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    The daughter is his biological child. She has been approved for an IR visa.
  2. Emergency Travel

    Ok. Thank you for your help. My friend will be starting his CR-1 application tomorrow.
  3. Emergency Travel

    He and his wife tried to get an expedited AP, but they were given the run-around at the immigration office. I think during this emotional time, the wife was beside herself with worry for her mother and made an emotional decision to leave without the documentation. They had not yet filed for AOS. Given the circumstances, I guess this is in their favor as I think that they would have forfeited the fee when she left two days ago.
  4. Hello VJers, I have a friend who recently brought his fiancé to the USA on a fiancé visa and they married in August. The couple's daughter was just approved for a visa to join them. She planned to immigrate very soon, but until then has been staying with her grandmother (fiancé's mother.) This past week, the grandmother had a stroke. My friend's wife apparently had no luck getting an emergency approval on advanced parole, and she felt she had no choice but to leave to be with her mother and child. I wish they had talked to me before that decision and I would have consulted this forum first..... But they didn't know to, and she returned to Brazil two days ago. Is there any hope for her to not have to start the process over, or will they be forced to go the spousal visa route? I am meeting soon with my friend to find out more details (like if the AP application is in progress, or if it was flat denied). I am afraid I do not currently have any specific details... I appreciate advice from all you knowledgeable VJers. I know the outlook isn't promising. Sadly, my friend spent much of his disposable income on the first visa, his daughters visa, and airline tickets..... He is absolutely crushed right now, as is his family.