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  1. Well, you cannot do AoS through any other US citizen. So your options are to either be in the US illegally or go back home. If you are out of status for over 180 days (but less than a year), you will have a 3 year ban to come back to the USA.
  2. Now you scared me. I just send out my I-751 and I did highlight few lines in our bank statements. I hope that will not earn us RFE...
  3. You make it sound like you're really not looking for a wife, but a servant to take care of you. You also seems to already know everything you want to know and you don't care about people trying to give you honest advice. Good luck.
  4. You honestly seem to think that uscis let a lot of things slide. It's not that easy at all. Your mom's contacts at the school do not matter at all. What will matter foe the immigration when it comes to the student visa: your girlfriend ties to her country and proof that she will come back (this is not an immigrant visa) and her paying for her school. She will not get a student visa without paying thousands of dollars for the school. I suggest you spend more time studying different types of visa. The meeting thing will not be waived because your girlfriend seems to fully capable of traveling.
  5. Then the USCIS will tell you to meet in 2 years. The waivers are for people who cannot travel at all. Ever. You can get her a student visa faster than K1? Then you have about 20,000$ lying around Since she'd need to show financial assets to cover her studies before getting a student visa.
  6. Oh boy. Believe it or not, but a person can scam you very easily just on those Skype calls and Facebook messages. I can start skyping with anyone now and create the whole different person that I am at the real life. And trust me they would never know the real me. It's easy. It happened before, it will always happen. Uscis will not waive the meeting requirements for you. You can travel to her when you recover or you can meet in some other country where she doesn't need a visa.
  7. There is no helper visa. And tourist visa is not suitable either. Ask a family member or some actual medical professional to take care of you. You said you can't afford a caregiver but can you afford to financially support that "helper" person? Since she'd be only depending on you for food, bills, insurance, etc. Just giving you and idea because if she'd somehow arrive on the tourist visa she would not be able to work. Your girlfriend can try to apply for the tourist visa and visit you. And k1 waiver for meeting in person is pretty hard to get since this is the most important requirement for the fiancee visa.
  8. So pretty much OP would be supporting both her child and her sister. Yep, definitely not cheaper. I think OP is just looking for a way to bring her sister to the US without the long sibling visa process. "Taking care of the child" is just trying to justify it.
  9. Yes, she's okay to marry in the US, not Canada. Signing legal wedding documents in Canada, would mean getting married in Canada.
  10. One of the main requirements of the K1 visa is that you have to get married in the US, within 90 days of arrival. If you get married in Canada, then your K1 visa will be invalid. You will need a spouse visa to move to the US. Now imagine that somehow you will slip through the border on the K1 visa, already married in Canada. Immigration officials will notice that once you file for adjustment of status based on your K1 visa. What do you think will happen then?
  11. You should have just save time and check 72635 other threads like yours. It's not the first time someone asks about bringing the family member to work as a nanny. If you're a US citizen you can sponsor your sister, it will take like 10 years. It is a fraud to have your sister come here on the tourist visa and work for you. No matter if you pay her or not. It's still taking the job from the US citizen. And what kind of sibling would want their sister/brother to live illegaly in the USA? The moment your sis start "working" for you her tourist visa would technically get voided. Because she would break the rules of the tourist visa. Be like million other Americans and hire a nanny or put your kid in the daycare. It will probably be cheaper than financially supporting your sister when she's in the US illegaly and no one will want to hire her.
  12. It's Visa. Not VISA - that's a credit card. But seriously. Your post is so.. oddly written. Are you looking into the spouse visa? Fiance visa? What does the work visa has to do with any of that? 1. Dunno, because you didn't give us enough info. 2. Again, not enough info. It takes about 10 - 12 months for the spouse visa or 6 - 8 for fiance visa (but it all depends on country). On fiance visa you need to get married within 90 days of arriving in the USA. 3. Depends on which visa you need... 4. Benefits to the USA citizen? Uhhhh... is having a wife/husband enough benefit? Because I have no idea what you mean. No matter WHICH visa process you mean, there are no shortcuts - they are take time and 1 year is actually not that long at all. Some people wait few years for their visa to be approved.
  13. Nope. If you don't want to immigrate then the tourist visa is the only option. Your spouse doesn't have any special rights to visit just because if the USC child. Your spouse has to apply on her own merits and show her own ties to the country she lives in. Embassy just decided it wasn't enough.
  14. You can use the search option on the website. There are countless threads where people discuss their rocs.