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  1. The tax papers are fine no need to bring anything else.
  2. Jbda journalarkivet should have all info no matter where you got your vaccinations. Also, yes either of you can call nvc to get the info you need from them.
  3. Op you were informed quite a while back that this would bite him in the butt. He got arrested with a conviction and he lied about all that jazz on his esta. He's done. Buy a Rosetta Stone, get that Swedish going and good luck! Sweden is a neat place!
  4. Maybe your wife haven't told you everything about herself? Ap for 13 months and now this...sounds like something ain't right.
  5. Maybe she realized something about him?
  6. He can't do anything. Tell him to move on with his life where he is.
  7. If you are married you must start all over again. It will be another year or so..,
  8. Did you guys not know how much the joint sponsor had to make before submitting the application?
  9. We technically can too but Americans are very ####### about their documents lol so even though they are very much valid it just saves a lot of time and hassle to always get one with a current address. It's small things like this I wish I had asked before I moved! Btw Georgia16 , get your kids shot record in English from your doctor as a back up! And make sure your state doesn't have other requirements for attending school. Some states ask for more shots than immigration does...
  10. You don't really need several copies of the birth certificate since you easily can order one online. The Swedish ones will have your address on them so I've learned that having one with your current address makes things easier. For some reason these things confuses people over here... Anyway a birth certificate in English ordered online will arrive in about 5-7 days
  11. I really didn't need an explanation about the anchor babies, but thanks. My post was more a, smh kinda post that women even have the energy to think about all that jazz at the end of a pregnancy! Especially since these posts were all over vj the day this was posted.
  12. What is up with all these women flying around just before they are about to pop?!? I could barely reach my feet at that stage screw flying around!
  13. The 7-10 days is within the US. Expect it to take a while longer to Egypt...
  14. She's been working for 2 months? How much money is the family in debt? And where does she stay? Really dude, you know where she works why not head on over? Maybe, just maybe she could use your help??