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  1. Thank you! Received the biometrics letters for both my wife and stepson yesterday. Scheduled for March 9. Still have not received the letter for stepson yet. ?
  2. Yes, Ms Hogan, he was listed on her application. I was just wondering because the NOA we received was for her only and did not indicate anything regarding her son. Thank you for responding!
  3. We filed our joint I-751 on Feb. 3 and received the NOA, extending my wife's green card for one year, on Feb. 16. However, we have received nothing for her son, except the letter from DHS indicating that it was time to file his I-751 (which was received 2 days after my wife's NOA arrived). Just wondering if this is all normal? Should I wait a few more days to see if his NOA comes in the mail? Thanks!
  4. First, let me say good luck to all Feb 2016 filers. I hope everything goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. We filed on 2/3 to CSC and received the NOA1 (dated 2/9) for my wife in the mail today. I wanted to ask a quick question of the group to see if anyone knows before I put it out on the larger forum. We filed for my wife and her son on the I-751. We received her NOA1 today, but not for her son. Am I correct that we should be receiving an NOA1 for him as well? Thanks in advance! Jack