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  1. im sorry for what im going to say but, laywers are useless. the same happen to my 2 years ago when i petition my now husband. tell your friend to fire him!!! they just want your money that"s it
  2. thank you really appreciate your answer
  3. ok i was very worry about that, so are going to send the petitions for your children.(because my son is 10 years old he dont have signature yet)i put my signature in all his papers. the USCIS people tell me to do that i hope im not in trouble for that ( those people dont now nothing sometimes thank u
  4. i filed for my husband that was back in 2013, my son is 10 years old
  5. Hi all. i send last week my son I-130 whit the I-485,I-765,I-131,G-1145,I-864 ok everything well. so today i was checking his I-130 and i noticed that i did a huge mistake in this quiestion;"have you ever before filed a petition for this or any other alien" my husband came here whit a fiance visa (i know is totally diferent) but silly my i mark yes X to this question and i say my husband fiance visa bla bla bla ..... i want to know maybe somebody had this similar situation before or somethig , what could posibly happend? maybe i receive a rfe? thank you all and no i have not filed a petition like this before this is my first time for my son