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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses. I have been in the US for 2.5 years. My Ex has made it immposible for me to bring my kids here to the US other than for short visits and that in itself is extremely difficult. My youngest will graduate in 7 years. I have looked at all the forms and information, and it looks like I will have to do the willful abandonment then go through the whole process if we decide to move back once she graduates.
  2. My Conditional Greencard is not up till May of 2017 but we are moving back to Canada for a bit till my kids are graduated, then will decide where we are going to live for retirement. Is there anything that says I have to be living in the US to remove conditions? We are thinking of coming back to Texas to retire so I would like to have the greencard still active. I have looked through the instructions for RoC and don't see anything. I just want to make sure. It would make life so much easier in the end. Thanks in advance.
  3. It is a very difficult choice to make. I can't wait till we get some kind of approval for us to get back to Canada. No one case is the same, and everybody's situation is going to have different requirements. This tread was started so those of is going through it have a place to talk, cry, laugh and rage if need be without judgment. I am flying up for 2 weeks, as my ex delayed even responding to me till May so the cost of a plane ticket went through the roof. My ex too has tried to say to the courts that me meeting my husband online is something that needed to be addressed in the courts. I even provided him with a police report on my husband, showing there was no reason to keep the kids from him. He never provided the same courtesy with his girlfriend, whom he moved in with the kids with no discussion what so ever. Now he tells the youngest that perhaps she shouldn't live with me and my husband when we get back up there since she won't know him very well. my husband loves those kids, and has spent time with them on two occasions, as well as talked to them when we do get a chance to Skype with them. He has yet to even respond to my request for time with the kids when I get up there. Okay...Rant over. NLR, I am glad things have gone smoothly for you. I know it was a very hard decision for you as well. Sparklepony, It broke my heart not to be able to bring my kids, but I felt uprooting them from their family in Canada was worse than taking myself away even for a few years. Phone, facetime, Skype, all help in the short term, but the heart longs to hold those babies (and my babies are 18, 13 and almost 10) in my arms and it breaks every time they are too busy to talk, or don't want to talk. We are looking at a possible 18 month delay in getting back to Canada. Hopefully not, but who knows. We know the road to the US took a long time, so we know patience is key. It also made more sense for me to go to the US because he had a steady job that pays well, and I could not have afforded ot not have him working up here. Once he has Canadian PR he will be able to get on the books at the local IBEW and should be working pretty quick...we hope! Heyes, I am so glad your fiancé can bring her baby with her. I could never have left a young child, and if mine had been under 5 I think we would have just stuck it out as best I could.
  4. So I have received my Green Card, all that is done, I need to update my drivers license. Do I need to update my Social Security card as well? It says "only valid with Authorization etc' If so, more time off work all before July 6th.
  5. Well Green card is officially in hand! It arrived Monday in the mail and is safely tucked away In my wallet. Now to wait a bit then got to he SS office and get my SSN updated then the dreaded DMV to update my drivers license so it doesn't expire on me either. I am still watching, hoping all of us with that lovely letter get our approvals quickly. It is not right that because of their delay we have to pay for a new medical etc.
  6. Thank you everyone, I can say it has been an interesting journey...to put it mildly. Our letter also said 6 months, but took 10. And yes, my RFE asked for 2014 tax return, marriage certificate...which they already had, New medical and birth certificates for 3 children not immigrating. I know those who have recently gotten the same notices know the feeling of relief. I didn't realize how stressed I have been with it all. Congrats to everyone with their notices and to those with RFEs look at it this way, it means someone is holding onto your case waiting for that return of information. My case was updated the same day my rfe was received so they will get to it and process it. Now, to prove just how crazy I am, We are going the return route and getting my husband his PR in Canada as his child is graduating and starting collage and I have two younger children that we want to get back to up there since my Ex is being a douche and making life difficult. It has been ridiculous money, but in the end, it will all be worth it in the end.
  7. Card Was Mailed To MeOn May 15, 2015, we mailed your new card for Receipt Number MSC149107xxxx, to the address you gave us. If you do not receive your card by June 14, 2015, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we send your new card to you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. I am a April filer, so I know how much it can suck. No one giving information, and no one really explaining why it is happening. Even the immigration specialist at the Senators office couldn't keep her story straight. None of them, unless they have been through this circus know what we are going through. They can't empathize, or even truly sympathize without that experience behind them. Keep up the good fight everyone. It will come around to you turn. I will be here cheering you all on.
  8. I got the same thing, I sent a request and it was updated in minutes. This was back in march, and they told me my case was still within normal processing regardless of the date the letter and the tier 1 said. But it must have gotten them moving a bit. I got a call from the immigration specialist at the Senators office and she tried to argue with me that there had to be a reason my case was pulled out to redo the medical when others with the same non complicated case as mine was not required to redo. Then tried to tell me it had nothing o do with the processing of the illigals. Then tried to tell me I had requested to have my medical waived, which wasn't the case, I just asked them if they were going to pay for all the people who had to redo it because USCIS delayed everything I finally told her that while I appreciated her call, that perhaps she should take a look at the Visajourney website and see all the people going through the same situation as me then call me back with that line, otherwise, I had to get back to work. I was so frustrated. But I am praying you all finally get your notices soon.
  9. Welcome notice mailed! Now to hope it gets here before my License expires. IT says I should get it no later than July 10 which is after my drivers expires. Can I renew with the letter? Does anyone know?
  10. Card Was Ordered To Be ProducedOn May 11, 2015, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number MSC149107xxxx, and will mail it to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. I am so relieved to finally see that on the site. It means they accepted my letter of explanation for the birth certificates. Doing the happy dance!!! Now to get through a dispute resolution call with my ex!
  11. I never had to take a test either, but...they did issue me a license based on my visa, which expired the day I got it, then had to wait for EAD to come through and they would only issue a license till that expires. I have USPS verification that my RFE response ahs been received in California so now I wait again. I had a panic attack trying to remember if I included one thing. I am sure I did, just one of those moments you know? COME ON GREEN CARD!!!
  12. That is Shady. I am fortunate that my family physician is al so on the list and was very reasonable. I was worried I was gonna be stuck paying over $400 again. I am going to track my package when I get home. Hopefully they will accept everything and my card will be in production. I am wondering if the Doc I saw initially had filled in the vaccination form properly, that they might have let the date slide.
  13. Of course they are still doing background checks. Why would anyone wanting to cause trouble just cross the border. They are going to spend money, and waste time instead on going the legal route to get into the country and be with their loved on.
  14. I paid $192 to redo mine. I don't know if it depends on your doctor that does it or not.
  15. Oh Forgot to mention, I got a response to my email from one of the senators offices and I have to say I was very disappointed. It didn't even address my case, only that Obama is an idiot and more focused on giving the illegal immigrants a pass. Dear Mrs. (His karma): Thank you for contacting me regarding President Obama’s recent actions related to illegal immigration. I appreciate having the benefit of your insight on one of the most important issues of our day. As you may know, on November 20, 2014, President Obama issued a series of Executive actions effectively granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. This unconstitutional use of executive authority will encourage more illegal immigration and undermine efforts to fix our broken immigration system in the future. By circumventing the legislative process, President Obama has sent the message that the United States will not enforce its own laws and will continue to allow the dangerous influx of criminal activity on our southern border. I will fight to defund President Obama's unconstitutional Executive actions while assuring that the Department of Homeland Security has the resources necessary to protect the American people. I have worked throughout my time in the Senate to develop a solution to our broken immigration system that guarantees the security of our borders, restores the rule of law, and ensures stability for future generations. I will continue to promote these policies, but I will oppose any bill that incentivizes illegal conduct and encourages further disrespect for our laws. Immigration reform is ultimately about securing our nation’s borders and improving our system for legal immigration, not about rewarding illegal actions. We are a proud nation of immigrants, and we are a nation of laws. If policymakers will agree that all immigrants must abide by the rule of law, then we can work towards consensus on improving the immigration system through the legislative processes. I appreciate having the opportunity to represent the interests of Texans in the United States Senate. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Sincerely, JOHN CORNYN United States Senator 517 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Tel: (202) 224-2934 Fax: (202) 228-2856 http://www.cornyn.senate.gov This made me more angry than I was to start with. I already know what Obama did, I wanted to know what He, as my Senator was going to do about the BS we have to put up with and the money grab that legal immigration has become!