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  2. When does your current work authorization end? Get marry as soon as possible. File for AOS. Request an expedited EAD based on a job offer letter from your employer.
  3. And it's only been 5 months and Trump has not fixed health care yet . 🤡
  4. Guys any EAD news? Mine was received April 6, biometricd May 4, no news yet.
  5. Heroine if you don't mind. After recently being addressed as 'Sir' around here, I'm seriously starting to question my gender identity But let's face it, you only say that because we are fellow Spaniard beneficiaries And considering the time here, we should call it a night (well, I should at least). One day closer, May fillers
  6. Hi, thank you you for the response. Sorry now I am aware about it. I would like to know there anyone list from data raw for touched with approved for February filer. I show you below like sample. thank you Ron
  7. Republicans didn't have anything to do with the ACA being passed and signed into law. If the Democrats wanted single payer, they should have done it instead of passing this mess. As to broadly meeting its goals, does that mean reducing the numbers of insurers for most people?
  8. Probably BS just like all the other stories based on anonymous sources.
  9. Is it common for the culture there to have some kind of ceremony before the actual marriage? If not then like others said you should definitely proceed with caution. If it appears to them like a marriage then they may have a hard time believing that there wasn't any paperwork. I've read in some other posts that people have emailed the embassy directly to ask if it would be okay or not? Then if they say yes you can have that as evidence but only provide it to them if they ask. This could be risky though if you plan on having one regardless of what they tell you. Try searching the site for other topics with this question. We're having a formal engagement party in my fiance's country when I go to visit in a few months since we didn't have time to organize one when I was there last - will either be just before or just after he gets his visa depending on our approval dates. But this type of ceremony is common in his country so we're not worried about it being a problem, but we will also not mention or show photos of the party unless asked just in case.
  10. so he is publishing the content of classified documents? Either it is BS ( 90 % chance) or he should expect a visit from the feds
  11. My apologies it's the k.1 visa that's has been going for 2 years my fiancée just told me
  12. We were told that Trump would improve the health insurance market, reduce the numbers of who lack insurance and it would all cost much less. The ACA has in fact broadly met its goals. It's certainly not perfect, a single payer option would have helped greatly, but Republicans would have none of it. Clearly you have completely made up your mind, so further discussion of the ACA with you is rather pointless.
  13. I was waiting for you, Estibaliz. You're a true hero in this forum!!!! Guys, I've just asked a friend of mine that did all this process a few months ago and she said that they didn't sign any picture or screenshot. I think it doesn't matter if it is the new or the old form. Good luck to you all!!!!!!
  14. So, I talked with my mom about the idea I had of just getting married in FL and she said she thought that was a good idea and now they might come too! but just for maybe like 4 days, but to be there for the wedding! =) So, just really feeling better about that idea now
  15. It really feel good to finally see myself in america. Thank you Lord. Lovely people don't give up. US is so beautiful:D

  16. I was trying to fill i-751 for my wife, it is asking for Part 5 - Information about your children. Should I provide my child's info from previous marriage ? I have no children from this present marriage.
  17. Trophie you have a best buy nearby?
  18. You have applied so it is YES, attach the rejection notice with the new form and correct the reason for rejection.
  19. NOA2 sooon coz USCIS already received our RFE letter response 😊
  20. People on this board are going to tell you that getting a lawyer is a waste of money. They do the easy work and you have to fill in all the forms anyway. Check out this thread: There is a checklist and the form numbers. This website has "guides" (see menu at the top) with information on how to fill in the forms. If you have questions you can post them on the forum and people will help you. I haven't filled those forms so I cannot help with that.
  21. I'll post pics in time lol
  22. Yeah there is quite a bit going on with the ones who filed at the beginning of February, but it means the process is moving, so it wont be long before the April filers start getting the same notifications heyyy yes I remember you posting on the March group about your situation I hope you've had a more positive journey since re-sending. Hopefully I can bring some of the positive vibes from the March group to the April group, thats pretty much all I do, spread positivity.
  23. Man I had a long day... The principal of the kid's school said that she doesn't know how old this dance program is, but in her 15 year tenure, my kid is the second kid to get this scholarship. She thinks the kid will be ok with her schoolwork. And I'd be nuts if I pass this up. So, I'm sending her.
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