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  1. That protection being in the form of a gun being driven almost completely because someone else is exercising their 2nd amendment right.
  2. There's a path to change it but it's next to impossible. I doubt even democrats would advocate abolishing the 2nd amendment. Vote accordingly I guess.
  3. So can almost anything. A penny from a tall building. Guns don't have any other valuable application. And they're very good at killing things.
  4. Context is hard to convey. Guy assumes I'm Canadian because of the flag under my profile. Despite knowing there's an equal chance I'm the American petitioner. Ya dig?
  5. There isn't a right to bear acid Becuause of our constitution we can't do much about guns. Amendments can be removed with a super majority. But yeah right.
  6. Lorries have valuable applications outside of mass murder.
  7. That poor guy needs a RUB snow woman. The caba snow women are too difficult
  8. Guns don't matter to me at all. No desire to "take my country back"
  9. When I see a snowman, the first thing I think is "chauvinist"
  10. That snowman is super racist.