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  1. can you guys please share your experience my mother will be going for the interview this month.
  2. Your case is IR-5 category. Please follow this link which will take your through the steps of this process. start with the flowchart to get a brief understanding. Cheers!
  3. Guys, i am planning to file AOS & IV package soon therefore your could you please provide your feedback. i actually had one more question, will be very helpful if anyone can provide their feedback, this question has been going around for a while but no definitive answer. I file my tax returns as Married File Jointly (MFJ) with my wife. To sponsor my mother my income is good enough therefore i dont need my wife's income. Question: Do i need to file I-864A for my wife since the total income reported on I-864 and our tax returns is combination of my & my wifey's income? Regards, G
  4. Hi All, I am an USC and will be sending AOS & IV package for my mother (IR-5). could you please advise if i need to sendout the original of any documents such as my birth certificate, secondary evidence for my mother such as affidavits in support of marriage & birth certificates etc. Below is the list of documents i am planning to send, is this all needed? IV Cover letter: Dear Immigration Officer, Please find enclosed the supporting documents for DS-260 in the following order: 1 IV bar-coded cover sheet 2 Secondary evidence in support of unavailable birth certificate: Photocopy of non-availability certificate stating that the birth of beneficiary was not registered therefore birth certificate of the beneficiary is not available. Photocopy of beneficiary’s school record from the school last attended stating date of birth of beneficiary as per school’s records. Photocopy of notarized affidavit executed by beneficiary’s Aunt stating relationship with beneficiary, date and place of birth and other related facts. 3 Secondary evidence in support of unavailable marriage certificate: Letter from Petitioner stating that the marriage between beneficiary & her husband was not registered as it is voluntary to register Hindu marriages as per Hindu Marriage act of 1955. Photocopies of two notarized affidavits executed by close relatives each from bride & groom sides, stating relationship, date and place of birth and other related facts about the marriage. a Photocopy of Beneficiary’s husband death certificate b Photocopies of Petitioner’s birth certificate in regional (Punjabi) language and English translation. 6 Photocopies of biographic page of Beneficiary old and new India passports. 7 Two (2) passport-size photographs of beneficiary (case number, beneficiary’s full name, and date of birth are written on back of both) 8 Copy of beneficiary’s Police Clearance Certificate
  5. Hi All, I am an USC and preparing for my mothers IV package. My parents marriage certificate is not available and they got married in the 80's. now since the marriage certificate is not available i have prepared two affidavits from close relatives one from each sides. I don't have non-availability certificate from the authorities as the marriage was never registered. therefore, i am planning to send the following letter of statement to support the secondary evidence: could you please advise if this is an good approach any help is appreciated To Whom It May Concern: I, Petitioner (Petitioner), solemnly affirm and declare as under: I, Petitioner, the son of Mother and Father. The marriage between Mother and Father was not registered as it was not common to register marriages as it is voluntary to register Hindu marriages as per Hindu Marriage act of 1955. Since my father passed away on January 1, 2010, it is not possible to register my parents marriage therefore I am attaching two notarized affidavits executed by close relatives each from my Father & Mother sides. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi All, I am an USC and preparing AOS & IV package for my mum's GC. I report myself as an employee of my own company therefore i am the employer & employee. so i receive W-2 from my own company and file Schedule E as well. I am sponsoring my mum without using my wife's income and I file as Married File Jointly. Questions: - On Form I-864 - Part 6: which option should i use both or just one? - 1.a. Employed as 'abc' and 1.a.1. Name of Employer 'name of my company'. OR - 1.b. Self employed as 'abc' - Since its my company, do i need to submit the Employment letter as well? i can get the letter signed by my accountant? - Total Income reported in 19a, 19b and 19c = AGI (Adjusted Gross Income from 1040/tax transcript)? - Do i need to send out copy of my wife's W-2's in addition to mine? - To make it easier for NVC, should i write an separate statement indicating my current situation where i am the employer & employee? Many thanks for your help in advance Regards, G
  7. Hello All, Can you please add me to this timeline as well: IR-5 for my mother USCIS 02/21/2015 I-130 sent to USCIS 03/03/2015 NOA I 08/14/2015 NOA 2 I-130 approved 08/25/2015 - Case sent to NVC NVC 09/11/2015 - case# and invoice# received in mail 09/13/2015 DS-261 completed online ($120 Paid) Cheers
  8. Hi All, I am an USC and have filed for my mother's GC (i-130 approved, NVC in progress). Question: Should i file for my brother who is > 21 years and married? Should i wait for my mother to receive GC and she files for my brother (her son)? I have been debating about this for a long time and just stumbled upon USCIS website quote that Permanent residents can't file for their Married Son/Daughter..... Any advice is appreciated Thanks, G