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  1. Well thanks all for the info. Yes shecwill just have to wait until next year to get her visa thanks
  2. I am not sure that all the above is accurate. I read in the immigration section of US laws that if you are in US validly and recieve notification of interview for immigration visa you can go to US office somewhere and apply for adjustment of status and get it done here
  3. Here is our problems. My wifes daughter is pregnant lost her job but is in line for an immigration visa since we applied January 2012 and looking atvthe visa bullitins feb 2011 is up now so she could be getting a notice to gather her paper work. We were all going to just wait but unfortunatley the girl got pregnant, due in April, lost her job in Moscow and has no family in russia but does have an us visitors visa since she has been here at least a dozen times. She speaks perfect english, university educated and a brillient woman expcet when it comes to men. So whats new right. My thought is she should come here now, have the baby and then apply for change of status. Please indicate any problems or yor thoughts on the matter
  4. I just looked at the Sept visa bullitin and it reverted back 7 months to May 2010. Does anyone know why this happens?
  5. It does not sound to me like either of you want to get married at all.
  6. I have noticed for the last few months the dates in the visa bullitins have not changed. Is that because they are out of visas or because they don't know what to do because of the new adminstration and the bans?
  7. Yes it is active. She is 34 and comes here twice a year and has since 2007. She is university educated, xspeaks english probably better than I even. Her 130 was accepted in Jan 2012 and just waiting for the notice for the interview. I am certain she will pass So wondering what differne e it makes if she waits for it here or there for the next year
  8. We filed a 130 for my wife's daughter who lives in russia in Jan 2012. SHe has always been able to get a visa to visit and has one now. I was wondering what the chances are of her coming on the visitors visa and then filing for a green card or what ever one does if she is here in this country. What would the proceedure be anyway? My wife is a citizen and daughter was born in Moldova if any of that has a bearing Thank you
  9. We filed a 130 for my wife's daughter in Jan 2012. My wife being a citizen. I do not fully understand those visa bulletins but is there anything we should be doing between now and when we get a letter from Immigrations saying she is in line?
  10. THERE IS NO EASY AND QUICK WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Best bet would be to aqppl in the lottery. Its free and you might get lucky
  12. You would still be looking at 7 years