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  2. That is what I believe to be in packet 3 but since mine was front loaded some of the information may be left out. But generally what is required. My tax records, financials etc was included with the original filing and has a 1 year validity. I can't ask right now what exactly was requested but I know the things mentioned are going to be on hand as well as a updated pay stub just in case they ask. Hope they don't ask for anything else. Attorney says to relax, I am over anxious it has been a long wait.
  3. BANKS

    no to all of the above i did my 2010 taxes adding my husband and fillig the W7 to get his ITIN (individual taxpayer ID number) with that number you can add him as i did (credit union but still has to go by banking laws) this is the same number given to foreigners working in US for tax and banking purposes the only time you can get this number is NOW when filling tax returns Working illegal immigrants seek an ITIN number for tax-paying purposes because they aren't eligible for a Social Security number. Both resident and nonresident aliens may have ITIN numbers. ... "There is no federal banking law that requires banks to verify the immigration status of foreign account holders," he says.Jun 1, 2005 spouse can not have debit card till he is here but he can be on the account Adil was granted the number with 2010 taxes in 2011 when i did them / then added to my bank account and then to deed to my house need a POA from your spouse to do banking
  4. anyway thanks for the links. Ill keep mine as DS-160 form and following the NVC . I understand everyones visa is different. But thanks for the Chats
  5. Getting ready for NOIR

    thank you for your response mam its already been 6 months since USCIS recieved my case so im waiting NOIR and ill try my best i already start me and my wife collecting all evidence we have
  6. NOA2 to NVC - average time= 47 days (current highest number of days = 69) **this is just from the VJ data from those who have entered their timelines on the google spreadsheet
  7. Withdrawal of Application for Admission

    geowrian, this is news to me. So let me get this right (and correct me if I am wrong please), if his over stay was less then 6 months (ie. days he stayed-days he was allowed to stay= less then 180 days) he does not incur a ban? PS: what is D/S?
  8. Based on your description and from the stories I've read here for 4 years, I'd say you have a pretty good shot at being approved assuming you and your partner have no other immigration red flags. I don't believe robbery is necessarily a Crime of Moral Turpitude, which I believe is the standard. You'll want to disclose everything about the arrest and charge in your application. Good luck.
  9. Guys, we were approved today, right before my Birthday. There’s happiness and joy pouring over the boards, and I want to remind you that everyone will experience the same, sooner or later. The wait is worth the suffering. Please keep the faith as we are all in the same boat, and if your love is truly strong you have 0 reasons to worry! @John & Rose I’m praying for your approval this week, I keep my fingers crossed too. You deserve this approval and I’m sure your test is coming to an end🤞🏻 @Tony and Tillie I enjoy looking at your pic as you guys are radiating with happiness. I’m sure you have your approval in your mailbox and congratulations. P.S. no updates on the app NOA 1 - June 27 NOA 2 - January 11 Wishing fast approvals to everybody!
  10. Like, even when they say it's already been assigned?
  11. Hello VisaJourney, My husband's interview is next week in Juarez. And, for traveling into Mexico I was told by my in-law that I will need $200.00 Mexican Permit. Is this true? I was never made aware of this before? Thank You.
  12. thank you for the Links. It says DS-260 files. K1 visas use DS-160 file. Its free and online. You've been reading about AOS and CR-1 visas
  13. I can tell you from my own experience...210 days. others....well, you know.....
  14. Getting ready for NOIR

    wow i didn't know thats thank you very much sir . and yes i wont use it again . the letter sayed administration process . after 2 months the embassy emails me thats my case is sent back to USCIS
  15. About the DHL - where do you find the quote for the shipping on their website? I found the shipping containers, but I don't think we need that much lol
  16. Yes, that I have seen long ago. Thank you. Is that the current Packet 3?
  17. Visa denied

    You are correct since there really isn't anyway to define how love is to be demonstrated.
  18. My fiance was hospitalized when he was 20 or 21 (he's 37 now) but it was from a work related accident basically he messed up his knee to the point of being unable to walk for about 8 weeks. He healed up just fine...never had any diseases of any sort. Does he need to get something special for his medical showing this? I don't know how they do it over there but in America our medical professionals have access to any patient history as long as the patient consents to it...does this not apply there?
  19. its ok I called the nvc. they don't normally need invoice numbers for K1 visas, sometimes they slip thru the system or process your case by accident as a CR-1. I asked if I need one, she said no. you definitely don't use it. You just need the Case number for logging onto the CEAC website and also you just take the Affidavit of support from to the embassy with you. you only pay and submit that form if you're on a CR-1 visa.
  20. Did you make any SR? any movement? Lucky you! I know a few Feb and March filers have not received any interview notice yet even they're out of processing time. Did you make any SR or Infopass? Please share, thanks. Waiting for your good news.
  21. O1 Visa Notification of Revocation. Please Help!

    UCSIS does not really care about the opinion of the consulate. I don't think that will help. The consulate can deny it again and they will most likely do. However, I have seen cases in which USCIS reaffirms the case and the consulate goes back on their decision. This won't happen if you start over.
  22. Ouch, so many times i see this some of these things are needed for applying for driving license, applying for AOS and even to apply later for citzenship Try the nearest college and ask if there is anyone who can traslate for you
  23. try this https://photos.state.gov/libraries/ukraine/895/pdf/K_Instructions_001.pdf https://ua.usembassy.gov/visas/visa-forms/ https://ua.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/151/2016/12/KEV-1_form.pdf
  24. Hey Juliers. Mid -Day scan didn't show any movement so far for the day. I will be running a overall day scan after USCIS closes. This doesn't mean they didn't do anything in July for the day, but means nothing was updated online yet for the day.
  25. https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/affidavit-support Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) Processing https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us.../ceac-electronic-processing.html Immigrant visa applicants in some countries use a Department of State online application center to submit required fees, forms, and documents to the National Visa Center (NVC) for review. This tool is called the Consular Electronic Application Center, or CEAC. It's secure, easy to use, and faster than the traditional mail-in ...
  26. Can Someone please send a like to the old system please
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