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  1. No, it's illegal. It's a fraud. Also, you're already in the system with the K1 visa. I can bet you if you go along with your illegal plan, you will get in troubles. USCIS is not stupid and will see that you canceled K1 to go through the illegal B2/Aos route. They can deny the green card process easily.
  2. Yeah, and those businesses probably hire US citizens social media managers because there are no work visas for that occupation. Not to mention, I believe there are no more work visas available this year anymore. There is a limited number.
  3. No one will give a work visa for a social media manager no matter what you call it, sorry. You can find a lot of US citizen who can do that, so it's not an exceptional skill.
  4. Does OP even have a green card? He said he came here on the work visa. No green card, no I-130. If OP has a green card, the process of sponsoring the spouse takes about 2 years. Nothing can be done until you're married. This is for the spouses of the H1B holders. http://www.***removed***/visas/h1b/h4-dependent-visa.html
  6. You also need proof for VAWA. Police reports, papers from the hospital, etc.
  7. What's up with Philippines and messed up birth certificates? o.O I'm curious since this comes up pretty regularly. Is that a common thing?
  8. The fact that he told you to get a job and share financial responsibilities with him (rent, insurance) isn't abuse... It's marriage. Also I don't think any of that counts as a extreme abuse. Plus it's your side of the story versus his. He has a right to pull his support for your AoS. If you're unhappy, nothing stops you from divorcing him.
  9. It's still a very unfortunate choice of word here. Everyone's first thought is "cross = illegally cross".
  10. If she has more ties to the US than India, then the chance for the tourist visa is slim.
  11. Just have him apply for the tourist visa. No one will tell you for sure what's going to happen. Imo, the chances are pretty small. And since you have a child, plan on getting married and live in the US there is already an intent to stay there. So his ties to Mexico must be stronger than that. Also, don't think to have him lie on the interview about the purpose of his visit. Imo, better invest in the K1 visa (if you're a citizen)
  12. She needs to get some kind of US address, show that she filled taxes, find a job in the US, etc. There, what's how you get your proof.
  13. Maybe. But the fact that she's married to the US citizen could affect her student visa. Applying for the student visa means you need to show a non-immigrant intent and also financial means to cover the studies.
  14. I highly doubt the hairstylist would get a work visa, to be honest.
  15. Usually you either need EAD or green card to get the driving license. Including the written test. (at least here in KY, I was asked for my green card before the test.)