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  1. hello vj community! so i received my NOA1 earlier in February and now the real wait for the NOA2 begins. any suggestions on how i can be proactive while im waiting? already have everything prepared for the affidavit of support. im just going insane not knowing whats going on!!! the only info that i can get from USCIS is that the case is being processed lol!
  2. thats awesome you guys! can you generally count on a faster NOA2 time based off of how fast you recieved your NOA1?
  3. Hello VJ community! We are very excited right now because we filed our petition on February 9th and recieved our NOA1 only 4 days later! This was a lot faster than I expected! Has anyone else recieved their NOA1 this fast? I know it doesn't mean anything but it is still good news. Now the real waiting begins! I am believing for the NOA2 to be approved quickly as well!
  4. Hello VJ community! I received a text message this morning from the USCIS saying that my petition was received and they gave me a case number. Is this as good as receiving in an NOA1? Also if my case number starts with a WA what does that mean? Thanks!!
  5. thank you guys for the feedback. i have included her boarding passes, my passport stamps and a number of photos of us clearly together at landmarks in both countries. And thank you f f for the suggestion, i have also included her most recent i-94
  6. Hello VJ community, so in preparing the pettion we've hit a road block. My fiancée and I are trying to prove that we've met in person. I have tons of pictures and passport stamps. She has all of her boarding passes but every time she has visited me, not once have they stamped her passport. What is the proper protocol here? Should I still send them her boarding passes or not because we don't have he stamps to go with? Thanks!
  7. Hello VJ community , so I'm in the middle of my k1 petition and I'm gather what I need to prove my citizenship. To my surprise I cannot find my birth certificate anywhere! So I have a decision to make. I can either have a copy overnighted from by home state's public records or...... use my passport. My my concern with using my passoport was that it was issued in 2009. I look nothing like my passport photo anymore and it expires in 2019. I'm afraid that it will raise some flags with USCIS because it is so old. It also is close to expiring. I'm not expecting this process to last two years but I just don't want to cause delays. What do you guys think I should do?
  8. ok gotcha, well mine was issued in 2009 and expires in 2019. ill find by BC just to be safe though
  9. ok thanks, could you clarify what the vailidity period means? my passport expires in 2019. does it need to be valid for 5 years past the date im petitioning?
  10. ok thank you. i thought you could provide your passport OR birth certifcate. So you actually need to provide both?
  11. hello VJ community. i had a quick question in regards to my k1 petition that im organizing. i am at the part where I (the petitioner) needs to prove my citizenship. i am going to copy all pages of my passport but im not sure how many photos and what size to put on my papers. example: copying both sides of passport page together ie. 17 and 18. then putting that into a 4x6 size and having two of them per page. So 15 pages to my passport would total 8 sheets of paper with the last paper only including one 4x6 copy of the last page in my passport . is this to much? can i make the copies smaller and include more on a page? also, do they need to be in color? thanks!
  12. Awesome. Thank you for all the advice. I feel more confident about moving forward with the petition without a lawyer. When it come time for her to move we will get a tax consultant involved
  13. My apologies!!!! Thanks your for your input tho!!
  14. My apologies!!!! Thanks your for your input tho!!