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  1. I thought that this would be a fun 'game' to play in a big international community, like the one we have here. Although most of us are probably familiar with American culture, there are so many fantastic traditions around the world, I thought it would be fun to list some of the quirky things people may not know about various countries. Here are some things about countries I've spent a lot of time in. In Japan: A popular game for kids in Japan is called 'kancho.' They put their hands together in the shape of a gun, and try to shove their hands up another kid's butt. People find this to be funny, and it's basically allowed, and not considered sexual harassment. Kancho means 'enema' in Japanese. Luckily, I have avoided being Kancho'ed... so far. In Mongolia: Parents often give their kids names in Mongolia which would be very confusing to people. Examples are "nergui" - no name, "hunbish" - not human, "enebish" - not this one, or "muunohoi" - bad dog. They often do this when they lost a previous child, traditionally believing that if they give their child a bad name, evil will not be attracted to it. What are some of the silly, unique, or interesting things people do in your country?