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  1. Last food you ate?

    Cheese Pizza Slice for Breakfast
  2. Top things on your list

    Get a better job.
  3. Know me a bit behind the screen.....I AM

    Hi, I can be mean when I'm upset.
  4. Things Dogs Bark At

    their reflection
  5. Is it true, is it false then a statement

    False The next person gets along well with their in-laws
  6. 90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    I haven't fully watched the current episode since Walking Dead is back. Anyhow, I saw how drunk BrokeDavid was and it's embarrassing. Evelyn needs to realize that THEY are having a wedding so THEY need to organize it TOGETHER instead of doing everything SHE WANTS because it's HER WEDDING. Also, enough with the "THIS IS AMERICA" or "You're in America now". Please, that's not what a healthy relationship should be. She needs to grow up! She's a clear example of a Bridezilla!
  7. Hello guys! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Any news?
  8. I tried to search the answer on google first, then here. Instructions were a bit confusing (for me). Thank you anyway.
  9. Does anybody know if I should mail my wife's old passport book and passport card to renew both her passport book& card?
  10. Last food you ate?

    Brownies for breakfast
  11. It's in a box inside a storage room collecting dust.
  12. @Nodrog When I went for my biometrics appointment, they only needed my index finger and thumbprint. Don't reschedule. Show up and see how it goes.
  13. Same Sex Marriage, report to Philippine Consulate

    There’s no change. I renewed my passport in DC last April. I used my maiden name. ROM was not suggested or recommended for same sex marriage. I hyphenated my last name with my wife’s last name. Some couples both hyphenate their names when they get married. Some change both their names. Some don’t change names. At the end of the day, it’s a marriage with a choice of whether to have a new surname or not.