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  1. Congrats to everyone who took their oath already!! Has anybody here received their passport yet??? How long did it take to get in the mail? Just curious about how true is the 4-6weeks processing time ?
  2. Today I'm finally a U.S. Citizen!! I also applied for passport! Thank you everyone!! Good luck to all others still waiting! Hoping for a smooth ending to everyone!! ?
  3. Just called USCIS! Oath scheduled for June 5th!! Thanks KTAM!
  4. Wow!! Thats good to know!' Thank you!! I will try to call!! Thanks alot KTAM!!!
  5. Oath Ceremony scheduled today! Now waiting for the actual letter!
  6. Thank you Kash!! It will be over soon!
  7. In line for Oath Ceremony today!!
  8. Thank you and congrats forjose! Thank you sweetbabe!! Questions asked on my interview: 1. Who makes federal laws? 2. What movement end racial discrimination? 3. Name 2 National holidays 4. When was the constitution written? 5. What is an ammendment? 6. Who did the US fight during World War II? He asked me to read "Who lives in the White House?" He asked me to write the answer "The president lives in the White House" Hope this helps everyone still waiting for interview!!! I am wondering how long after Interview they schedule you for the Oath Ceremony?
  9. Interview done today!! It was very easy!! Interview was scheduled for 11:05am. I checked in at 10.55. Was called at 11:45. IO was very nice, asked for my Interview notice and green card. He asked me a few questions about my application (name, address, dob etc..). He looked into my files to make sure everything is correct. Then he gave me the test. Asked me 6 questions, I got it all correct. He then Asked me to read a question and asked me to write the answer. After that, he gave me a paper saying I passed he civic test and that I am approved!!