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    I'm wondering if you read the date in US notation or the rest of the world. If your expiration date says 12/9/2016, that is DECEMBER 9th, not September 12. Maybe that's what is causing you worry?
  2. That sounds a lot like how our AOS interview went -- the lady interviewing us was still really new, and had to follow a checklist of what to look for (and I even had to explain a few things to her, like the fact that back then, my husband did NOT yet have a driver license because he didn't yet have documentation to get it, she thought he should already have one). She was nice but definitely not that familiar with all the different scenarios that officers see, so when we were done, she wrote "approved pending supervisor review" and said we'd hear back after her supervisor signed off on it. We got the status update of approval a few hours later, I guess her supervisor got to it pretty quickly -- but I wouldn't worry even if it's a few days, I'm sure it's just sitting on a desk waiting for a final signature! Good luck!
  3. Wow! That is a LOT of work ... I know because I actually did highlight and cross-reference all our utilities to our bank account statements in our original filing (like writing "see page 94 for electric bill" on the bank account statement where it was paid). Everyone told me I was going WAY overboard and that USCIS would never care or look at that, but wow ... they actually do! We did not get any RFE but I wonder if we would have if I hadn't done all that. So glad it worked out for you in the end, and I'm sure you're relieved too!
  4. Congratulations! We're planning on waiting and doing the 5-year rule for naturalization, since my husband has no URGENT need for citizenship. Am I right in understanding that if we wait until the 5 years to file N-400, all we need to send is the actual N-400 form by itself? NO relationship/bonafide marriage stuff or shared finances etc? That's the entire reason we're waiting ... I'm just sick of having to send 8 pounds of papers every couple years, and the 5-year rule seems like SO MUCH LESS work. I hope I'm right?