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  1. Thank you so much Hun!
  2. Thank you so much for the quick reply!!
  3. My fiance received his visa on the 2nd of December, but we wanted to wait until he graduates from his university in February before he comes to America. I wanted to know if the 90 days to marry begins once he gets the visa or when he gets to America. Thank you.
  4. I'm so lost. I emailed the consulate and got this sent automatically... What does it mean? What do I do after filing the ds-160 Dear New Portal User: Your US Travel Documents Customer Portal username and password information is below. To access the online system, enter your username and password into the log-in page. Be sure to enter the two CAPTCHA words exactly as they appear on the screen to validate your information. Thank you, US Travel Documents Customer Support
  5. I'm sorry, it's just it's not the first time someone hasn't answered my question that's why I thought that. Also thank you for your response! :-) Oh ok. Thank you so much hun.
  6. Y'all can't see my post or are you guys just ignoring it?? I just wanted to know if it's a bad thing if I didn't receive my NOA1 but I got my NOA2 and it already reached NVC.
  7. I sent out my package September 8th but I didn't receive NOA1. Then I got approved September 24th and received the hard copy in mail three days later. I called NVC today and they said that they received my case today and to wait a few weeks to receive a case number. Really happy about that! But what about the NOA1 do I really need it?
  8. Hey Everyone! My names Cindy I'm a Haitian- American. This is my second time doing the whole K-1 with a different Boyfriend. First guy wasn't meant to be. He completely changed and humiliated me and God was so great to allow his case to be denied at the embassy. I was in love and blind, but God showed his love for me by blessing me with a loving and caring, most importantly God fearing Man that I have Now. ANYWAYSSSS... I'm not knew to Vj but it's been awhile since I've been on here. I sent my I-129F September 5 2015 and Received an email and text message that USCIS accepted my case. On USCIS case checker thingy... Lol.. It said my case was accepted on the 8th of September and almost two weeks later it was approved on the 24th of September! Praise God! Completely faster than when I filed with my EX. However the weird thing is I received a mailed hard copy of My NOA2 but I never received the NOA1. Does it matter if I receive it or not? Or has this happened to anyone?