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  1. I'm wondering if you read the date in US notation or the rest of the world. If your expiration date says 12/9/2016, that is DECEMBER 9th, not September 12. Maybe that's what is causing you worry?
  2. That sounds a lot like how our AOS interview went -- the lady interviewing us was still really new, and had to follow a checklist of what to look for (and I even had to explain a few things to her, like the fact that back then, my husband did NOT yet have a driver license because he didn't yet have documentation to get it, she thought he should already have one). She was nice but definitely not that familiar with all the different scenarios that officers see, so when we were done, she wrote "approved pending supervisor review" and said we'd hear back after her supervisor signed off on it. We got the status update of approval a few hours later, I guess her supervisor got to it pretty quickly -- but I wouldn't worry even if it's a few days, I'm sure it's just sitting on a desk waiting for a final signature! Good luck!
  3. Wow! That is a LOT of work ... I know because I actually did highlight and cross-reference all our utilities to our bank account statements in our original filing (like writing "see page 94 for electric bill" on the bank account statement where it was paid). Everyone told me I was going WAY overboard and that USCIS would never care or look at that, but wow ... they actually do! We did not get any RFE but I wonder if we would have if I hadn't done all that. So glad it worked out for you in the end, and I'm sure you're relieved too!
  4. Congratulations! We're planning on waiting and doing the 5-year rule for naturalization, since my husband has no URGENT need for citizenship. Am I right in understanding that if we wait until the 5 years to file N-400, all we need to send is the actual N-400 form by itself? NO relationship/bonafide marriage stuff or shared finances etc? That's the entire reason we're waiting ... I'm just sick of having to send 8 pounds of papers every couple years, and the 5-year rule seems like SO MUCH LESS work. I hope I'm right?
  5. Oh, finally, thank goodness!! Congratulations and you can stop worrying finally, so happy for you! I knew it would come, but I felt bad about how long you (and a few other remaining CSCers) have had to wait. Good luck to those remaining and of course to those at VSC as well!
  6. Congratulations! At least for AOS, after our interview, our online status changed a few hours later, like around 5pm after our midmorning interview. It should be the same for ROC, I would think. But I wouldn't worry if it takes another day or two, the online status is very unreliable!
  7. What do you mean with "temporary green card"? If you're waiting for AOS, then you don't have a green card of any kind. Do you mean the Employment Authorization (EAD)? That isn't a green card, it merely allows you to work. If the EAD is expiring and you still haven't received a green card, then I believe you need to file for a renewal of the EAD -- but I could be wrong and someone else more knowledgeable should answer, after you've clarified if you are talking about the EAD expiring?
  8. Our K-1 process took almost a year -- they were much slower in 2012. So, by the time we were married and filed for AOS it was much longer, and thankfully I had a much more solid job with nice earnings, so we didn't even have a joint sponsor in reserve. I still was half-expecting to get RFE on the financials for the AOS, but it went through fine, since I was in a much more solid position.
  9. The good news is that you're in Finland, which is relatively lax (or has been for most people) about financials. I was barely at the poverty line for the year we filed, and way below it for prior years, and therefore we had my parents prepare a whole joint-sponsorship package to bring to the interview in CASE the embassy didn't like my package. In the end, my husband said they barely even glanced at our paperwork, didn't ask or even care about financials at all, and we were approved without ever needing to mention our (held-in-reserve) joint sponsor stuff -- I'm not even sure they saw my total earnings and certainly didn't do more than flip past the page to see if it was filled out. Still, better safe than sorry and Penguin's advice about focusing on what his CURRENT earnings are is important. Do beware though that the AOS once you're in the USA is probably a little more stringent, and you'll need to have a solid package when it comes to filing the I-864 things after you're married. Hopefully you'll have more solid paystubs by then!
  10. Yep, finally woke up to great news -- text at 7:30 this morning! "On June 16, 2016, we ordered your new card ..." So I don't know if it was the size of our stack that made it a bit later than others, or if it was just random, but either way, we're approved! Good luck Happy Chic and others!!
  11. Congratulations! I do hope the rest of us waiting see some more action soon ... it's been almost a week with no approvals now. Crossing my fingers for Happy Chic and ourselves and those further down the list that haven't yet gotten any word!
  12. At least during the earlier processes (K1 and AOS), the "name" update usually means they've "touched" your file and you should be getting a decision soon. It doesn't happen all the time but they seem to update the file electronically during some of the review process, then make a decision (could be approval, could be RFE) within a week or so. But again, that's going by my knowledge of the earlier processes, I have to assume it's the same for the ROC process!
  13. I have no idea about the second part of your question (don't even know what RRSP etc means) but the first part I think I can help: if you're using the online FBAR form, simply choose the PLUS sign above line 15 -- that will create a NEW area to add a second account. My husband had two accounts, we simply pressed the plus sign and a whole new "Part II .... 2 of 2" section appeared. If you're filing on paper, then I don't know, but the online form will let you create new areas for multiple accounts. Can't help with the other things since I don't even know what those acronyms are.
  14. Oh wow!!! That was so fast, given that they're still working on October and just starting November for the most part. I totally am not expecting anything until about a month from now, THEN I'll start watching more carefully ... but CONGRATS and what a wonderful surprise news! Celebrations are in order!!
  15. Exactly. We had three joint bank accounts, two joint credit card accounts, and four different joint utility bills (cable, electric, water and cell phone). That's 9 different bills. Each monthly bill was at least 2 pages and often 6 pages long. That's 18-40 pages EACH MONTH for 24 months. I did weed out what I thought was completely unnecessary, but since we have seen many reports of RFE requests for "complete" copies of bills, I didn't want to leave out too much. Our stack was 3 inches high and weighed just under 7 pounds. It was extremely well-labeled with tabs at the bottom, punched for ACCO fasteners and cross-referenced with 'see page X' notes. Better safe than sorry, but of course we are still waiting ... so we'll see if we made the right choice or not!