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  1. 5 weeks to get greencard in the mail ?
  2. Hello guys, i got approved on sept 7 2016 and until now i did not receive my greencard in the mail yet, is this normal or not .?
  3. Starting soon

    Yes it is the date on my greencard
  4. Starting soon

    ? you are fine uou just tried to help. I have been living in the usa since may 1 2014 on CR1 and i just recently got my 10 year greencard that is why i am wonderkng if i can apply next year on jan or feb 2017 for my cutizenship
  5. Starting soon

    My greencard expiration date is 2026
  6. Hello everyone It has been a long journey for me through the visa, and greencard process, and i am about to start filling N 400 for my citizenship if it is possible. I came here to USA on may 1, 2014 on a CR1 visa,and i am wondering if i am qualified to start the N400 in january 2017.? Since i would be within the 3 years period of being married and living in the USA. Thank you for your help.