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  1. I130 Evidence

    Thanks for your help bking.
  2. I130 Evidence

    Thanks everyone for your response!!!
  3. Hello! I recently got married and am starting to collect the evidence to start the I130. We tried to open an account in my husband country (Honduras), but they wouldn't add me to the account since am not a resident of Honduras; we don't have any properties under our names. My question is what other evidence can I submit? Current Evidence Marriage Certificate Wedding Pictures Honey Moon pictures and itinerary Authorize User on my Citi Bank CC I am a Authorize User on his CC Affidavit of Friends and family (3) Itinerary of my trips to Honduras I am also, 6 months pregnant with our first child. Not sure if I can submit evidence of our ultrasounds. Thanks for y'all help!!!
  4. thanks for the info. I just got married a few weeks ago and this info will be helpful when I get to this stage. Good luck!!