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  1. Scheduling Interview after Medical Manila

    How far does it let you go? May?
  2. Scheduling Interview after Medical Manila

    My fiance wants me to attend the interview with her(i want to anyways), anyways after her medical is done how far into the future can we schuedle the interview at the manila embassy. Do they let us select the day and time? I need to know so i can let my manager know in advance. Thanks!
  3. I’m working on compiling my continued communications for my fiancé for her interview, my question is how did you guys print yours out? Like staples or any websites? I would do it myself but It might be cheaper to use a professional printing service because of ink costs
  4. Can the petitioner of the k1 visa attend interview?, if so does it improve the chances of the visa being approved?
  5. Scheduling interview at embassy

    How far into the future can my fiancé schedule her visa k1 interview once she has done her medical?
  6. How long do rfes usually take?

    Hello yes I just got noa2 last week it was a three week wait or so, I called them to inquire about how long it takes and they said up to 60 days but amazingly the next day we got approved, maybe me calling them did something but the 7 long month wait is over and things are moving forward now
  7. My fiancé wants to wait until after she finishes school to do everything and we just got noa2. Is there a limit into how far into the future you can schedule before they consider the “application dead”? Like could she schedule the medical in February and than have interview in may?
  8. How long do rfes usually take?
  9. I updated my timeline since i got rfe, now it says it will be processed bewteen November 26- 29th, does that mean its my RFE that will most likely get processed in that time? The timeline was spot on when my i129f got reviewed
  10. How long did it take for your RFE to get processed? mine is 5 days so far and no answer yet i imagine a long wait
  11. Does the USCIS generally issue an rfe after they review the i129f? I just sent an rfe back when they requested my fiance's birth certificate so is it unlikely I will get another rfe?
  12. I updated my timeline to reflect the RFE, i got the notice 11/3 and sent a reply today and im assuming they will get it monday at CSC. now does it mean they are going to process the the rfe bewteen those dates(november 22 or 23)? what does 21 added days mean?
  13. RFE response time

    I sent my RFE to the CSC today and they should get it monday, how long does it usually take for them to reply to RFE?
  14. I got the rfe in the mail and they are asking my fiance's birth certificate. Now should I have my fiance send a copy of hers out or can she scan it to a digital file and and I can print it and mail it to USCIS?
  15. Just Got RFE

    I got an RFE of them asking for my fiances birth cerutfucate but my main question is, when i send it back could they send an rfe for another thing or they typically all on one?