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    We became fast friends while playing Final Fantasy ARR. We decided to become a couple Jan 2014. We first met when Jon flew across the pond on Feb 6 2014 and shortly after, I had the best Valentine's Day I have ever had in my life! Since that first visit we have flown back and forth a few times, meeting one another families. Each visit just reinforces how much we belong together and we look forward to when we can eventually be together everyday!

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  1. 2016 Interview date to visa in hand Jan 18--7 days (gavw72) delivery Jan 20--9 days (Alimanu) depot Feb 02-- 9 days (oscillate.wildly) depot Feb 02--10 days (Trudi) delivered Feb 12--10 days (AndyR82) delivery Feb 19--10 days (pk4690) depot Mar 15--7 days (Simon Schus) depot Mar 17--12 days (lurdino) delivery Apr 04--9 days (vpalermo85) delivery Apr 28--7 days (YorkshiretoAZ) Delivery Apr 21--7 days (laurajc1984) Depot May 13--6 days (Seppi) Depot Jun 01--7 days (Tricked) Depot Jun 01--7 days (UKTOBK) Delivery Jun 01--8 days (slimbolina) Delivery Jun 03--10 days (CatHaven) Depot Jun 06--4 days (iamian) Delivery Jun 08--8 days (benkat9596) Delivery Jun 14--6 Days (Simonsailor) Depot Jun 14--7 days (KatB) Delivery Jun 15--7 days (Shalvee) Depot Jun 15--7 days (AMZJ) Delivery Jun 27--7 days (TaRems) Depot Jul 07--7 days (dreaming-big) Depot Jul 12--7 days (prenouveau) Delivery Jul 06--13 days (derppis) Depot, delayed medical Aug 25-- 6 days Voyager83) Depot Sept 21st - 6 Days (Cookiemonsta) Delivery Sept 23rd - 7 days (benboucher) Depot Sept 30th - 7 days (DavidandJen) Delivery Oct 5th - 9 days (ajmhutton) Delivery Nov 10th - 8 days (valentinanola) Delivery Nov 17th - 18 days (ceisenbruch) Depot (221g timeline: submitted Nov 23, status: AP Nov 25, status: Issued Nov 30, visa despatch email received Dec 2nd, visa in hand Dec 5) Dec 5th - 4 days (soolong) Depot (Interview Dec 5th, Status Issued Dec 6th, Visa email Dec 8th, Visa Picked up Dec 9th) Dec 6th -- 7 days (JFH) depot 2017 Interview Date to Visa in Hand Jan 6th - 7 days (Kat&Jon) Depot
  2. Jon picked up his visa from the Depot today!!! 7 days from Interview to Visa in hand!!!
  3. CONGRATS!!! Welcome to the US! Clean eating and exercise is your best bet! That is what I do and I have lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks, but I am limited to moderate exercise due to a knee injury! Clean eating means eating mostly veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and things like fish, low fat cuts of beef, and chicken! Try not to eat anything already boxed or pre-made since they tend to have loads of salt which makes you hold weight. Best exercise regimen (according to my trainer) is 2 to 3 days of Strength Training and 2 to 3 days of Cardio! The Strength Training is the most important since it helps build up your metabolism! On a related note Jon picked up his Visa from the Depot today!!! Woot!!! Now we just have to wait the agonizing 5 weeks and 4 days until his arrival at the end of February!
  4. 90 days is the timeframe in which they respond, but it is 90 days from when they received your response. If it has been 90 days since they received your response (which it will have been as of January 17th) you will want to contact USCIS and ask for a tier 2 supervisor in order to get a proper status check.
  5. Your petition will be sent with an expiration date on it. Our petition had an expiration date of January 19, 2017 when we received it, so it's best to get your interview scheduled before that time, but it is not required to! The consulate can automatically extend that expiration date if needed. If you do have your interview past your expiration date it is best to have a new letter of intent to marry, dated closer to your interview, from your US Fiance. If you do need it extended it is best to use the contact form to notify them that you need to schedule your interview after the petition expiration date, but you can always just send them things slowly like we did so that they know you are still working on it. For example, we were approved in September but Jon didn't fill out his DS 160 until late October, then we scheduled his medical for mid December, and finally had the interview and were approved on January 6th.
  6. I am not sure why it would be updated twice in two days. It could be that they got your results the first day or were notified that the results were received and then they did an update when they actually entered the data into the system. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Does it still show ready for interview? That is what matters most!
  7. Got home Monday from my trip to see Jon for the holidays. I checked the CEAC status and it shows Issued!!! Hopefully he will be able to collect it from the depot soon! Glad to hear fellow UK VJers are moving forward as well! Liking your new job JFH? Are you still a flight attendant?
  8. YAY!!!! I am so glad you got some good news finally! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!! When will he be coming home to you? Jon's visa status changed to Issued today!!! He should hopefully have it soon!
  9. Yes, that should be sufficient. Jon told me that they took all my paperwork proof that I provided as listed above, but the the letter from my employer and pay stubs were enough since I had received a promotion midway through 2016.
  10. We were approved today!!! They let me in with Jon as well. I wasn't on the list, but the nice girl outside let me in after calling the IV unit! Will post a review later!
  11. CRamak, I really hope you hear soon!!! At least there has been something going on! I am sure you guys will get your visa soon! Congrats to everyone who is moving forward! Welcome to America all those that have made it! Ceisen, That must be incredibly annoying to find that out. I am pretty sure our counties here are the same way 0.0 Good News though!!! We were at Jon's interview today and we are approved!!!!! They let me in as well after the nice girl outside called in to check! They didn't have me on the list, even though we emailed a request! Will post a review later!!!
  12. So I am probably over thinking this like I do with everything else, but I was able to log onto the IRS website and just print out a copy of my IRS Transcript for 2015. Will this be okay? I know most requested it by mail, but they let me just download and print the document. I still plan to bring copies of my last few pay stubs since I got a pretty significant raise back in July. I was hoping to get a letter of employment with my new salary on it in time, but unfortunately my HR team has been dragging their heels and I don't think I will get it in time so I decided to get the tax transcript just in case. I know I don't have to prove income a zillion different ways. I just plan to bring 2 as the document instructions say, but my 2nd one feels like it isn't as official since I just downloaded and printed it out. It still has the fancy IRS letterhead on top... it just looks so simple to me. Thanks for your input all!
  13. Please click the link below to see the new RFE Master List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bzoWOXOCsvHICvLEZt540eG2CkqEFaPV8MY18Q6E0f0/edit?usp=sharing I have compiled the data from the 125 page original RFE Master List Post and put it into a google sheets doc. Please keep a few things in mind when viewing this list. 1. It is easiest to view this new list from a PC but if you want to view it from your mobile phone please make sure to have the Google Docs app downloaded to your phone. It will open the link in a much more easily viewed version for your cell phone. 2. If you posted in the original thread and do not see your name on the list that is due to a few things: Timeline was not fully updated, information regarding what your RFE was for was not provided, or how you answered your RFE was not clearly provided. 3. Date Approved on the document corresponds to when members received their NOA2 after responding to their RFE. Notes moving forward. 1. I will continue to update this list with new data as it comes but to be added to the list and to continue making it helpful please make sure your timeline is updated with all the dates, you post exactly what your RFE was for, and exactly what you did to respond to your RFE. 2. If you have a question about your RFE please continue to post them in this new thread but make sure to actually view the document before asking what you should send. I did try and make what was requested and what was sent in short and simple to not make the document to large, so if you do not understand what I put please PM me with the LINE of the document you are unclear about and I will give you a more detailed answer. (I kept the long answer on a side document only for me to view if needed) ex. Line 61 says "Left various questions blank on form I-129F" what did they leave blank? I would answer your PM with They forgot to check the questions NO for convicted of crime related to IMBRA. General FAQ's From the Thread Answered from Completing the Document. 1. What does RFE mean? Request For Evidence- This is when USCIS needs more information in order to approve your petition. 2. How long does it take to receive my RFE hard copy? According the data it is usually 1 to 2 weeks. If it takes longer, contact USCIS and put in a service request to have a new one sent. 3. How long after I respond to my RFE will I get an approval? According to the data it is usually 2 weeks to get an approval. There are plenty of outliers that are shorter and longer but the average is two weeks. 4. What documents do I need to provide translations for in English? All legal documents such as birth certificates, divorce decrees, legal name change documents, and if able it helps to translate hotel receipts but these are not required.