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  1. Just wanted to say goodbye to the forums. I love sharing my knowledge about immigration and visas. Helping others was fun. But for a while now there was something that extremely bothered me about the forums. We ALL know forum moderators have a hard but important job. But many, many times I saw the moderation turning into censorship. I never directly offended anyone but yet bunch of times my posts were deleted (?) And recently I got a suspension for my comment on other members stupid joke. Seriously? I never even told the person they were stupid. I inderstand VJ rules. More and more I start to feel like you should be 10000% politically and family friendly to post here or mods will come and delete your content. Even when Ops are directly offending you it's best you don't defend yourself or you will get suspended ha. This is Not how public forum should exactly work. So bye. I don't want to be part of this any more.
  2. They will probably send the whole package back to you.
  3. Do you know how expensive her labor and medical treatment will be? Because she might have to show she had $$$ to cover it . I highly doubt she'd get a tourist visa so there is no other options.
  4. visa b2 cancelled

    Sorry but this sounds like a BS. He would not send you to jail. He had some suspicious that you were working and talked you into admitting it. If you didn't do anything bad, you wouldn't have said yes to working.
  5. Tourist visa. Student visa. Those are not immigration visas though and he'll need to proof his ties to the country. Plus student visa would require showing proof of finances for study - which is anywhere from 10,000$ to 50,000$.
  6. As long as the he has the proper documentation for the pet, there shouldn't be any issues.
  7. https://citizenpath.com/failing-register-selective-service/ Kind of bad that he didn't do that. You want it or not, it's a duty when you're a permanent resident. "USCIS will deny a naturalization application when the applicant refuses to register with Selective Service or has knowingly and willfully failed to register during the statutory period. [8] The officer may request for the applicant to submit a status information letter and registration acknowledgement card before concluding that he failed to register."
  8. If you want to immigrate to the US then yes, your only options is either k1 or cr1.
  9. F4 Visa

    Your uncle...? There are no visas for uncles and nieces/cousins. Unless you mean that your uncle filed for your dad or mom (sibling). Also depends on how old you are.
  10. On a personal note, you two really should talk if you want to stay married. Not sure if I'd want to be with someone who leaves the country (!) Because of the fight. Married people fight now and then but this is totally overreacting. He could have just go to the motel for a night or something but he just left and basically wasted all the money you put in the k1 and aos.
  11. No one knows. Maybe you should wait for any official announcement and I'm sure they will explain everything.
  12. Visitor Visa for family

    You said you have a tourist visa so you should know how the interview look like. Your 5 month long trip to the USA might come up. What were you doing there that Long? Also what are your wife's ties to your country?
  13. To be honest if you have been outside of the US for 4 years there is 99% chance your green card is just a piece of plastic and your residency has been abandoned. If you had a re entry permit then it definitely wasn't valid for 4 years. NO matter the reason. I don't really understand your question thought. Are you asking if it's worth lying on the form about how long you've been away? Because that's very not worth it..
  14. Long thread and the answer should be simple. Do k1 or cr1, all other options will be a fraud. Do you want your tourist visa aos be denied? Some time ago there was a long discussion about immigration rules getting stricter, especially for "tourists" *sigh* Wish they would finally remove the option of aos for tourists so questions like this would stop poping up.