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  2. Too bad that Steveklar and the various husbands-of-babes don't live closer, or we'd have given away any ties that anyone wanted, generosity man. However, Hillbilly might have complained that the belts were too flimsy and short and of inconsistent widths, run & duck for cover man.
  3. We have finally taken a full inventory of our neckties, count on them man. They were out of control and we intended to purge them, bye tie man. We have picked Many (2x2x2x2x2+[2x2x2]+2) to donate, almost all big-name designers* man. *some of which are really disappointing, like Oscar de la Renta & Oleg Cassini, who died & left them boss man Sadly, about half are double-loop ties (label loop + extra loop), should be mandatory design man. We will miss some, but culling was necessary, bye tie man. We shall donate them far out of town, plan man. This is precisely so that we won't encounter them again and buy them back, double jeopardy man. Remaining in our wardrobe are, see man: Many (2x2x2x2+2+2+2+1) in various solid colors, solid start man. Many (2x2x2x2x2+1) in the brown family, how now brown tie man. Many (2x2x2x2+2+1) chiefly in the blue family, true blue man. Many (2x2x2x2) in the red/burgundy family, like fine wine man. Many (2x2x2x2) in the gray/black family, baa baa black tie man. Many (2x2x2) in the green family, envious yet man. Many (2+2+1) in the purple family, purple with raging envy man. Total = Many (2x2x2x2x2x2x2-[2x2x2]), amazing man. In other words, pre-donation, we had one tie for every day of the Major League baseball season, impressive (or psycho) man. To reiterate our statement of policy, if we pay more than about $Many ($2+1) for a tie, we feel ripped off, grrr man. However, something tells us that we probably won't buy more ties for a while, lesson temporarily learned man.
  4. Sad to hear.. but don't give up. How can i contact you privately? Coz we have alot in common and i don't wanna discuss it here.
  5. Yup, ours pretty much said the exact same thing. Different date's but same email.
  6. Very impressive. I didn't have a cover letter. I didn't include copies of my I-20s or any of my degrees. Remember to double check or even triple check your completed I-864 forms and supporting documents. Thats usually the most common reason for RFEs.
  7. That is correct, day 1 lined up at 2am and it was packed. Then out by 6pm they told him the next steps. They saw a little something in his xray so they decided to schedule a sputum test. Lots of tears happened but we have to keep going. If this had not happened, he would've walked out with his results but nature said otherwise.
  8. How'd you know he has to take the sputum test? Was he adviced to take the sputum test first on the day of the said evaluation?
  9. Hello IheartAsia, welcome to the forum, My ex-fiancee had copies of my tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, W-2's, Proof of employment and the Embassy in Manila asked for none of it. Having said that there will be a time later in the process if she gets here where you will need to prove support. The adjustment of status phase. In the past people would bring foreigners here and marry them and the sponsor was jobless so now they have 2 mouths to feed or more if they bring kids and end up on the government dole. That is the reason for the affidavit of support. We have the right to get married but not the right to have other peoples tax dollars pay for our love. Another thing is you mentioned having the process done in about a year. If you file K-1 when you come back from your trip it will only take about 4 months on average for her visa to be issued. This time frame has crept up a bit lately but just something to keep in mind. Good luck Jim
  10. Hola todos! Tengo una pregunta, estoy un poco confundida & no se si alguien me puede contestar esta pregunta sea por experiencia o informacion (prefiero experiencia o si saben de alguien que hizo esto para asi estar 100% segura) mi prometido esta en Mexico & ya tenemos la entrevista el mes de Marzo. Yo no gane sufficiente $ asi que necesito un co-sponsor. Mi pregunta es: Mis Papas pueden ser mi co-sponsors ya que estan casados & hacen los taxes juntos? Unas personas me dijieron que solo debo elejir a 1 de ellos & quien gana mas $. Pero yo hable con un abogado y me dijo que los dos pueden porque hacen los taxes juntos & que cada quien debe llenar forma I-134 incluyendo yo porque soy la main sponsor... aun sigo en duda & tengo miedo de que no le aprueben la visa por eso, ya que estoy embarazada & quiero que el este aqui cuando valla a nacer el bebe. Gracias!
  11. Bigamy is having one wife too many; monogamy is the same thing, sigh man.
  12. Second this. I just cancelled our appointment. Now he has to take the Sputum Test (not related but part of a delay) and if thats negative, we are to proceed to Psychological evaluation because of him admitting.
  13. AP can be valuable when we least expect... Good luck!
  14. Hi. We filed our i-130 late October, long story short, my wife (USC), needs surgery, they will perform a myomectomy (removal of fibroid tumors from the uterus), i need to be able to take care of her, we thought we could request an expedite on our i-130 based on the medical procedure she needs. Any thoughts or past experiences with expedites are highly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I was asking the same questions as the original poster a little over a year ago. Brassballs gave me the same advice he just gave here and I am glad I listened. My wife just had her interview today and was approved for her cr1 visa and we got married a little less than a year ago. Without delays mostly caused by me it could have been sooner. If you are on top of everything and have no issues come up and have a little luck you could complete everything in about 8 to 9 months but a more cautious estimate would be about a year (especially with the current NVC backlog). As far as getting married in the Philippines goes it is a great experience that I enjoyed along with my wife and her family. Not only that but a nice wedding is way cheaper in the Philippines than in the US. I gave my wife two months and about $1000 to put together a wedding for us and I was impressed with what she put together all by herself. It was what you might expect for $10000+ here in the US. If you get married in the Philippines you will need to obtain a document showing you are not married from the Embassy. If you get married in a Catholic church there are additional requirements. If you have a civil wedding or do what my wife and I did and get married in a non Catholic church there usually aren't additional requirements. Ultimately it is up to you and your fiance to decide what is best for you. There are up sides and down sides to both visas. If the only thing holding you back from the cr1 visa is the extra time like I said above the cr1 process can be done almost as quickly as the K1 if you stay on top of everything and while I didn't like being away from my wife for a year looking back on it the time went by quickly. As others have noted having a non legal ceremony could cause issues in the K1 visa process. I was considering the same thing until I was told here it might not be a good idea.
  16. Just received the 3rd text. all 3 forms received
  17. Hey can you give some tips on what kind of questions they are throwing at the evaluation? Really worried.. need your help.
  18. I do intend to, but I plan to send in the petition by next month so that wouldn't help much would it?
  19. Oh wait...haha. Sorry, that says cases SIMILAR to that receipt number. Not exactly for that number. Lol. Sorry my bad!
  20. Hey, that's weird. I checked the iphone app and the android case tracker app, they both said that WAC1790070059 was case received. Not yet approved?? That's weird. What app did you use to generate this result?
  21. What happened to your case?
  22. Thread is locked to further comments and is not to be restarted. The OP got correct information initially. The new-member hijacker kept fishing for ways around the law. This violates this provision of the site's Terms of Service: "Condone or instruct, either directly or indirectly, others on how to commit fraudulent or illegal immigration activities in any way, shape, manner or method." Administrative action has been applied. The Terms of Service are found here: TBoneTX VJ Moderation
  23. You can file taxes as self-employed ... but I know where you are coming from with this.
  24. USCIS received our package 12/23. Just received a couple text messages for two of the forms...I-485 AND I-765 Waiting for the third for the I-131. Check does not show as cashed yet.
  25. Alright, I appreciate it bud! That sux because self-employment is going good, but love comes first.
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