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  1. Yes thank you!! Got it!
  2. I understand that the joint sponsor must send in a AR-11 should they change Adress. However.... This may be a dumb question but: if we move...does the spouse (me, the US citizen) also have to complete and send an I-865? Or does my husband filling out the AR-11 take care of me (his sponsor) as well?
  3. Do you know by any chance if the form I-865 has barcodes at the bottom? I don't have access to a computer (only my iPhone) so I can't be sure if there's barcodes or not. I want to be able to print it. Thank you!!!
  4. Thank you!! ??
  5. That's great news! I'm glad to see you were able to get the stamp and that the GC was approved!! Best wishes to you & your family ?
  6. They didn't tell us we were approved at the interview. They only said they'd let us know of a decision within 2 weeks. Later on that day, the IO actually called my mother to verify information my husband and I had given at the interview. Then about 5 hours after our interview, the online status changed to "new card being produced". Definitely keep checking online and the mailbox for the actual decision letter. I wish I could give more advice but I'm not sure what would be the next step. 3 weeks is close to a month so hopefully you'll get some news soon.
  7. Is it possible for you to return to your USCIS office where you had your interview and request the I-551 stamp in her passport? Can't they look up the info and see she was approved even though you don't have the NOA2 ?
  8. Have you looked up the case status on the USCIS website?
  9. Yes. You keep the copy for your records and send the I-693 that is in the sealed envelope.
  10. This is what they asked us at our interview: questions like who's who in the pictures we provided.How we met. When and where the wedding took place. Who attended the wedding. They also asked all the "yes/no" questions from the I-485 regarding criminal past, if you are a spy, terrorist, etc. They asked my husband (the beneficiary) our address. Our interview last at least 30 minutes. Edited to add: I just now saw that today was your interview!! ?
  11. Regarding co-mingling, We didn't have much to show either. We had an affidavit (letter) from my mom stating that we are currently living with her and that the lease is in her name. We also took a letter from our bank stating we share a checking account. That's all we had. We also took over 40 pictures of us as well as pics that show my husband with some of my family members (he's adjusting his status, I'm a US citizen). Take as much evidence you can think of. Good Luck!!
  12. I agree. We only sent one G-325A for my husband since he was the one adjusting. I (the US citizen) was not required to send one.
  13. I don't recall the exact date we mailed it but the status online said "on March 4th we recieved your response to an RFE...." I do know we did wait about 2-3 weeks because we ended up waiting for the joint sponsor to file their income taxes and we sent in last year's tax transcript for the joint sponsor.