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  1. The bio Father want no part of the child. He lives in the same city. He will 100% sign whatever paperwork comes his way. For him, baby is a burden.
  2. My Wife + 2 Stepsons are currently in the first year of their Conditional Green Card by way of the Fiance Visa (K1/K2). Last year, her sister whom had 2 kids was in an accident where she was in a coma for about a month, she survived and almost immediately became pregnant. Accident caused her to lose sight in one eye plus she really hasnt recuperated fully. Seems her thought process is slower. Anyhow, she just gave birth to a healthy baby girl but cannot care for the child as the father doesnt want anything to do with child (doesnt want to pay child support). My wife and i would like to adopt the baby girl but have no idea on the procedures of how it all works. Baby girl lives in Baja California, Mexico which i believe is part of the HAGUE Convention process. Ive been reading up on everything but im stumped as to what the fastest way to go about it is. I really dont care if its a process for Citizenship or for GC. We just need her here. A mexican lawyer said that we (wife and I) need to be living in Mexico with the baby while the adoption process happens and that it would take 6 months. And if we dont live there, that the adoption process takes up to 2 yrs. Some say that i can register the baby in mexico as the father since baby hasnt been registered yet but i want to do everything the legal way. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. So we decided to go to the POE in Calexico to see what could be done. They ended up giving her and my 2 stepkids an I-193 permit that give you a ONE TIME ENTRY. The I-193 cost $585 per permit. Since this was the first time that it has been lost, The commander waived the fee (thank God or would of costed $1755). Now that she is back in the States, we have to reapply for the Card with the I-90 which is $450 x 3. Then in a year apply for the I-751
  4. But the i-90 is only if you are in the states I believe. She is currently still in mexico as that is where she lost it. Was told about a waiver fee of $585 just to cross without an actual card on hand. Then once across you fill out the i-90.
  5. The unthinkable happened. My wife was mugged in Mexico. They took her purse with everyones GC. My wife and 2 stepkids have a conditional GC. Police report has been done and reported. Was told that in order to reenter the states, one needs to pay $585 per person. Thats a hefty amount. Question is, is that just to reenter or does that grant you a replacement Card. What is the cheapest way to go about it?