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  1. Are you going to volunteer as one of the pedestrians for the test?
  2. What is an enhanced driving test? I've heard of enhanced drivers licenses, but not tests.
  3. I believe it's a real story, I haven't seen anything that says otherwise unless I missed it.
  4. That's what Trump is hoping for. He needs to speed up production and those little hands simply don't move fast enough.
  5. The facts on the right remain fluid and are subject to change at a moments notice. The Donald will be watching twitter for the latest comments and will adjust his views for his next press conference as necessary.
  6. Those child slave herders been busy of late, what with building the wall and all.
  7. Funny, no mention of the right wing mind set, lemme help.
  8. Did you explain to this woman your views on Muslims? Bet that would've "set the tone" for her as well.