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  1. That would be correct. The worst riff raff you're going to encounter in upstate NY is a run away cow.
  2. That Detroit/Windsor Tunnel crossing is a tough one based on our experiences there. They are very strict there. They must get a lot of riff raff crossing from Detroit. I'm glad we usually drive to Windsor from Boston and we cross at the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge in upstate NY, it is a bit more pleasant there at least.
  3. There is no major airport in Canada near Windsor, Ont. Closest major airport is 4 hours away in Toronto. I flew into Detroit and crossed the border at the Detroit Tunnel to spend a week with my wife and meet her Mom and sisters. We were then going to cross back into Detroit and fly back to Boston from there, that's when she was denied entry.
  4. Even though your wife was eventually allowed entry, it's a terrible ordeal for anyone to go through. There is absolutely nothing nice about it. When my wife was denied entry, they didn't just deny her and send her back, they actually detained her for about an hour. They took her downstairs, had a female officer search her thoroughly and questioned her before letting her go. The whole time I was waiting upstairs not knowing what was going on. I really laid into one of the supervisors once I knew she was okay. He gave me two warnings to knock it off, then one of the other officers stepped between us and ushered me away. But the damage was done, my wife was pretty traumatized by it all and wasn't sure she wanted to attempt another try two weeks later. without a lot of coaxing by me, she may not have tried.
  5. Yeah, when burgers are too big to eat in bites like this one, it's just not a burger anymore. That thing is a bit too rare for my taste as well. Med to med well for me.
  6. You're right that having a return ticket does not prove anything, but it is an essential piece of the puzzle, without it you're not getting very far. Funny thing is that once my wife was allowed entry two weeks later, we never used the return ticket. We decided after a few months that we were in the relationship for the long haul and we did not want to be apart any longer. She stayed for 6 months, we got married and then filed for her AOS. She was able to make the necessary arrangements from the US regarding her job and living situation. The separation that we experienced at the border was the last one either of us ever wanted to experience. I don't think I would have been able to handle being called stupid by the officer without saying something, that's just not right. As it was when my wife was denied entry I was very close to having the cuffs put on me because of the hard time I gave the officers and they weren't insulting me in any way.
  7. My wife and I had the displeasure of being separated at the US/Canadian border at the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel crossing, about 7 years ago when we were first dating. She was denied entry to the US because I had only purchased her a one way ticket. She was to come and stay with me for at least a month, probably longer so long as things were going okay between us. I was completely unaware of how CBP operated back then and that without a return flight she was not getting in the US. I simply though she would be allowed the 6 months as a Canadian with no questions asked, completely naive on my part. I offered to purchase one on my laptop right there but they said it was too late. So I flew home next to an empty seat and out the $500 for the ticket. We eventually arranged her entry to the US two weeks later and another $500 plane ticket. As for immigration giving the details behind the denial, you know as well as I do that more than likely will not happen. CBP/USCIS are probably the only branch of US law enforcement that is allowed to operate unfettered.
  8. The reasoning behind his denial aside. I'd say he was rather fortunate to have been pulled off the plane before take off rather than him arriving in the US, being detained and then sent home.
  9. Nothing a new dooferlater valve won't cure.
  10. $5000 would keep you in Juicy's and Uggs for a bit, not too mention how many bags of Cheetos that would buy.
  11. I didn't think you made light of it. I think most people are capable of figuring it out in most cases, not always, but most. I don't think that being gay gives an advantage, no more than being straight. I could be totally wrong, but I don't think there is a tell tale that gay people can see and straight people can't.
  12. Does being straight make you or I any more qualified in identifying if a person is straight or not? I don't think so, I know I've been surprised to find out someone i thought was straight was actually gay or someone I thought was gay was actually straight. But to be this woman's boss and continuously ask her to use her "gaydar" is way out of line.
  13. Awesome sauce! I'll take two! I'll pm you NB's credit card #.
  14. You should've been here a few years ago, you would have thought you hit the lunatic lottery.