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    Samy and I met november 2008. I was having a hard time before i met him. So when i met my husband back then i saw my life change for the better. i had to fight a divorce here for almost 2 yrs but when i did i hopped on the first plane and went to egypt to finally secure my future with the best man Allah had ever sent to me. he is so kind and wonderful and i dont ever want to know what life is like without him ever. we got married september 2010 and i came back to USA and filed his papers to bring him here. January 2 2012 he had his interview and we are still waiting as of today! November 30 2012 and we are still hanging in the balance of waiting to see what will happen next. Here it is March 2013 and we are waiting to hear from the Dept of State because we got reaffirmed March 14 2013. TODAY MARCH 25 2013, NVC got papers from USCIS and will recheck the translations before shipping off to the embassy again, like santa clause, made a list and check it twice, we are always on the nice list!...lol HERE WE SIT AFTE RBEING REAFFIRMED BACK IN MARCH 2013 AND BACK TO THE EMBASSY IN CAIRO JUST TO BE SENT BACK AGAIN TO USCIS FOR REVIEW AGAIN. AS OF JULY 31 2013 WE SIT AT USCIS IN INITIAL REVIEW BUT IN THE MEAN TIME I WILL GO TO EGYPT AND SPEND TIME WITH MY HUSBAND AND FAMILY. IN THE PAST, IF IT WASNT SITTING HERE WAITING FOR ANY WORD FROM USCIS AND DEAL WITH ANY REQUEST TO COME MY WAY FROM THEM STOPPING ME FROM GOING, IT WAS ANY UNREST AND PROBLEMS THERE IN EGYPT THAT KEPT ME HERE. BUT NOT ANYMORE, I WILL DO WHAT I HAVE TO SO TO PROVE OUR RELATIONSHIP IS SO TRUE AND SO VALID!
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