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  2. Maybe I should contact my senator and congressperson? Otherwise, there is a good chance that I'll need to go to the Seattle office to get another extension stamp in July!
  3. Spouse petition

    I apologize. The beneficiary's parents are asked for on the I-130a, which is not used in a step child case. The child's parents will be asked about on their visa application later in the process. You will not show as a parent on that application either. The natural parents' information is needed.
  4. If you are out of normal processing times, i would suggest to contact your congressman
  5. I am going to hire an attorney due to applying for a k1 visa before and it expired once it made it to the NVC again due to the embassy in her country did not want to deal with it. My last question what about the ds-260? who fills this out and when?
  6. yes she can go to any POE In the USA she can travel anywhere in The USA. It does not matter if you are a citizen or a LPR. It is probably not good to visit another country until the actual Green card arrives but she can visit any states in the USA
  7. From what I've read the total fee for 485 AOS is 1225. Does this include 765 and 131?
  8. Why was she blacklisted. Answering for a friend.
  9. December 2017 AOS

    I took your advice also. Just to found out they sent a document last 3/9 , wondering what it is. I’ve checking my applications on the case tracker app and uscis site but it says application received. This made my day! how more accurate is this uscis account than to case tracker site or app?
  10. Hence I said "likely won't need a lawyer". Which is true, much as it pains those relying on naivety to make a quick buck.
  11. This topic is mainly I-129f. however apart from that, I think once an rfe comes up it, the processing times don't apply anymore. However, you are also outside from what they say they give a response to rfes in 60 days. I believe you already contacted them, hope it resolves fast.
  12. Because they may look to close to an unofficial marriage or a reception or a ceremony. Just don’t take a chance on it, don’t include it. Also to answer your other question no you can’t aunmit more proof as time goes on, you submit your proof to USCIS, you may take additional proof to the Interview they may or may not ask for it. Just know they more you submit the more you give them to question you on. I would suggest again the photos, boarding passes, passport stamps, hotel receipts, show tickets, luggage tags, flight information/confirmation, etc. Don’t include any photos of weddings you attended or engagement party photos you may be setting yourself up for additional questions and/or denial. Don’t do it, if you have 30 photos that’s more than enough, take the others out. Also label everything and if you can create a table pf contemts ao they can easily find what they are looking for
  13. I am applying for my mother GC this summer and she was born in 1952. She doesn't have her birth certificate. Even the municipality is not issuing Non-Availability Birth Certificate. She didn't go to school. As per the travel site link https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/India.html, there is no need to provide birth certificate for the people who were born before 1970 (as per my interpretation). Do you guys have any experience (applying for older parents) where you didn't submit any proof of birth certificate and got GC? Any info is really appreciated. Thanks Velugu
  14. Well, I don’t think so because I also had an RFIE before my biometrics appointment and did it without any hassles.
  15. 97.14% of all quoted statistics are made up, as is the 99% above. Whether YOU need an attorney depends on a number of things, including your own level of desire to do things yourself. Lots of folks simply have better things to do with their time than spend hours and hours studying a process they'll do once in their life. Others have legal issues, language issues, or a lack of confidence in their needed abilities. Any of those are good reasons to seek professional help. I could learn to fix my air conditioner too, but I would rather pay somebody else to do it. It's also against the terms of service here to advise against legal counsel.
  16. Spouse petition

    Alrite sir...now u r making me confuse..I went through the all pages of I 130 and didnot see a single part where benificary parents r asked..may be I am missing some thing major..can u tell me which page r u taking about ...cuz I was talking about page 6 and now that’s a none ..cuz he’s a minor and not married..can I pls point me in right direction...I just need the page number where I have to put his natural parents info...thanks 🙏
  17. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Don't know yet, Redneck wants me to carry a Glock 19 but I'd prefer something smaller/lighter
  18. The Daily Trump wins again thread

    The President on that show behaves better than our real one.
  19. DS261 is a choice of agent. When you have an attorney of record on file when filing the petition, that attorney is automatically appointed as agent.
  20. If you've not even submitted the I-130 petition yet, this is all many, many months away. The DS-261 is a half-page form that asks you to give the contact details of who will be handling your correspondence with the NVC, when you get to that stage. In most cases this will be either the USC or the alien spouse, whichever one wants to be responsible for the paperwork and be the point if contact. Those who are using an attorney - well, the attorney will obviously be the point of contact. 99.9% of cases don't need an attorney. Save your money for other things. This process is expensive enough as it is. Unless the alien spouse has a criminal history or has had previous immigration problems with the USA (substantial overstay, visa fraud, misrep, deportation, etc) you likely won't need a lawyer.
  21. Hello I’m about 10 miles from Canada so we are close. I don’t know where your husband committed his crime however having worked in criminal court. He does have the option of submitting a Motion to Expunge his record if it was only one felony and I forgot how long but it may be 10 years with no other Felony Charges. Please look into that, it must be done in the same jurisdiction in which he was charged.
  22. Hey Sweetheartsarah, I guess our filing and biometrics on the same date. Which is your field office?
  23. Hi! Ours was received on 3/1/18 and we received the notice date on 3/12/18. We have it at the Nebraska Center as well. We are now waiting for the biometrics Please keep me updated on your process and any info you may know. I am doing this process with my mom and I feel alone
  24. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Did not leave casa today (Sunday), optimal man. However, we must gas & warsh the Mrs.-T-B.-mobile before tomorrow, sigh man. About to make Many'th (2+2+1th) laundry load, long weekend man. Then read book with Mini-B., literate wee man.
  25. The Rant of Our Discontent

    We omitted two details from yesternight's GS report, ADD we man. 1. Also bought during GS-ing was a small lidded Corningware dish = $1, steal man.* 2. After Aldi, we mowed the front yard, plastered with oak pollen from which we still haven't recovered man. Many. There IS no #Many, see opening line man. *accordingly, total outlay = $Many+1, not merely $Many, accuracy is important man
  26. The Daily Trump wins again thread

    Anybody watch Our Cartoon President on Showtime?
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