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  1. Hi, my wife lost her green card about 3 months ago. I thought, hey instead of paying the 500 to replace, let's just do citizenship. Well after reading the instructions, there is a requirement to send a picture of the front and back of the green card, or a copy of receipt of the I90. I have a picture of the front of the green card not the back I took before loosing it. Does this mean I'll have to file for a replacement card and pay that fee as well? I will also note we came across the border around November and that's when we realized it was lost. USCIS at the border supposedly filed it for us but we never received a thing. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Yeap, its through my parents.They already have their interview scheduled and everything, but lost on the strps before the interview
  3. Hi guys. I would really appreciate it if i could get some guidance. We are getting my grandparents packet together for their interview in juarez mexico in a week. I hear something about biometrics right before the interview? Where do they go about doing that? I thought all they had to do was the medical exam and go to their interview with the documents. Any help from any one, specially if you have gone recently to this consulate would be appreciated. Interview is next monday.
  4. Do I have to fill an affidavit of support application for each of my grand parents? On the affidavit it asks to add who ever is coming with the person and that is where I added my grandmother. Do I have to do an application for each one?
  5. Hi, My mom filled for my grandparents and we are now at the NVC stage. I read on the wiKi for affidavit of support that you only have to pay the fee for one of the applicants. ANy info on this process? I am receiving invoices for them separately currently and am about to pay.
  6. Hi, my petition for my mother is currently forwarded to nvc. Whats next? When is AOS supposed to happen? How will I know? I submitted cr1 for wife and the peocess was more detailed? Any detailed guides?