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    We became fast friends while playing Final Fantasy ARR. We decided to become a couple Jan 2014. We first met when Jon flew across the pond on Feb 6 2014 and shortly after, I had the best Valentine's Day I have ever had in my life! Since that first visit we have flown back and forth a few times, meeting one another families. Each visit just reinforces how much we belong together and we look forward to when we can eventually be together everyday!

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  1. The DS 3025 is the form the people at Knightsbridge hand back to you once your medical is completed. It is imperative for your AOS that you get BOTH pages back from them before you leave. The added a second page that has a statement that basically says you got your immunizations needed for immigration. If you don't get this back there is a possibility that you will have a headache when filing for AOS later on. The DS 3025 can be used in place of the I 693 as long as you file for AOS within 1 year of your medical (which most of us do), but a lot of UK filers have had issues with RFE's for their DS 3025 from Knightsbridge without that second page. (some have still had it even with the second page... it seems to depend on the adjudicator you get)
  2. Jon had a successful POE on Feb 28th! We had a whirlwind first few days of errands and now it's just time for him to adjust. We got a letter from the SSA yesterday that he should have his SSN in 2 weeks! One thing down!
  3. My fingers are crossed it goes smoothly! Let us know how it went!
  4. No worries bcking! You are near the end of the journey! I hope March flies by for you!!! More importantly though I hope you get your date soon!!!! Jon lands on Tuesday... I am a bit nervous with the immigration climate we have going on, but we did everything the right way so I know I don't need to worry... but part of me still worries a bit!!! Fingers crossed he has an easy time going through customs on Tuesday!!!
  5. I am again very sorry to hear about the denial. I read a bit more about what you sent and what happened in the separate post you made. My best guess as to what may have been missing was more evidence of your INITIAL meeting while you worked in the US. It is much harder to prove this as you were here and he was here already so you would not have things like boarding passes or passport stamps for the initial meeting. If/When you decide to reapply I would recommend writing them out a timeline that they can easily follow. This is something that I did and I think they found it very helpful. An example of what to write could be like this: We first met while I was working in the US as a nanny for (family's name) on (date you first met) at (place you first met). We talked a few times and decided to make our relationship official on (date). At this point we had had many dates together at (list some places you have receipts for) on (dates). After my work for the (family's name) was completed I returned home to England on (date). At this point (fiance's name) flew over to spend time with me and meet my family on (date). This is just an example from your side as the beneficiary which you can provide, but what may be better would be to provide the statement from his side as he is the petitioner with an example like this: We first met while (your name) was working in the US as a nanny for (family's name) on (date you first met) at (place you first met). We talked a few times and decided to make our relationship official on (date). At this point we had many dates together at (list some places you have receipts for) on (dates). After her work for the (family's name) was completed she returned to her home in England on (date). At this point I went to visit (fiance's name) in England to spend time with her and meet her family on (date). These are just examples. I would make sure to include the cities where you were at and went. The more information you can provide in this statement the better as well as the more information you can provide to prove it the better! I am so sorry I didn't more information about your RFE when you received it. I would have provided you all this then to try and help. It has worked for many others in the past.
  6. So I went back and read that your RFE was for additional proof of meeting in person. May I ask what you sent back as your response? I might be able to shed some light on the denial.
  7. That is the automatic notice that they send. The RFE reply goes back with the Blue paper which tells you exactly what they want back. If the additional evidence was not requested on the official RFE paper that gets sent back with your reply, then it is not needed. It is a bit confusing, but you can always call USCIS just to confirm. They can look up the RFE and clarify for you! Edit: No you do not have to send a police record for the US citizen. They will verify when your petition enters the vetting process. The only time you need a police certificate is for the foreign fiance for both the Medical and Interview that are overseas.
  8. I know your post was posted a while ago but in the future for this year, how do you find out if you have a RFE

    1. Kat&Jon


      The USCIS will notify you if you are going to receive an RFE. If you signed up for alerts through the website you will get a notification via your email/phone and then they will send you the hard copy in the mail. 


      Most people do not receive an RFE and just get notified of their approval. I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens.

    2. LolaaBrett


      Ok good I only got the acceptance and the text message I'm waiting on my NOA2.. a lady from USCIS said my fiancé will be finished with the whole process in about one year and a half because they are still processing August 2016 ? I hope this don't take as long smh

  9. There are a few other members who have been denied unfortunately. Once you receive your letter explaining why I would post a seperate topic in the K-1 forums and hopefully we can all help get your some answers on next steps! I am so sorry to hear this! My thoughts and prayers are with you that the denial is easy to overcome!
  10. Thanks for the update! I am glad to hear the online form gave a quick response! I am sure they will fix it and get it back to you soon!
  11. Hi Kat. I have just been approved. I know the case goes to nvc. Does my fiancée have to send them the affidavit of support or does she mail it to me for me to take to the embassy interview. 


    Thanking you you in advance 

  12. Awesome Laurel! Glad to see your next steps are moving forward! I hope others provide AOS updates as well!
  13. Yeah I would go ahead and try having David give his local congressman a call to see if they can help find more answers. They should have responded to your RFE a long time ago. The average wait on an RFE is 2 weeks. They do have 90 days like I stated, but they are now over that as well. Usually having the congressman's office call them helps give the USCIS the kick in the pants it needs.
  14. I could answer more accurately if you filled out your timeline, but yes you can look at their website to see which month they are currently working. There is a time frame of 5 months that CSC puts for completing K-1 Visas. The website states they are currently working on cases from August 16, 2016. They are usually well beyond this as you can tell from our progress report forums here, but this does give you an indication of when you can get your local congressman involved in your case. If you received your original NOA1 before this date then I would give your congressman a call and speak to their immigration services to see if they can get you a more clear answer if you don't hear soon.
  15. Congratulations!!! I am glad to hear it went well! Also glad to hear you didn't have to wait too long!