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  1. To clarify, are there certain documents that you need multiple copies of (such as copy of passport, copy of marriage certificate, etc) that you put a copy of in each section? Like a copy of the non-citizen passport goes in the pile for the I-485, one copy goes in the pile for the I-765 stuff, and another goes in the pile for the I-131 stuff and then you stack all the sections together? Because I've been following the Step-by-Step Guide ( especially the assembly instructions and it makes it seem like I only needed one copy of the non-citizen passport (shown as item # 4 on the list) if that makes sense. Basically- should each form have all of it's own separate documents, even if that means that the AOS packet you send in ends up having multiple copies of the same document, or do those forms (I-485, I-765, I-131) "share" all of the same supporting documents?
  2. So my fiance had his medical done in Montreal within the last year and he did not need any additional vaccinations (except a flu shot which they gave him) but he did not receive a copy of the DS-3025. I read above that it should have been sent to USCIS after the CPB officer examined everything at the POE so it shouldn't be a problem (hopefully), BUT does he still need to attempt to fill out an I-693 to include in his AOS packet or just leave that form out entirely? Thanks!
  3. My fiance just got the email!!!!! I'm so excited! So happy for you too!
  4. After endless delays this year, our status changed to "Issued" on Tuesday, June 9th (two days ago). Since you guys seemed to be a few days ahead of me on getting "Issued" and are now getting your emails from Loomis I really hope that ours will be here soon too!
  5. Does anyone know if you can still hang on to your Canadian driver's license when you get your new one (specifically getting a license from New York State) or if you have to surrender the Canadian one?