k in savings, although my boyfriend will pay my living costs whilst in the U.S. His company are paying for the accommodation and his whole package is around $150k so it won't be a problem financially that I won't be earning. However, my company aren't able to give me a career break and consequently I will need to leave my employment. I'm wondering how much of a problem this will be in proving I have sufficient ties? I don't plan to be in the U.S. permanently for 2 years but I will be there longer than the VWP allows, hence the B2 application. I do have to return to the UK to sit exams in June (we plan to leave the UK in Jan) and I will stay in the UK for a couple of months to hopefully do some contract work before returning to the U.S. I'm a qualified accountant in the UK and the exams that I will sit are UK specific and not a qualification recognised in the U.S. I'm not sure if that would help the application? Your thoughts on this would be really welcome. As for marriage - we have discussed this but feel marrying for a visa isn't the right reason and we'd be rushing it. Many thanks!