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  1. Not sure what you mean by biographic form? The I-751 completed in its entirety along with the supporting evidence of your good faith marriage is all that you need to submit.
  2. Happy Birthday! Could not have asked for a better present eh?
  3. I received my card in the mail today! Such a relief that this process is over. Next up, N-400 but there's no pressure for that at least! Good luck to all those still waiting on a decision.
  4. You are probably correct. I didn't think about it that way where you could travel without knowing exactly when the approval might come. I think the text is meant to say that once you have received notice that your application has been approved that you should not travel until you get the new card. I wonder if they flag the old card (along with extension letter) as invalid now that you have your permanent status? Just thinking out aloud. But I suspect you should be fine leaving the country if at that time you haven't already received a decision on your case. It really would take a nasty officer to give you any trouble upon your return in case your application is approved while you are away, especially given the circumstances for your travel.
  5. Are you using the receipt number from your Notice of Action? If so, that is the wrong number to use. Instead, use the number from your Extension letter and that should work.
  6. Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Regarding your question, I would advise against traveling during this grey area of a period in your application process. The reason I say this is because of the language I read on the approval letter I received. My ROC was approved on 1/4 when the card production was ordered. I received in the mail yesterday the formal approval letter (Form I-797). Here is the text directly from the letter as it pertains to your question: "You should not travel outside the United States before receiving your new card, as you may have difficulty reentering the United States. If an emergency arises and you have a need to travel outside the United States prior to receiving your Permanent Resident Card, you may make an appointment at your local USCIS office to request a stamp in your passport that shows temporary evidence of status as a lawful permanent resident." This would come into play in case you ROC is approved while you are in the UK. Could you explain your way through at Immigrations when you return from the UK and do not have your new card in hand (assuming it was approved while you were away)? An uneducated guess would be yes given the circumstances and that you have your conditional card, along with the one year extension. However, I personally would not want to take that risk in case I got stuck with a difficult immigration officer. If you do decide to travel before a decision is made on your case, would it at all be possible for someone here to send you the card via courier if it arrives while you are still in the UK? This is assuming your case is approved while you are away. It is a tough situation to be in given the circumstances, and it is a decision only you can make given the facts and your willingness to take the chance. My best wishes to you... Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. I am simply giving you my opinion on the situation based on the warning I have read in my approval letter
  7. Don't beat yourself too much over it. What's happened has happened. Not much you can do now, but just hope for a positive outcome. In the evidence you have submitted, did you submit tax returns or tax transcripts (which you have to request from the IRS website)? Also, do the leases, bills and utility accounts have both names listed on them? If they do, that is pretty good evidence you have there.
  8. I received my approval letter in the mail today, and my case status online changed to 'card mailed.' I hope to receive the card by the end of this week. I don't believe there is a way to get the tracking number for the mailer.
  9. For all of you who are looking at what dates the USCIS is processing cases and trying to draw estimates on when you think your case should/will be approved, save your time and energy. If there is one certainty with the USCIS, it is that they do things in a haphazard manner. Take my case for example - I mailed my packet on 5/25/16 and the NOA1 date was 6/3/16. And my case was approved on 1/4/17. I think it all comes down to them randomly processing cases, or picking up cases that they feel are easy to review and make a decision on. But who the hell knows what the method to their madness is? So my advice is to wait, as difficult as that might be. Now if you are approaching critical dates like drivers license expiring, or you are within a couple of months of the one year extension expiring then by all means submit service requests or make phone calls. Until then just hang tight and hope for the best.
  10. Alexs - It's water under the bridge now, but I wish you'd done some of your independent research right here on VJ regarding what documents and evidence needs to be submitted with your case. They have detailed how-to's on here with lists od what type of evidence needs to be sent in. IMHO, affidavits, letters from friends/neighbors, pictures and such are very weak evidence and do not add much substance to your case of comingling of assets which is USCIS's eyes is the key proof of a legit marriage (not saying yours is not). It is for that reason that bank statements, joint tax returns, joint mortgage docs etc where assets being shared is shown are considered to be strong evidence. In any case, for your sake, I hope that they review your case with the evidence as submitted favorably. However, if I were you, I would be prepared for an RFE and gather at least quarterly bank statements for the past 2-3 years. I am not trying to discourage you - just saying it like it is and want you to be prepared for any eventuality. Worst case, you won't need the documents and can simply shred them. I agree with everything mycase17 above said. I too used a lawyer for my original AOS application. However, that was simply because mine was a little complicated of a case where I was converting an employment based filing into a marriage based filing. I was fortunate enough to retain our corporate lawyers who were top notch when it came to attention to detail. However, the ROC process is very straightforward and a little research on this site provided all the information you would need for a thorough filing. My best wishes to you for a successful outcome.
  11. I would be extremely leery about sharing any information whatsoever in this situation. In my experience, USCIS never calls back, unless you call in on a service request and opt to have someone call you back as opposed to waiting on hold on the phone. Fraudulent calls related to immigration are about the most widespread of scams out there.
  12. I'd be a little ticked off with my lawyer if they gave me this advice. It is always wise to send everything that you might have as evidence in your packet. Better to send more than less, especially when it comes to crucial things like financial documents like bank statements. This is especially since you had the statements on hand and it's not like you didn't have the evidence to submit. Anyways, a little too late now. All you can do is hope that they find the evidence you have turned in satisfactory and that they approve your case. Worst case scenario, you will get an RFE for the bank statements, which you can them submit at that time. I would not try to send in anything right now as that might just cause more confusion.
  13. I GOT APPROVED AS WELL!! Just got the text message. Card ordered on 1/4/17 so I hope to receive it early next week I imagine. So glad this big hurdle is out of the way. Next up, citizenship! Though no rush on that. Good luck to everyone else that is waiting. I'm sure yours isn't too far away.
  14. I had that happen to me yesterday. I had initially used the receipt number from the original Notice of Action and that is the wrong one to use. Try the number from your Extension letter and it should work.
  15. I just tried to submit an online service request and received the following error: "Your application or petition is currently within the posted processing times. An inquiry may not be created at this time. Further information about recent processing times can be viewed on the uscis.gov webpage. If you have other questions regarding your application or petition, contact USCIS Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (TTY)." This is clearly not right since my case was received on 5/27/16 and biometrics completed on 6/22/16. Both these dates are more than 6 months old which would make my case fall outside the published processing time for CSC. Has anyone else had this happen to them? The processing times have not changed have they?