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  1. Yep, and ESPN hires guys like Ray Lewis and Cris "you gotta have a fall guy" Carter.
  2. ESPN has been bombing all around in the New England area since they did everything they could to bury Tom Brady and the Patriots with deflategate. They spread false rumors and allowed false stories to stay on their website even after they were shown that they were false. I haven't watched them at all since they hired the Ray Lewis a few years ago to do Sunday Countdown.
  3. Eat your brocoli NB, it's good for you.
  4. This is no different than saying the states with the most farms have more vegetables.
  5. Where's Gary? Population doesn't matter!!!
  6. And the statement is completely misleading. No kiddin any place with a high rate of legal gun ownership is going to have lower crime rates than a place that has just as many guns owned illegally. Thank you Capt Obvious. The point trying to be made is that more guns are better. Anyone with a 2nd grade education knows that more legally owned guns will produce less crime than more illegally owned guns.
  7. No, I don't see that as the point of that statement at all. The point that was being made is that "More guns mean you are safer". There is no way of telling how many guns are "owned" in Chicago because there is no record of most of them.
  8. Completely misleading statement. There is no way to tell what the rate of "gun ownership" is in places like Chicago or others where murder rates are high because most of the guns are obtained illegally. It wouldn't be a stretch at all to say there are probably more illegally obtained guns in Chicago than there are in most places with high legal gun ownership.
  9. Here is the wording from page 6 of the USCIS Field Manual:
  10. It all depends on if the application for extension was filed before the I-94 expires. According to page 6 of the USCIS Field Manual if the I-539 application was received before the I-94 expired no overstay can be accrued, even for frivolous applications, unauthorized employment or continuous bridge filings of I-539 applications. I can't get the page to copy here, but here is the link to the manual. USCIS Field Manual
  11. I already gave you the evidence in my previous posts, twice in fact. You should seriously read the link I provided to the USCIS fild manual too. Here it is again.