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  1. Well they pushed their interviews back because FIL didn't want to travel during Ramadan and they finally had it yesterday. They've were denied. They were interviewed together, and all questions were directed to SIL. They didn't even acknowledge FIL. They asked for the evidence which they didn't look at and if SIL had ever been out of the country. That makes me think there suspicions were with SIL who is mid 30s, single, childless and owns her own not particularly lucrative business. The plan is now for FIL to apply on his own, aa we want him to get to visit before his health declines (he's 75). And SIL will apply for a European visa in hopes of building up her travel experience. If she gets in soon maybe she can even meet me in Lisbon where I have a Conference in a few months.
  2. I am joining this group, as husband will be eligible to apply in just two days. For evidence, do you send everything like bank statements, etc for your entire marriage or just from the time you applied for ROC until now?
  3. I don't know why you do not want to become a citizen, but it is your call. Welcome and good luck. Some countries don't allow for dual citizenship. Morocco does, but even if it didn't, DH would never give up his Moroccan citizenship, even for the US passport (we love to travel and the US passport helps with that). We've been having an awful time making an infopass appointment. Apparently they are busy and the website sucks and only updates available appointments after midnight. We tried to just go there and got turned away. Sending the citizenship application out in the next few days...
  4. It's frustrating when those who don't play by the visa rules ruin it for those who do. DH has traveled to Europe a dozen times and never overstayed yet he still has to go through the visa process here every time. Although what is going on in Venezuela is horrible, I kinda can't blame them...
  5. Do you also need a visa to visit Europe or just non-Schegen countries?
  6. Congrats to the two approvals! To think that a year ago I was so happy that we were sending DH's application to the CSC instead of the VSC... We will be applying for his naturalization on 7/28 (hi rt1012!) I've been invited to a conference in Lisbon early November and he'd love to go with. Is there any chance he might have his US passport by then? I'm sure he'd be able to get a Schegen visa as he got one back in 2015 no problem but it requires more expense, traveling to a different city and a day off work for the interview, which is a pain...
  7. Ah, the personal responsibility argument. I led a healthy lifestyle, did all the recommended medical screenings and still got breast cancer at 28 which progressed to Stage IV at 30. Why did I get breast cancer? Maybe because my mom and grandmother had/have it. Why did it become Stage IV? Because breast cancer in young women is much more aggressive than in older women. Why did I get it so young? Don't know, but my docs say that unless one has an exceptional unhealthy lifestyle (drinking in excess, smoking, fast food daily) they can't do enough damage in 25 or 30 years to cause their own cancer. Modern medicine has me living a normal life but it's expensive and I will be on it forever or until they find a cure, whatever comes first. There's simply no option for me other than to take these expensive treatment if I want to stay alive (and I do, I'm 32 years old and not ready to check out for at least another 30 years...)
  8. The thing with the individual mandate is that it was supposed to help spread the cost of buying insurance over the population. The problem was that a lot of young, healthy people opted to pay the penalty instead of buying insurance. I just don't understand the lack of compassion Americans have for others. Before my diagnosis, when I used healthcare only for my annual physical and maybe a sinus infection every five years or so, I was still willing to pay more in taxes to help less fortunate. Five full years before cancer entered the picture, one of the major reasons I voted for Obama was because of his promises to overhaul the healthcare system and I really felt for people who needed healthcare and it was inaccessible to them. Why are Americans so unwilling to help their fellow countrymen?
  9. Before this goes completely off the rails and gets closed I'd like to tell my story, to dispel some notions of irresponsibility that seem to prevail whenever this debate comes up. I lived a healthy lifestyle. I exercised; in fact I was a student athlete. I did not smoke or do drugs and l ate my veggies. I maintained private health insurance even when insurance was not offered by my employer and it was a stretch on my finances. I went to the doctor every year for annual physical. Eight months after my physical in 2013, I found a breast lump. I was only 28 years old so I was not very worried but wanting to be responsible I still went to the doctor and got it checked out. It turned out to be a stage IIIc breast cancer. I had no risk factors except some family history all among much older women. I did all the recommended treatment and then some. I underwent chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, surgery, a clinical trial and hormone therapy. It still came back with Stage IV cancer. I will be on extremely expensive treatment for the rest of my life. My husband got trained in a job that provides good benefits. Without insurance my medical bills would total hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Even with insurance the co-pays take up about half of our income. I am terrified of being dropped from my insurance for having an expensive pre-existing condition and I am terrified that lifetime and annual caps will be brought back. I was responsible and I am still stuck in the situation to a combination of bad luck and bad genetics. This is the story for people that have expensive chronic and serious conditions. this healthcare bill will ruin lives and kill people.
  10. Us funding their trip...I see it as akin to when we sometimes travel with my parents for family events and they pay for the children, spouses and grandchildren. It's a nice gesture to give loved ones an experience that would not have been able to have otherwise. FIL staying and working illegally...I don't think the CO would see that as a threat. He's elderly, on retirement, has a comfortable even if not wealthy life and has his entire family in Morocco minus my husband. In a few years, he could actually apply without an interview but it's too chancy to wait that long - we want him to have the opportunity to visit while he's still in decent health. MIL is not coming with because she hates even traveling to neighboring cities. She gets anxious and worries about her grandchildren. I agree SIL chances are dicier. She's younger and single. She does own her own house and shop though.
  11. He wants to feel like he's doing more. I understand in a way because so much is out of his hands with the interview but on the other hand I've used VJ his GC and his European visa a few years ago and we flew through both processes with the advice here so I wish he would trust it.
  12. My husband still wants to provide all this information just in case. How would including a 134, our bank statements and a letter of support hurt their chances? I understand these documents aren't relevant but including them would make my husband feel better, like we've done everything we can possibly do to up their chances.
  13. Thanks, that was my instinct. Hubby got info from someone else who had his MIL visit from India but that was awhile ago. The only thing I'm still wondering is if there's any way they can show that we are paying for their travel expenses since they probably don't have enough in their accounts for round trip airfare and hotels (and they'll be staying with us anyway).
  14. My father in law and sister in law have interviews for tourist visas on Thursday. What do my husband and I need to do from our end? My husband believes we should furnish an invitation letter, bank statements, employer letter and passport pictures from us. From what I read here, that seems like overkill and might hurt their chances. They will of course bring evidence of their ties to their home country (they both own homes and have other ties). They don't have a ton of money though so we do intend to pay for their visit. What should we do? also, are they expected to bring i134 forms to their interview? My husband thinks so but it seems those are for immigrant visas and not non immigrant visas.
  15. This is terrible for all LPRs. What if an emergency happens in their home country before they can get citizenship? They will have to skip their loved ones funeral or risk being unable to return? What about those whose home countries don't allow dual citizenship and are long-term permanent residents? l think everyone on here has reason to worry!