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  1. Let this be a lesson....get that man cooking!
  2. Moving belongings

    If you don't have furniture and can put everything in boxes you can use shipsmart. I moved a pallet of stuff about 4 1/2 ft high from BC to LA for about $800.
  3. Photocopies are fine to send in with the package. If you're called for an interview, you may want to bring your certified copies (what you would call your "originals") with you so they can have a look. They asked for them at my AOS interview.
  4. Bringing my car....

    You probably won't be able to import it if it's not paid off.
  5. Look at spousal CR-1/IR-1 guides at the top of this page where it says "Guides"
  6. In response to shayden10: on the other hand, before I started K1 or even knew it or this forum existed, I visited my USC boyfriend for 4 months. I had no job, no lease (no home!), no car payments, no ties to Canada and was not aware that any of those things might be problem. I told them at the border I was visiting my boyfriend for 4 months. They asked how I could stay so long. I said I didn't have a job. They asked if I was getting married on the trip. I said I wasn't. They waved me through, no problem. All you can do is try. Don't stress too much about it. Either they let you in or they don't. Fly from an airport where you go through customs in Canada before leaving. That way if you're denied, you don't have to fly all the way back.
  7. You are in the U.S. Just stay and adjust status. Never mind the spousal visa. You did not have intent to marry and stay when you came in. It's all good.
  8. If someone else "could" be paid to do it, it's not legal for you to do it for free.
  9. yes, do look into it. I have cross-border banking with RBC and it's perfect for this.
  10. Moving your stuff

    I think it's ten years after, not one.
  11. I agree with this. She'd just have to turn around and go home. No harm done.
  12. Canadian Pension

    Not sure this is right. After moving to the US, I tried to pay taxes on spousal support from my Canadian ex to the CRA and they sent it back, saying I wasn't a resident and therefore do not pay taxes there.
  13. So, your husband is going to stay in the US without you, or he's going to move to Canada with you and go through the whole permanent resident rigamarole there? These are scary times in the states, but I would never throw away all the time and money spent to get me here, let alone all the time and money that would be spent to get my husband to Canada.
  14. work authorization (applied for with your AOS after marrying on a K1) takes 60-90 days, not 2 years.
  15. Usually a photocopy is acceptable to send in and then you bring in the "real" thing( i.e. the certified copy that you mention you got 3 of) if you have an interview. I do have experience with this. I sent in the certified copy with the AOS app just as you did. We didn't get an RFE but were called for an interview where they said, "hey, you didn't send in the marriage certificate". I just assumed they lost it, cuz I know I sent it with everything (it was the last document we were waiting for to get the AOS rolling). Anyway, I had another certified copy with me at the time which they looked at and made a photocopy of for their records. That void thing is weird on your photocopy. They definitely don't mind if you send a certified copy, the only thing is, you might not get it back (definitely won't if you don't have an interview). When we did the original K1, before finding this site, I sent in pictures of us together on a disk. The disk was in a baggie along with the hard copy required passport photos. They immediately sent back the baggie with disk and passport photos saying that the disk was not going to work for them. Months later we got an RFE for having no passport photos! Annoying.