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  1. Immigration doesn't just make "things easier" for you because you have money or something.. OP, what exactly do you want? You don't want to live in the USA forever - means that Diversity Lottery is not for you. You want to work in the US for a little bit? Everyone already told you. Your only way is to FIND and employer who is willing to sponsor you for the Work Visa. (your family might or might not be included) You want to visit US for a little bit and travel? Get a tourist visa, no work allowed. You have a hell lot of money? Get an investor visa. There is really not many options. O.o
  2. If you just want to live in the US a little bit, then your only option is the work visa. Find an employer willing to sponsor you and hope that they cannot find a US citizen that could do that job. Again, your family might not be able to go with you. Visa lottery is not for you if you don't want to live in the USA permanently. You can't go just come and go, renewing some visa. If you somehow win the visa lottery and get your green card, you will lose it if you leave USA for a long period of time. Also, Trump is planning on limiting work visas, so not sure how that will work.
  3. Funny, because UK is STILL the member of the EU, lol. So you kind of should have know about immigration from EU since you're a part of it. But nevermind that. There are few countries that are not eligible to join the visa lottery and the information is pretty easy to find: " Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria,Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam " OP can try his luck in the lottery of course. But should read into other requirements he needs to fulfill in order to participate. (like education, etc)
  4. For your brother I believe the waiting time will be about +12 years. I don't think your parents health will have any impact on his petition.
  5. Do you have a close family in the US? Parents or siblings? If not, there is no family sponsorship. If yes, google or use the VJ guides. Do you have any special occupation or skills? Answer yourself that before you google for US work visas. (Work visa doesn't give you a lifetime legal stay in the US.) For the lottery,
  6. You didn't really do much study, did you? Diversity Visa is not a visa. There is a thing called a Diversity Lottery. I see you're a citizen of the UK? Then you are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for the diversity lottery anyway. By the way, it's like one of those money lotteries. You "win" if you're lucky. Honestly? There is really very little ways someone can legally move to the US. 1. You're already married so marrying the US citizen is out of question. 2. I assume you have no parents living in the US who could sponsor you, so that's out of the question also. 3. Both work visa and student visa (if you're a student) are only TEMPORARY visas. They do not guarantee that you'd even become a permanent resident. 4. If you some some SPECIAL skills, you might be able to qualify for the work visa. Just a note, you do not apply for it. You'd have to find an employer in the US who would be willing to go through the visa paperwork and pay for you. Like I said, there is a bunch of requirements both sides here have to fulfill.
  7. When will people learn that there is no ASAP when it comes to the immigration. Your ONLY OPTION is CR1 visa, spouse visa. It takes +/- about a year. No, no way to speed that up. The process is pretty easy, unless you have some serious red flags. Everyone wait. Some people wait YEARS, it's not the end of the world. There is NO WAY she will get her visa by April. But wait.. I just realized. Are you married or not? First you said you want to get married in April.... But you also say that she's your wife. Be careful about your wording when it comes to the immigration. Do not call her your wife if you're not married and planning on doing the fiancee visa. It will end up with denial.
  8. Have your spouse spend more time with you in your country (as in, weeks or maybe months), gather more evidences and apply again. Not much you can do beside that.
  9. ....Really. Your green card means you're a legal resident. Being a legal resident means that you can work legally. If you want some kind of "proof" then your green card id is your proof. Besides, employers do their own check via e-verify. You had your green card for over 10 years now but you are just now applying for your first job?
  10. Sure go ahead, do things illegally and risk having issues with immigration and government. If you don't have enough money, find an CO SPONSOR. If you didn't file taxes (sic!), file them NOW. Your situation isn't special at all. Thousands go through the K1 route and don't whine about how long it takes. 6 months or so isn't actually long at at.. Look at couples who wait YEARS to be together. Ah, also... She probably won't get ESTA anymore. And from what I know, people who were denied ESTA have more problems getting a tourist visa.
  11. Why are people complicating things so much... You guys want to get married? Yes? Then apply for the K1 fiance visa. End of story. Coming on ESTA or B2 tourist visa when planing on staying in the USA permanently is ILLEGAL. There is NO FAST or SOON in the immigration. K1 is actually one of the fastest visas comparing to others.
  12. If OP was illegally in the USA and then leave, they get a ban. They said they've stayed in the USA for 7 years, dunno if that was legal or not. Probably not if they stayed on the tourist visa, for example.
  13. There is NO CHEAP OR FAST WAY. Good. Meeting face to face is one of the MUST DO for the K1 visa. No such thing. The officer on the border can give him 2 weeks stay, for example. 6 months is MAX. But doesn't mean you always get that much. It can take about 6 - 9 months. Trust me, this is pretty fast comparing to some other visas. Really? Wow. There are THOUSANDS tourist visa denied. Coming on the tourist visa with the plan to stay in the USA is ILLEGAL. Do. Not. Be like everyone and just wait for your fiancee visa. Waiting doesn't hurt. Most adults can survive few months apart.
  14. Sure its possible. In about 14 years if you file the petition for him now. Oh course he cannot be illegally in the USA all that time. He needs to wait in his home country.
  15. Honestly, I think it all depend on a State and ... the individual decision of the SS office worker. Yep. Some people get the SSN without any issues just based on the immigrant visa, some have to get married first and present the marriage license, I've read some couldn't get their SSN until they got their EAD... Is there even one rule for this? Some office workers probably don't even have much experience dealing with different kind of immigrants hence the issues. Personally, we went to pick up my SSN couple days after we got married and we didn't have any issues. I got it all pretty fast.