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  1. I just wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything. Honestly we've kind of forgotten about it but are planning a vacation in a few months and didn't want an issue. I appreciate the response. Thank you so much!
  2. Hello, My husband applied to remove his conditions. The application was received on 8/25/15. He had his biometrics appointment in September and we received a letter advising his residency was extended for one year. We have not heard anything back and I just wanted to confirm if this is normal or if we should start calling them to inquire. His application is at VSC. Thank you for your help in advance.
  3. We submitted the ROC documentation for my husband in August and the paperwork was sent to Vermont Service Center. Last time we applied for his conditional green card we received a letter two months after his biometrics stating our interview was waived and then 3 months later we received his green card. My husband had his biometrics appointment over 2 months ago and we haven't heard anything. Is this normal? When should we hear if he has an interview or if it will be waived again. Thank you!
  4. We received this letter two years ago and we are from NY. We received the letter on 09/13/13 and my husband received his green card on 11/26/13. It also stated there were delays and to be approximately 6 months but we got it 2 months later. Hope this helps!
  5. Thank you all! I really appreciate your help.
  6. Hello, We received the NOA1 and when I go to and type in our receipt number (EACXXXXXXXXXX)it states the number is invalid. We also never received a text or email even though we filled out the G-1145. Is there something wrong with our case or is it just a glitch on the USCIS website?
  7. I know its horrible. We had to wait 6 months for the approval. The wait was terrible even more so when we saw other people were approved after 3 months. Truth is there isn't much you can do but wait and try and be patient. I did call USCIS at the 6 month mark and my case was elevated to a tier 2 officer. This officer submitted a request on my behalf to investigate why the K-1 application was taking so long. Two days later we received the text/email advising we were approved and a week after that we received a letter advising we were in the normal processing times and just wait. It looks as though even though I called my case was being reviewed and my request and the approval crossed in the mail. I will say during the wait I thought it was horrible and I was growing very impatient. But now we have been happily married for over two years and looking back at it 6 months isn't a lot when your planning on spending the rest of your life with someone. I hope you get approved soon! Good luck.
  8. Thank you! I probably won't contact them. I was nervous that maybe they didn't really receive my paperwork or didn't receive the entire packet or something. Every time I've filed the G-1145 we got a text/email right away. Now that you mentioned it's a hit or miss I'm assuming that's what happened. I will just wait for the ppwk in the mail and follow it online. Thanks for your response!
  9. My husband and I were engaged and filing visa paperwork one year and 3 months after we started dating. The only reason we didn't file when we first got engaged 11 months into our relationship was because we had to wait for my husband's divorce to be finalized. I was terrified they were going to give us problems since he was officially divorced for only 3 weeks before we filed (he was separated over 2 years). We had no issued with our K-1 paperwork and our interview in Chile was very easy. Everyone's case is different but we didn't receive any RFE and they didn't really question us about his divorce. They only asked for the timeline of the relationship. I think they wanted to see if we started dating while he was still married but we didn't. We have been happily married for two years and even had our AOS interview waived because they felt that we are a low risk case. I wish you all the best!
  10. Hello, I mailed my husband's removal of conditions (I-751) paperwork last week and we received a confirmation from USPS that it arrived on 08/28/15. On 08/31/15 the payment was taken out of our checking account but we still have not received a text or email notification. Whenever we previously sent the G-1145 with the K-1 application and the AOS paperwork we received the text/email the same day as the payment. I know them cashing our check means they received it but I am curious if they possibly overlooked the G-1145. If they did overlook the G-1145 is the only way we receive updates would be regular mail? Can I call them once I have a case # to request they email or text us the updates? Thanks, Susana
  11. Yes thank you. We are filing for ROC. I think we have enough evidence but I am not 100% sure so I wanted to have the affidavits just in case.
  12. My husband and I are preparing to file for a replacement 10 year green card. How early can the sworn affidavits be dated? We are planning on having friends write them now as they will have to be notarized but are not mailing the paperwork until the end of August or early September. Thanks!