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  1. My fiance wants me to go to the interview but i'm not sure about it(work and vacation issues), but would they let me attend the interview for manila, and would it also increase the chances of the approval of the visa?
  2. you think i could send something now with the printout of the terms and conditions to the California service center to avoid this?
  3. I met my fiance on OkCupid and sent the i129f, and said we on OkCupid. Now I'm reading stories of people getting rfe because them thinking it's imbra. Has anyone had problems with rfe and OkCupid?
  4. What if I submitted the correction by the typography error form?
  5. I just submitted a case for a typography error on my noa1, now how long does this usually take to correct? It's regard to an error I did on the i129f
  6. yes but what if her age appears to them as 15 now, thats gonna make me look weird. So i guess i gotta do a letter right now. Does that mean the case will get delayed with the letter of correction?
  7. what two options, im just panicking right now
  8. i entered my fiances birthday wrong on my i129f(sad) and i got the receipt showing the wrong year(i797c), now there gonna think she is 16, when she is 21. what am i suppose to do to fix this
  9. I was charged with assault and battery in 2014, but never convicted and it was disposed of. I sent the court records and arrest record, now will this have any impact on the visa application? I told my fiance about it as they would obviously disclose it to her during the interview.
  10. Sometimes i worry, i sent my i129f in last week and got noa1, but i worry i didnt create a strong enough case via photos. I sent 7 photos of us meeting the first time in 2016, and 8 photos of us meeting in 2017. I included a photo of us kissing in 2017 trip, and a picture with me and her brother and her. But i didnt send any photos of me and her family or friends except for her brother. Will that make the case weaker because of that i didnt include photos of me and her friends and other family? I did include the passport stamps, and boarding passes, and receipts from buying stuff in phillipines. DO you think i have a weak case?
  11. Ive been working for CVS for two years now and i am full time. Anyways i didn't make the 2015 125% poverty line requirement because i was part time, but i did for the year 2016, will this hinder anything if they notice i didn't make the requirment for the 2015 year but i did for the 2016 year?
  12. Is it true the G325A is no longer needed? I have heard in other posts that it is not, but has anyone tried sending the i129f without it? im using the new i129f and it has the biographical stuff in it
  13. yes i am using the new one, but does the USCIS officially say the g325a is no longer needed?
  14. WIll the USCIS send me an RFE if they noticed i fixed a few errors on my fiances g325a form? I have to scribble out one thing and put her address as "present"
  15. I received my fiances G325A, but i noticed she forgot to put N/A and none in the spots where it says to put them. Would it be fine if i pen N/A and none in the spots she forgot and than send it to the USCIS or will they want a new one?