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  2. I called NVC, got a CC yesterday. Scan date June 21.
  3. Received notice today that an RFE is coming in the mail for I-485. What a bummer it took so long, considering our case was accepted on July 11. If my understanding of what I've read here is correct, our priority date gets reset to whenever they accept my RFE? extra 60 days or so of waiting if my interpretation is correct. So disappointing. For what it's worth, we submitted our I-765 after our I-130 and I-485 were accepted. I received a case number for the I-765 a couple days before my scheduled biometrics appointment for the I-485, so they let me do two sets of biometrics at my scheduled time on Aug. 11. Does this mean I could receive an EAD in the mail in a few months? Or should I get some sort of receipt/notice/update prior to that?
  4. It's never a good idea to schedule travel during immigration applications.
  5. I hope it is just an easy fix just like with Keith and Monica.
  6. Last night I got a text that they received it. I had already seen that they received it by tracking USPS.
  7. Unlikely, not sure how it could be relevant. Not exactly difficult for anybody to set up a company, in the US you can do it online.
  8. Gateway for Cancer. social season starting in September a bummer for trump. Loss of status and money.
  9. Can someone help me? I need to start my husband AOS, got married Monday but I dont know where to start?
  10. Las vacunas que a mi me pidieron fueron las de Tétano, triple viral (MMR por sus siglas en inglés) y Varicela. Dependen de la edad de cara persona así que debes asesorarte bien.
  11. Oh no, I think I have photo retinopathy from watching the eclipse. How bout you guys?
  12. You don't need all the vaccinations - only those that are considered age appropriate. For most people, that's just Tdap, MMR, varicella (if you haven't had chicken pox), and flu (in flu season only).
  13. Once you have your interview day, check the oath ceremony schedule from your local office. You can also expedite your US passport application to get it within 2 week. Just a rough time frame to determine if you will get the US passport before your trip.
  14. NY does offer same-day processing for passports, if you can prove upcoming travel or other that may be the best option for you if it starts to get close after your interview.
  15. Did you receive any update yet after responding to your RFE?
  16. I told her the same old. Hopefully repetition= retention. Her friends feed her all kinds of ####. It's not out of kindness, but out of envy.
  17. I have my own registered private limited company, can i use the same to help me in any way?
  18. My fiance is not from Pune. I was responding to someone else. My fiance lives in Delhi and got his clearance there.
  19. Of course there were because the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. General Lee freed the slaves prior to the Civil War, he was a true humanitarian. That's why there are statues of this great man.
  20. I think it was a good move that you mailed it.
  21. CEAC status still say "ready" but last update status date was change yesterday after interview
  22. how long does the i-551 stamp extend it for? 1 year ?
  23. That is odd, I am a very small operation but am a LLC. Even more important that they discuss the situation with an Immigration Lawyer, devil is in the details.
  24. @Pen112Can you pls share your interiew expierence at Dhaka Embassy, pls pls,. Pls dont forget, will be really helpful.
  25. I have Hong Kong and Thailand trip beginning of November - and I need tourist visas for both. HK requests 4 weeks to issue one. So I ll need to calculate my timing properly to apply for it - to have my current passport on hands for N-400 interview and/or Oath. Or what if I get lucky and have my US passport before the trip? (rhetorical question) That's my dilemma here
  26. I am surprised the MDR/MORs are not questioning his immigration status! LOL.
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