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  1. Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you guys know D successfully gave birth to baby E on Sunday. He was about a month early but was big for his age. 6lbs 9ounces. He's in good health but having a slightly extended stay for some jaundice. Hoping we get to go home tomorrow. Wish us luck! Best to all of you.
  2. As long as spectating involves the holding/consuming of beer
  3. Why I oughtta........
  4. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
  5. I kinda think it's an awesome thing.
  6. I literally learned what a chip buttie was this week. On Anthony bourdains CNN show. In England obviously
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Obviously Don't act like you don't want to run your fingers through his mighty mane.
  8. Body image and fighting childhood obesity should be on the same side. Who cares what you look like but you should try to be healthy for gods sake. Someone shouldn't be ok with being 300lbs. And we shouldn't try to make them feel good about it. Also doesn't mean we should throw tomatoes at them. Same ol G I guess.
  9. Doing well. I hope mr u is doing well
  10. Wow, what are the odds? Yours sounds pretty bad. Mines been ok, no real pain unless I tried to use it. Getting better everyday. No more knee scooter!
  11. No problem, you provided me a well needed chuckle.
  12. I read the beginning of this then I killed myself. RIP G 2016...........