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  2. You did look at the city that they are posting from right? There is no layover from SFO to Hawai at all unless you want to float in the ocean.
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking they'll start on Thursday.. Hope so at least. They started on the 30th last month.. So I can assume they'll do the same by starting on the 2nd to last day of the month..
  4. "Card being produced" update today!!! (For EAD) Yay! Finally... Submitted the evidence on June 21st (also requested to expedite on same date) - 6 days later approved. Now card just needs to come in the mail in the next 5 days So happy! I can testify then that working from entry date is "OK" with USCIS - I have been/am working without EAD since entry date which was a month ago.
  5. lol lots of hysterical people here when just trying to provide some useful information. Health care is a sensitive issue for sure. New immigrants, with green cards, over the age of 65, who have never worked here have limited options. That was the discussion. They are not eligible for Medicare so must find insurance on the open market which has enrollment periods which cause gaps in coverage, or they can buy insurance such as the one mentioned to cover themselves from catastrophic medical issues for the short term. Good luck to you all.
  6. Neither Trump nor the GOP are interested in joining the first world. Their plan of wealth redistribution will make the rich richer, and the rest poorer. If anything, we're heading back to pre-revolutionary French times.
  7. 1. Air is and should be free, si man. 2. Foto of friend to determine whether hit by Mack or Peterbilt, see man. Many. The last 2 or Many weeks, Mrs. T-B. has been dragging Mini-B. to multiple swimming/karate/etc. lessons per week "to make up for missed classes and to get our money's worth before the trip," reason she man. The result is an exhausted little boy, no wonder getting sick wee man.
  8. Pick a number between 1 and 100. Theres your chance. Let us know the result.
  9. Yes, winters are perfect hoodie weather! No fireworks on new years? That is crazy, they have them all over Northern VA for new years
  10. So as the title states I received my NOA2. It's been about 10 days since I got the letter. So I called the NVC to see if I can get my case number but they haven't received my case from the USCIS yet. I've been looking around the web and seeing how to go from here. I'm a little bit lost at the moment. Do I need to file my I-134?? If I do, where do I send it? To my understanding, the next steps are to get my case number from the NVC and tell my fiance to go pay for the interview, call the embassy for an appointment for the interview and get her check up at the hospital a week or so before the interview. What do I do about the I-134?? Please can someone help answer on what do I do after the NOA2 has been received. Btw, my fiance is from Laos if anyone has done it from here and can share some experiences that would be very helpful.
  11. Hello visajourney family. I went for my reaffirmed cr1 interview today and after asking me just 4 basic questions which are.. Who filed for you? Does your wife have kids? How many? Have she been married before Have you yourself been married before? After this questions in just a minute he spent 50 minutes just typing on the computer. He finally gave me a check list and wrote on it that administrative processing and told me they need to verify some things on the file and they will contact me via fon call or email as to where to take my passport to and any other instructions that may follow. So I don't know how to call this, where sad or what? So basically that was all what transpired at my interview today. He gave me my passport back and said he can't keep it because he does not know how long it will take for them to finish the administrative processing. He only took copies of original documents I sent there.
  12. Oh yeah, for my first visit last year I walked out of the airport in Norfolk and it felt like the air is hugging me. The day after we went to VA state fair... same. Soak! But after that - LUCKILY - it became better. I liked how it was at Christmas. Great hoodie weather <3 But it was soooo weird to have new years without fireworks at midnight.
  13. Still no interview dates?? hopefully by Friday/Monday before the holiday. I missed a July interview date by about 4-7 days
  14. There is always a chance, let us know how it goes.
  15. For sure!! That sounds like an amazing plan! Definitely need the AC since August and September are typically the hottest months!
  16. Just a clarification on the news story - the lawsuit was specifically about a requirement to show "good cause" for a CCW. The problem with this is that it falls down to the discretion of one individual - your local sheriff. This opens up all sorts of issues, not the least of which is that the system makes it easy for discrimination.
  17. Happy for you, my wife will be interviewed on July 27, in the end i am enjoying my "single"life....good luck!!!
  18. Just had my biometrics this morning! Everything went smoothly. Good luck to us all!
  19. If she uses AP or EAD then she is no longer F1, she is adjusting status.
  20. I'm from Bavaria - of course I'm down for that, haha! First coffee, then beer. And some burritos in the middle. Sounds like heaven, haha! (And an AC unit EVERYWHERE!)
  21. Had a callback from NVC supervisor on June 19th. Supervisor stated file should be processed approximately 2-3 weeks based on what she has been seeing.  That would put me at approximately 8 weeks rather than 11 weeks. she could not guarantee, but that is what she speculates. My sacn date is May 8th.

  22. Several people got aos denied for this reason. A wrong advice is to suggest to not contact a lawyer. My case is not marriage-based but if my intent was established at POE then why I was not allowed to adjust the status within 90 days after entering in USA? It's better to be careful with immigration!
  23. Hi Trini, i think that it was $200 TT.
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