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  1. Thanks Boiler I really appreciate the feedback. On her current visit, she will meet a tax officer. We need all the help we can get.
  2. Thank you all for the response. Let me share a bit more hoping to clarify the above questions. My mother had applied for a green card through family based immigration F-4 as a dependant of my father. She had to spend a lot of time eventually recieved a call. She wasnt getting any younger. She has not filed for taxes as she is retired and unemployed. I had a joint sponser for my application. She is currently residing in the US. We have made arrangements of property purchase with an intention to live where. Thank you guys as I was hoping to clarify my current standing which seems is not enough to prove to authorities so I understand there should be permanent arrangements for her to live there . BTW how much time does adminstrative processing take?
  3. Hello, Kindly hear me out. My mother is my sponser. She is 64 and retired and relies on me for looking after her. Everytime she has been away from us we had made sure to apply for a re entry permit after which we made sure to have her visit the states every 6 months. I have recently given my interview at the embassy,Islamabad. I was not asked much and was handed over a letter 221 G with proof of domicile. My passport was withheld at the embassy (i dont know if this good or bad) Since then, I have made sure to purchase property in her name through my funds. I have transferred large sum into her accounts in US. I have contacted the physicians who are looking after her in pakistan who have generously written me letters advising her to follow her treatment here. I am in process of writing a declaration in her name that she depends on me for financial and emotional concerns. She cant vote yet as state bylaws don't allow green card holders to ... and she cant buy a car as she cant drive. Although I understand she has to physically be in US but it does not seem possible in my situation. Please help me out here; 1) IS THE ABOVE ENOUGH? 2) ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO TO MAKE MY APPLICATION STRONG? 3) HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT REQUIRE FOR ADMINSTRATIVE PROCESSING IN MY CASE? Would appreciate if anyone could respond to this URGENTLY!
  4. Are we allowed to take in hard clip files for documents and small bags where we can store passports OR are all documents to be carried in transparent bags?
  5. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/pk/index.html?firstTime=No If you are applysing in Pakistan.
  6. Islamabad IV Interview help

    Thanks for relocation. Anyone happy to help ???
  7. Dear all, I have an interview coming up in end of jan at ISL consulate for IV for category F2B. Am hoping to ask the members here regarding what type of questions might they be currently asking. How much should I expect them to be inquiring regarding my petitioner and joint sponser. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys, Am in a stiff. My parents are going to US and want to apply for re-entry permit for third time. Situation is this that they already retired. And depend on me for support. Was wondering if that would not end up being an issue in front of the immigration counsellor. Another issue is that they have filed for me and we all have an intention to move abroad once my priority date comes. I wanted to ask your earnest opinion if re entry/travel document could be issued for the third time and if yes then for how long would they be issued one. In the space provided in the application where they ask reason for application what should I write? Should I mention the situation as i explained above or would that not give them enough reason to accept the form? And do retirees have to file for tax? I really need your help as soon as possible cause they are about to fly soon. Thanks.