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  1. I plan to apply for my mom's PR later next year. She currently has a 10-year visitor visa (she can come and stay for 6 months in any given year) and comes and visits us 2-3 every year. Will she be able to continue visiting us here while her application is in progress? I can't imagine her not being able to come and see her grandkids for potentially 1 year + while this application is being approved etc. Any advise welcome!
  2. Do we send one check for 590 or two checks (one for 505 and one for 85)?
  3. Thank you all for your input! Making the executive decision to leave them out based on comments... good luck to you all.
  4. Hi All I arrived in U.S. almost 2 years ago on a spouse visa. I am preparing docs to remove conditions and have attached a lot of supporting evidence (daughter's birth certificate, joint property deed title, joint tax return, multiple bank statements, insurance beneficiary details etc). We have both been gainfully employed since day 1 and our first child was born here. We have a strong tie to community, financially stable, bought a property here almost a year ago in both our names. I really don't want to have to ask people for affidavits - I did it once when we lodged the initial application and I just want to avoid doing it again (it's time consuming). Do you think this is necessary in any case? In my case in particular? Other people's opinion welcome! Thanks