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  1. Ok so I finally send my i751 yesterday! I submitted as much evidence as I possibly could; sent copy of birth certificate of our son, copy of travel itinerary that we went back to my country to visit my family, joint health insurance, 2 sworn affidavits, copy of joint lease, pictures (bunch of pictures), copy of jointly tax returns. I hope this will do it. I just wanted to say Thank you for helping me out with every little stupid question I had. this USCIS process can make you paranoid. You guys made this whole process a lot easier a lot smoother! I highly appreciate it~!!!
  2. Yes. He is my son with my USC spouse. Should I put not applicable in every single one of the boxes? Name? Address and all that? Or just the on the name box should be sufficient? Thank you again
  3. Hello everyone, So I have my i-751 just about ready! Thank God. There are like about 2 pages for information about your children, We do not have any. I mean we do but he was born here so it does not apply. Do I have to write N/A in every single one of the boxes? Or should I just leave it blank? Also same thing with the interpreter we did not get one. Should I write N/A in the boxes or just leave it blank? Please advise. Thank you very much! You guys have been like guardian angels
  4. oh ok thanks! also, Do I need 2 passport photos, I did not ready anything in the instructions page. I apologize for my ignorance, USCIS can be tricky and I rather be safe than sorry!
  5. Ok So Im trying to fill this application out but in part 1 item 17a -Physical address is not letting input anything! Is grayed out. Like my mailing address is different than my physical address.! WTH! Apparently seems they also updated vermont address, I thought it used to be Vermont service center, PO BOX 200. Now it says 75 Lower Welden st. What is going on!?
  6. Thank you all so much for the mental support and knowledge provided!!
  7. Well it's not it simple assault it's actually just harassment and it's a summary charge. My 90 days window opens on may 24th should I file I-751 after my court hearing? And if I file after my court date and charges are dropped should I let them know about this issue?
  8. So here I am again. Ugh; Let the stress begin. I was charged with simple assault ( I was not arrested) I have court hearing in June 15th for this issue; I have to file i-751 on May 24th; Me and my husband got into a fight cops were called and we were both charged with simple assault; We were not arrested.I'm pretty sure my charges are going to get dropped. What are the chances of this affecting my i751?. Please advise. Thank you again.
  9. So I was looking at the i-751 instruction and it says to submit Two completed fingerprint cards (Form FD-258) for each petitioner and dependent 14 to 79 years of age. You must write your A-Number on the fingerprint card and ensure that the completed cards are not bent, folded, or creased. The fingerprint cards must be prepared by a U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate, USCIS Office, or U.S. military installation. Does that apply to me? Any help would be appreciated since I do not want to miss anything, we do not have the money to hire an attorney. Thank you
  10. Lilsadie please let me know when you upload your package; I'm still looking for some guidance. Thank you so much
  11. And just another quick questions, our son's birth certificate, can I send a copy or does it have to be the original? Ugh thanks again!
  12. You guys are the best! I thought it had to be submitted before the 90 days! But it's within the 90 days! According to the calculator my earliest date would be may 26th! I'll send out the package may 26th. Lilsadie: thank you very much! I'll be looking forward for your package! thank you
  13. So this is the deal; My second year anniversary is August 24th 2017; I thought 90 days before the 24th was June 24th I do not know what the hell was I thinking I just realized is May 24th. I'm just really confused on the window I have to send out my package. Does it have to arrived before the 24th or After or how does it work. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you