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  1. Don't do drugs is wise saying. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/a-mysterious-syndrome-in-which-marijuana-users-get-violently-ill-is-starting-to-worry-researchers/ar-BBJbiHz?li=BBnba9O
  2. New Game: What's the Time - Take 2

    According to http://militarytimechart.com It can have a colon lol 17:21
  3. Winter Olympics

    Welcome to the 61%
  4. Winter Olympics

    Looks like they were available on Amazon when in season https://www.amazon.com/Florida-Royal-Shrimp-Key-West/dp/B06XW6P4JR
  5. Winter Olympics

    Thanks for the tip on only getting the frozen ones. One more item on my expanded bucket list
  6. Winter Olympics

    Now I have to try some Royal Reds when I visit FL or Louisiana. I don't think I can get them in New Jersey
  7. Winter Olympics

    I concur with you on Opera and lost ... but shrimp is another story - yummy, yummy, yummy ( except for shrimp cocktail)
  8. Winter Olympics

    According to Gallup, 39 % of Americans plan on watching a fair amount of the winter Olympics. A lower percentage than for past Winter Olympics. I am part of the 71 %
  9. Florida School Shooting

    Still no report on number dead. Crazy
  10. Geography Take 5

    Yachio, Japan