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  1. Hi guys!!! How are you guys doing!! how is rossana doing?? were you guys able to apply for citizenship. 

    1. skiptex


      HEY.. have you applied for citizenship yet?  Rossana, wants to but hasn't yet.  we just became foster parents recently.  we have gone from zero kids.. to 1 kid for last two months.. and now we picked up 3 brother/sisters.. so we now have 4 kids :)  three 4 yr olds and one 7 yr old :)

    2. Andrea&Henry


      whattt?? that's amazing!!!! congratulations....Henry and I have a beautiful and very crazy little 3 year old boy. 


      Yes! I became in an US citizen May 2016!! it was super quick....I got my 10 years GC in Oct 2015 and in January 2016 my 90 days window to apply, opened. I send the package on february 27th, 2016 and by May 27th,2016 I was in my Oath Ceremony. 


      She must do it!! the package itself is super easy to put together...the waiting was the shortest one of all my processes. 3 months exact...basically is just

      1. send the package
      2. Noa1
      3. Biometrics
      4. In line for interview (longest wait)
      5. Interview
      6. waiting for oath ceremony
      7. oath ceremony
  2. Hi Guys!!! it's been ages since the last time we connect!!! how are you guys doing?

    1. skiptex


      HOLA>. hey!! we are well.. Rossana has the 10 yr GC.. and is now eligible for Citizenship. so she can petition for her mom from Venz. the mom has been staying in Canada with other daughter (she is Canada citizen) for the last several months.. but Mother has both kids in North America.. so she needs to stay up here..

      are you citizen now.. ??

      how is your little one doin.. ?

    2. Andrea&Henry


      Ohh so great hearing from you guys!! Yes! I became an US citizen 6 months ago. My window to apply opened on january and I applied the last week of february. It took me 3 months and 3 days exact to be in the oath ceremony since the day I sent my package. It was super fast! The oath ceremony was extremely beautiful and emotional to say the least. I went with

    3. Andrea&Henry


      My mom and my husband...I cried like you have no idea lol! After 5 years of papers, fees and waiting period I'm finally over!