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  1. Upset and wondering what happened

    My FIL is somewhat illiterate (like many older men in Morocco are) and doesn’t know his way around a computer. We had to work on it for him. I know people haven’t been malicious but we are just upset and sleep-deprived over this and I’m confused as well as far as what happened. I just don’t see how anyone can think of him as any kind of threat.
  2. Upset and wondering what happened

    You don’t think a wife, three children, seven grandchildren, a house and a pension are strong ties? Plus, he’s 75. That seems a little late in life to try to leave his simple but comfortable life and try to illegally immigrate. l see why they denied SIL as she is young and single and I figured FIL was denied the first time because they applied together.
  3. Upset and wondering what happened

    Ok, so the background. FIL and SIL applied for tourist visas to visit DH and me. They had that interviews in July. SIL is mid-30s, single, owns a small business and house. FIL is mid-70s, has a wife, three children, seven grandchildren, a house and a pension in Morocco. I figured SIL might not get it but I thought FIL would based on ties to Morocco and his age. They were both denied but the interviewer only questioned SIL and never spoke to FIL. So we decided to apply for FIL alone thinking he might have a better case without SIL. The first time I filled out the DS 160 for them, I made an account online and followed the instructions and in the end, got confirmation pages with their pictures on them, which I emailed to SIL. The second time, I logged in and updated FIL’s information and deleted SIL’s. I followed all the instructions I found Here. FIL’s confirmation page did not have his picture but had the other info and said DS 160 and had a barcode. DH worried about the lack of picture but I thought it would be fine, l was very wrong. The consulate officer didn’t even let FIL in the building because he said the confirmation was wrong. That there wasn’t a picture. I am confused because the page that I was taken too with email my confirmation didn’t have a picture. The officer said I should’ve made an entirely new online account instead of logging in and updating the info. That was nowhere in the instructions. Does anyone know what happened there and how someone can access the correct DS 160 confirmation? But where I feel like VJ steered me wrong was that I had heard so many times on this board that the applicant doesn’t need sponsorship papers, invitation letter and proof of income from the American relative. But the consular officer asked for all that stuff from FIL! And he didn’t have it because VJ told me that only proof of ties mattered, not sponsorship from the USA. So I would say to ppl applying for their relative, send all that stuff. Even if 9/10 officers don’t care, you might get he one who does. DH and I feel so guilty and that we let his father down. He traveled all that way for nothing. I did my very best to get him the visit. I hope other posters more knowledgeable can lend some advice for what I could’ve done better so others can learn and their relatives won’t have the same experience.
  4. Added myself. N-400: August 2017 Applicants ================================== Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox ================================== UserName......|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line.|Int ltr.|Intrvw..|Oath....|Field Office.....|NBC/IOE berber_wife.....|10/28/14|08/10/17|8/15/17|8/15/17|9/11/17|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--|Ft. 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  5. Hubby finally got ahold of an actual person and they told us to go to the nearest office to where we are on Monday. So Minneapolis field office. He said he couldn't say at this point what Florida offices will be closed.
  6. Irma is on track to make landfall in the Keys Sunday night. So uscis might reschedule on us either way... Husband looking into taking an uber to the nearest field office as he doesn't have access to a car where he is. I have the original letter though. Would he be able to present a scanned, electronic letter?
  7. How easy is it to do a walk-in? The Ft Myers office doesn't do them, we tried to do it for his 155 stamp.
  8. Hi! I'm late in joining but we applied for my husband's citizenship a month ago. Biometrics scheduled for Monday but we are thinking of rescheduling (I made a post in the general forum). If anyone has any advice about whether to reschedule I'd love to hear it. Our field office doesn't do walk-ins.
  9. Hi. So my husband filed for his citizenship last month and got his biometrics letter end of business last Friday. His appointment is scheduled for next Monday, the 11th. We were planning to be out of town (me for medical stuff, him for work, then we were going to convene in the twin cities for a family gathering and were already debating whether to reschedule or cut our trip short to make it home in time for the biometrics. Now we're in FL so with Irma we don't know if the field office will even be open Monday and if we'd be putting ourselves potentially in harm's way getting back. on the other hand, it would be terrible to reschedule, Irma changes paths and misses FL and he can't get another appointment for months. He also needs his 155 stamp and it's been hard to schedule an info pass with his work schedule. And we have potential incoming travel out of the country in a few months... i guess I'm wondering a) if we reschedule how long it would take to get a new appt and b) if there's any way to know the likelyhood that the field office will be closed Monday. thanks.
  10. Father in law and sister in law visas

    Well they pushed their interviews back because FIL didn't want to travel during Ramadan and they finally had it yesterday. They've were denied. They were interviewed together, and all questions were directed to SIL. They didn't even acknowledge FIL. They asked for the evidence which they didn't look at and if SIL had ever been out of the country. That makes me think there suspicions were with SIL who is mid 30s, single, childless and owns her own not particularly lucrative business. The plan is now for FIL to apply on his own, aa we want him to get to visit before his health declines (he's 75). And SIL will apply for a European visa in hopes of building up her travel experience. If she gets in soon maybe she can even meet me in Lisbon where I have a Conference in a few months.
  11. I am joining this group, as husband will be eligible to apply in just two days. For evidence, do you send everything like bank statements, etc for your entire marriage or just from the time you applied for ROC until now?
  12. I don't know why you do not want to become a citizen, but it is your call. Welcome and good luck. Some countries don't allow for dual citizenship. Morocco does, but even if it didn't, DH would never give up his Moroccan citizenship, even for the US passport (we love to travel and the US passport helps with that). We've been having an awful time making an infopass appointment. Apparently they are busy and the website sucks and only updates available appointments after midnight. We tried to just go there and got turned away. Sending the citizenship application out in the next few days...
  13. It's frustrating when those who don't play by the visa rules ruin it for those who do. DH has traveled to Europe a dozen times and never overstayed yet he still has to go through the visa process here every time. Although what is going on in Venezuela is horrible, I kinda can't blame them...
  14. Do you also need a visa to visit Europe or just non-Schegen countries?
  15. Congrats to the two approvals! To think that a year ago I was so happy that we were sending DH's application to the CSC instead of the VSC... We will be applying for his naturalization on 7/28 (hi rt1012!) I've been invited to a conference in Lisbon early November and he'd love to go with. Is there any chance he might have his US passport by then? I'm sure he'd be able to get a Schegen visa as he got one back in 2015 no problem but it requires more expense, traveling to a different city and a day off work for the interview, which is a pain...