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  2. Guy i just got approved hold for the details
  3. Oath ceremony without the notice latter

    I see my case is a rare one to you! So I will wait for that letter and see if the information of when and where is accurate, and I'll give you the heads-up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for everything.
  4. Well- surely it depends on what the exact definitions "domicile" and "foreseeable future" are? The next sentence "If your mailing address and/or place of residence is not in the United States, but your country of domicile is the United States, you must attach a typed or printed explanation and documentary evidence indicating how you meet the domicile requirement" also has meaning-it indicates that domicile is not the same as residence. If either condition 1 or 2 of the conditions for the domicile requirement while abroad were fulfilled, the petitioner-sponsor would write US as the country of domicile, so I assumed that the same would be true of condition 3. I still don't see that it's wrong to do as I suggested. (Perhaps I was being needlessly paranoid, but when I was filling it in, I was concerned that a bureaucrat would simply look at the form, see a non-US country listed as domicile, and then not approve without looking at the included explanation). Also note that how much weight is put on the domicile requirement varies from country to country-the Canadians in particular will tell you that it is not sufficient to state your intent to establish domicile. (This doesn't appear to be such a big issue for Sweden, though).
  5. Oath ceremony without the notice latter

    Interesting---I guess because the oath ceremony date was relatively close the IO did a courtesy call. Keep an eye on the mail, hope you get the letter sooner rather than later!
  6. Hi, Back in January of this year, my fiance and I submitted our K1 application. It should be a pretty straight forward case, we knew I wouldn't be working right away because of it, etc. In May, the company I work for informed me they want to keep me working for them in the US, because the people they have in their US office don't currently have my skillset, and have said they are willing to pay the expedite fee to get me my L1 asap. There was no reason at the time I applied for K1 for me to believe they would be willing to keep me on full time but there's been a small restructuring of the management due to the Managing Director retiring in February. I'm looking for some advice, really, as I'm torn between staying on the K1 (I won't get that money back, and we're nearly at the finish line!), and taking them up on their offer, as it would allow me to be self sufficient almost from the get go. The biggest concern I have, is if there are likely to be any issues if I were to apply for the L1; in the application stage, the interview stage, or after. From what I understand, the L1 is similar to the K1 in that it is a non-immigrant visa with immigration intent, however designed for work rather than marriage. Would my getting married within a month of entering the US cause me any issues? Would entering on an L1 be considered misrepresentation/visa fraud? The last thing I want to do is jeopardise my ability to stay in the US with my fiance. I know the adjustment of status is supposed to be "forgiving" for overstay, but I really don't want to mess it up. I'm also considering getting legal advice; but I'm hoping there's someone here with experience or more expert knowledge than I can claim! Thank you
  7. Hi everyone, my fiance (now spouse) and I got married on Monday and in the state of California, after the ceremony, the witness and solemnizer both sign at the bottom of the "License and Certificate of Marriage" and gave it back to us. It has the words "customer copy" printed across it and does not have any seals. We ordered 3x certified copies of the Marriage Certificate which they said will arrive in 6-8 weeks. My question is, is the "Customer Copy" acceptable for the I-130 application or should I wait to receive the actual certified copies and copy that to send in? Thank you!
  8. interview was today and went so well ! we are approved. will write review in a sec
  9. sorry, moving this to another forum
  10. Proof of Social and Economic Ties

    From my understanding, its family ties. It's actually schengen visa. I just posted here in case you guys know the answer. Can I wrote a letter or get a letter from my father's doctor saying we are responsible for him? We're going to visit a country (in Europe) thru the help of my aunt (which is my father's sister) however the embassy emailed us that we need to submit those documents for them to continue processing our papers.
  11. Hello LenaT congratulations! i got my NOV2 the same day as yours ,but my fiance still hasnt got the hardcopy ,did you get yours ?thank you!
  12. Thank you. will provide certified documents from friends and relatives and wait...
  13. Oath ceremony without the notice latter

    It was a call from a private number, since I don't take call from private number they left a message for me which reads "Good afternoon, this message is for W***"""""". I'm calling from the Department of Homeland Security regarding your naturalization ceremony, which will be scheduled for July 3rd, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. at (location blah blah). You should receive a letter in the mail within 1 or 2 weeks. Thank you. It sounds pretty legit, nice English accent, and a day after that call, my status change to "oath ceremony notice was mailed"
  14. Proof of Social and Economic Ties

    Social ties? As in proofs of relationship or social ties to the country? First of all what visa are you applying for? More informations would be nice.
  15. Congratulations on the start of your journey. May it be a short and sweet one. Don't forget to drop in on your months thread.
  16. Oath ceremony without the notice latter

    Wait a minute----just reread your original post....you said "DHS called me"... DHS is normally not in the habit of arbitrarily phoning applicants and letting them know their date/time/location of their oath ceremonies in advance...are you sure this was a phone call from them specifically (and not a scam)? Or this was a call-back you received from an inquiry you made with a L2 officer at USCIS?
  17. Yay! It will move fast, I am sure! Just holler if you need me! ๐Ÿ˜
  18. I was able to pay the affidavit fee yesterday. Thank you. I miss you all over here.
  19. Proof of Social and Economic Ties

    Hello! I would like to ask, what can be use to prove social ties? Since this is the lacking that we need to fulfill to re-process again our visa. Can it be thru a letter?
  20. I agree Lawyers are not needed for simple cases. Well most people do not need them.
  21. Congratulations!๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰
  22. Oath ceremony without the notice latter

    Thanks, pretty much what I wanted to know! Yes, this 13 days days are going to be the longest ๐Ÿ˜… since my oath is on July 3rd, I hope to receive it soon! Thanks again.
  23. โ€œMy issue is vastly more simple than that and on a much smaller scale. Simply one office, one senator, and 1 defined issue. โ€œ??????????? what am I reading? I thought you were writing on behalf of all New Yorkers???
  24. Begs the question is she a USC?
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