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    I'm not a very active person...I love knitting and reading and probably do a little too much of both. I also really enjoy cooking now that I know how to do it properly. I am a feminist and studied United States history in college and grad school. I love reading webcomics and wish I could be as awesome an artist as my favorite strips, but stick figures are the best I can do! I love traveling but hate flying.

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    We met on a Friday afternoon in 2005 when we were both in our last year of high school. He had sent me a message on AIM messenger on the Thursday afternoon, but I missed him because I was at my jazz band rehearsal at school. He had found my contact info on a message board for a band we both liked and he sent me a message at random just because we were both the same age. I was a little cautious around him at first because it's hard at 17 to shake that idea that "people on the internet are scary" that had been drummed into our heads since internet use became widespread. But we became friends and talked to each other every day, and gradually we learned more about each other. I'm not sure which one of us did it first, but we eventually both liked each other as more than friends, then we loved each other, and we still do! We spent just about 4 years chatting on the internet and using the phone and then Skype to call each other before we met in person for the first time. That was my idea. Meeting in person brought our relationship to a different place, let us feel like we were *truly* in a relationship now. Since that first visit, we've visited each other 11 times. Hopefully the next time will be the permanent time :).

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  1. I checked online this morning and it does say that as of August 26, 2016 the card was in production so shame on me for not checking the website every once in a while! Good luck with yours! Our notice date was October 1, 2016 so you should probably be hearing about yours any time now in the next few weeks!
  2. Thank you! It is so exciting that Vermont is moving forward a bit, even if very slowly. After seeing so many California people get approved it was getting so frustrating >.<. I actually didn't even think to check it online! It seemed like nothing in the process ever got updated on there so we gave up checking it for updates and just waited to receive hard-copy mail. I'm at work and don't have the letter with me to check the number online but I could try it at home and then update here if anyone would like to know.
  3. Another VSC approval! My husband got his letter on Saturday saying that he has been approved for his removal of conditions and to expect his new green card in the mail within 60 days!!! The letter is dated 8/23/16 .
  4. Biometrics letter came in the mail on Thursday! The appointment is set for 10/28.
  5. We got our NOA 1 today dated 10/1/15!!
  6. Would someone be able to add our info to the list? Sent to VSC on 9/28, they received it this morning, 9/30. We're still part of the September group, right? Thanks!
  7. That's really good to know. I can do that, with the exception of the worrying because I'll do that no matter what. Thank you!
  8. Thank you very much, TBone! I'll tell you: I've seen your name come up *so often* in the old threads I've been reading and I think I have you to thank personally for emphasizing how important the wills/POAs are for marriage in general and this specifically. We're in our late 20s and don't own any property or have any kids so we weren't really even considering it because what do we even have to give away but then I saw how often you say how useful they are and you're absolutely right. So thank you! Should I maybe keep my explanation letter off to the side in case we do get an RFE later on? It feels kind of naked to not include it but I really don't want to weigh them down with stuff because I've seen enough warnings from people advising against throwing every last piece of anything at the adjudicator who might be having a bad day the day they get to our packet. At the same time, I do want them to be aware of what our life/marriage is like and a very important part of that is living with my dad while we're getting on our feet. That means having most bills *not* in our names, and the few that are are only in one name or the other, not both together. I appreciate your guidance and it's very reassuring, our evidence just doesn't feel like it's *as* substantial as other people's so I feel like I should supplement it.
  9. I'm hoping it's still okay to ask some questions here even though I don't post often because all that time in between USCIS events is nice, immigration-free time spent being a normal married couple . My husband's 90 day window for ROC begins on August 31st so I've been doing a lot of research on here for the past couple of months, just making sure I iron out the kinks of our paperwork *before* that window even opens. I was hoping to send in his packet the first week of September so that it's nowhere close to when his green card expires. We've been collecting paperwork since he moved here in 2013 so I have most of the necessary forms/paperwork already taken care of and organized: I-751 form filled out and signed, front and back copies of the green card, joint bank statements going back to September 2013, wills (witnessed and notarized), powers of attorney (notarized), drivers licenses showing we live at the same address, 2013 and 2014 IRS tax transcripts - married filing jointly, joint health insurance documentation through my workplace since 2013 with quarterly statements of usage, him listing me as the beneficiary on his AD&D insurance through his workplace, him listing me as his emergency contact at work, car insurance information, our cell phone and house phone bills listed in his name and registered to our address, and some of my monthly student loan payments in my name registered to our address. With that all out of the way, my questions are related to what we DON'T have because of the circumstances we're (still) in. We live with my dad in his house and have lived there continuously since my husband moved here with his K-1 visa. Neither of us is really earning enough money to move out on our own, though our financial situation is improving considerably. My dad isn't exactly pushing us out the door either so we're all kind of content to just keep things the way they are for now. BUT! Living with my dad means that we have no mortgage/renters agreement/lease, etc. Dad doesn't expect us to pay rent and most of the bills for our household are listed in his name only. He even owns the 2 cars that my husband and I drive (the three of us are on a joint car insurance plan with my dad as the main policyholder, though, so I'm including that information in the packet as well). I understand that it would be best for us to include an affidavit from my dad in our packet so that he can confirm that we have been living with him from the beginning, rent-free, and that his name is on most of the bills in our house, so he was nice enough to write a letter and he is going to get it notarized at work next week. Should I include *another* letter to further explain our living situation in addition to the one my dad puts in? I've seen on here quite often that people's third-party affidavits are usually very brief so I'm not sure if my dad should keep his note short and sweet and then maybe I could add my longer letter (because yes I already wrote it out) explaining in detail how we have the household finances divided among the three of us. I feel like the devil is in the details with this and if I'm going to be helpful for the adjudicator and include a short list in my cover letter, I'm worried that including *another* piece of explanation might just annoy them. It's like, the information is too detailed to just slip a few sentences into the cover letter but I also think maybe it's too much to include a separate letter. It's important to explain to them why we don't have some of the most important things - joint utilities in our names, home-owning/renting information, no loans or car titles - before they have a reason to send us an RFE for that stuff, right? We'd just have to send them a letter to explain why we don't have it then anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I know this isn't a unique situation by any means but I feel like I'm too ready to just explain the ####### out of everything in the packet and I know that's probably not the best way to go about doing this. Ideally, I'd like to organize packet into color-coded sections for easy reference and maybe put an explanation page before each new section (if necessary). Is that too much?