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  1. This is terrible for all LPRs. What if an emergency happens in their home country before they can get citizenship? They will have to skip their loved ones funeral or risk being unable to return? What about those whose home countries don't allow dual citizenship and are long-term permanent residents? l think everyone on here has reason to worry!
  2. That is horrific. Putting the wall on US taxpayers is bad enough; even many conservatives agree that the wall will be a financial and logistical nightmare. But to put that on Mexico, who already has plenty of their own needs to spend money on, and to punish them if they don't bow down to Cheeto-In-Chief? I can't believe this is happening.
  3. Just caught up on a bunch of episodes... Chantel and Pedro - I feel bad for Pedro. Chantel really screwed him over with the lies she insisted on in regards to starting out on her family's good side. I liked his Mama Bear. "Stupid Americans!" The prenup stuff makes zero sense. Are her parents wealthy? I took them for middle class. Plus they are young and don't look like they're in any danger of kicking the bucket anytime soon. Plus, if they now know about the show, wouldn't they watch at some point and find out about the half-a$$ed prenup? I'm starting to agree with those who thinks the whole thing is fake. Speaking of fake, sometimes I wonder if Jorge and Anfisa are just trolling everyone. Her behavior is just too ridiculous. And when he took her to the airport - where was her second carful of luggage? Why was Jorge going to pay for it in $10,000 cash that he's carrying around in his pocket(!!!) Kiya and Lowo - She thinks she's so smart checking up on him but she's not smart enough to get out of the relationship in the first place. Alla and Matt - I agree with the above that the Patrick drama is overly pushed. There's no reason for him to be so up Matt's butt unless he literally wants to be up Matt's butt, lol. Nicole and Azan - My husband has been watching with me and he's seen a bunch of familiar places in the Marrakech and the desert scenes. He also doesn't think it's a given that Azan is scamming and thinks he may just be inexperienced and overly worried about the police. He said that he noticed Azan's eyes constantly scanning around for the police. I do think Azan's scamming (along with his family) but Nicole doesn't exactly inspire sympathy. Her temper tantrums are ridiculous. I could not believe her during the fight in front of Azan's family. I'd be so embarrassed if my husband's caught us fighting now, after 5 years together and 2.5 married. If that had happened while dating, I would've been humiliated, not flopping in doorways crying and airing our dirty laundry to them. Dani and Mo - Trainwreck. Loren and Alexi - She's kinda bratty but his friends are jerks. For one, it's not her fault he sucks at keeping in touch. And two, maybe Israeli friendships have different expectations but most adult friendships here have the understanding that they will wax and wane depending on what stuff people on going in their lives. Melanie and Devar - Why do they talk do much about how much sex they have? NEWSFLASH: most people like sex, you two aren't special. I feel bad for her kid. The internet never forgets and he will see his mom bragging about her sexcapes sooner or later. Daya and Brett - Boring although his rapping is annoying but not in a good way. Russ and Pao - She met with one agency, took a few toolessvpics and now she has a "career" she must relocate for? Seriously? I feel bad for Russ. Pao isn't taking him into account at all. Noon and Kyle - I like that they went back to Thailand. So much makes it seem that the USA is the best/only choice so it's a nice contrast to see someone not be happy here. Especially a young woman from Thailand which is a place stereotyped to be full of green card seekers. And I think Kyle will do fine in Thailand in the end.
  4. Forgot to check in, but bio done as of the 13th.
  5. Husband's bio is tomorrow. We do not have the letter in our possession as we had it sent to my parents because our apartment email is a bit sketchy. Is bringing a copy ok or do we need the original?
  6. Whether Azan is scamming or not, Nicole has been so disrespectful to the culture. I mean, whining about the different food? Only being interested in the fries on top of the tagine? The thing is, Moroccan food is actually not spicy-hot. It's just very flavorful. My dad is someone who won't even try Indian or Thai, but he'll happily scarf up my husband's tagine. And I will admit that I made some blunders with my husband as far as physical affection in the early days, but when he said something, I stopped, filed it in my mind as "not culturally appropriate" and didn't whine and take it personally. Nicole is such an ugly American. Speaking of disrespect, I moved from Team Chantel to Team Pedro when she was backing that train up against other guys in front of him. And her plan makes no sense. What if a family friend watches "90 Day Fiancée" and calls up her family? Plus, the clips will be on YouTube forever. Anafisa makes me laugh. I don't feel sorry for Jorge because it seems women are only of value to him if they can cook/clean or are "hot." Matt's friend Patrick is way too involved in policing Matt's love life. And Matt needs to stand up for Alla when she's getting the third degree.
  7. Biometrics are rolling in! We are scheduled for 10/13. Could someone update the tracker for me, pretty please?
  8. Agewise, yes but they raise every other red flag there is. All internet relationship, her being a single mom and she's...large and doesn't seem knowledgable of the world or very bright. The other same-age couple (Chantel and Jorge) didn't raise the same red flags because they've spent a decent amount of time in person, matched well attractiveness wise, they met online but it was for a purpose i.e. Language learning. I do think Jorge is a lazy a$$ and Chantel is too good for him, but I don't think he's using her.
  9. Hubby and I only have one credit card, but my parents have like 15 and they don't even carry debt. Every car has a purpose (airline rewards card, gas rewards car, hotel rewards card, cash back rewards card) and they use they then like cash that gives them some extra perks. As advice from someone going through it now, if you used the IRS website to print tax transcripts during visa/AOS, make VERY careful notes on your login info. I could not for the life of me figure out how to log back in at ROC and eventually had to send my package with just the return and W2s. Also, if both of you for some reason go a tax year without any income, you can and should still file taxes (I didn't know this and now we have a year with no joint taxes ?).
  10. I finally watched the first episode because I was curious about the Morocco-American my surprise they were not the biggest trainwreck. No one so far could top the MRA dude and the Russian gold digger. And we still have the Nigerian catfisher to come.
  11. rerto, I was thinking that too! I thought the CSC was supposed to be fast? But hubby works out of town so we are eagerly awaiting the biometrics appointment so he can make arrangements to be home then. That's the main reason I really hope we don't get called for an interview - it would definitely be a hardship for him to have to take a day+travel time off.
  12. Oh hi rerto. Didn't remember you before. I was just thinking the other day where the heck the other June '14 filers were?!
  13. I'd maybe write up a small note explaining this. Plenty of people maintain separate insurance so it's not anything to sweat, but it's a common enough piece of evidence that I think it's worth mentioning.
  14. NOA arrived today. Still can't figure out the dang rich text editor thingy. Anyone want to update for me? Lol.