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  2. Let me know how you get on calling and I will probably call myself too. Also I have tried checking my three receipt numbers for case status online (the email had said to wait for the NOA1s to arrive first) but still not showing anything, do your receipt numbers work online yet? Reassuring to be in the same boat at least!
  3. Great, it looks like NVC is now sorting first week Dec cases.
  4. Yep! I'm mid-November and the only response I got from a service request was "your file is under review and you should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly." Super frustrating to be sitting in limbo and just waiting. Wouldn't hurt for you to call for a service request or submit online. Just for peace of mind that it's not sitting in someone's desk drawer.
  5. Congratulations! I know you've been waiting for a long time! My husband had his interview last October but they said they can't give him his greencard yet because apparently his name check was still pending and they called for an interview before they should have :/
  6. I'm not sure if you've already sorted flights, but thought i'd add my two cents. I flew out on January 31st from Manchester to Omaha with a stop in Atlanta (there are no direct flights to Omaha). I return was £450 and a single was over £1,000, so I opted for the return as I was saving £500+ so a no brainer. I rang Expedia two days ago to cancel the return leg, and my only ask was that they did not charge a cancellation fee. I received an email yesterday saying I can expect a refund of £80 (this may be taxed) in the next week or so, which was a nice surprise. Returns definitely appear cheaper, and as long as you cancel the flight, there is no problem in doing that.
  7. Uscis is so random in their work that it's actually so pathetic that it's funny. all we can do is wait for the random timelines, keep fingers crossed and frquently check the mailbox
  8. Hi there! Could you please fill in your timeline. It will help both you and the rest of the VJ community. When did you send your SR, what day are you on?
  9. omg! so im not the only one! its such a pain. clearly something is wrong with their system. I understand its really important to have the dates on there as its such a long process
  10. I mean an update about receiving the Ead/Ap card .
  11. What time is her medical? I think I am 2.30 in the afternoon. Others have said not to worry if you don't have the letter/email - that it should be okay if you tell them that the case number was issued over the phone. It would be so cool if your fiance was there at the same time - might help to calm my nerves a little!
  12. There are precedents in Mexico for refugee camps. In the 1980s and 1990s, Mexico took in about 46,000 Guatemalans fleeing civil war. With help from the United Nations, camps were set up in the southern states of Chiapas, Campeche and Quintana Roo. When peace accords were signed in Guatemala in the mid-1990s, almost 43,000 refugees and their children went home, but more than 30,000 Guatemalans and their children born in Mexico decided to stay. The same thing could happen with any migrants housed in Mexico. Haitians streamed into Tijuana last year to seek asylum in the US, but since January they have stopped applying after hearing that other Haitians’ requests were being denied and US authorities were sending them back to Haiti. Murphy estimated the 3,000 Haitians still in Tijuana had mostly decided to seek asylum in Mexico. He said many Latin American migrants might do the same. “You know, a lot of Central Americans would rather be deported to Mexico than their own countries,” Murphy said.
  13. Any early Nov filers who are still waiting on their EAD? I haven't got any RFE or anything since my case was received. Biometrix done... SR filed... Sighs... Getting a little frustrated here!
  14. No, nobody has, that user was a filer from K1 visa. Also, people have been getting their i-485 status updated to"ready for interview" i don't know of anybody from December filing AOS who already has the date for interview.
  15. Sounds like they might have had a computer system issue if this is more than one case.
  16. congratulations. Hopefully you can still get a March Interview date.
  17. When I file the I-130 petition, I know I need to show both original passports, as well as copies of the biographic pages. Will my Chinese wife's original passport be retained at that time, or will it be returned to her? I will need it to apply for an ITIN for her later. Also, can anybody explain what this means: " Your wife needs to apply for ITIN with IRS. If she needs her Chinese passport to be certified, please make an online appointment with ACS for notary service." What is meant by a "certified" Chinese passport? Is the original passport in some way "certified" or authenticated, or is a certified/authenticated copy issued? Or must a "certified" copy of a Chinese passport be obtained from the Chinese Government?
  18. Good news today got case complete. Interview to be in April. I want an earlier date what to do thanks.
  19. Thank you so much! Calming my neuroses here, lol. My fiancée scheduled her medical for March 6th, same as you - though she may reschedule it by the middle of next week if neither of us has gotten anything from the NVC or embassy, which I think is likely. Crazy, it seems. We are all in the final stretch now. (Putting I-485 etc out of my brain for now.)
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