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  2. It is possible they are treating you wrong category, not the C9. Give them a call
  3. Impossible to say how long AP will take. You can ask for your Passport. Might delay matters as I assume you need it to travel.
  4. Its possible to get another RFE but very rare. Naes said she only saw 3 cases so far.
  5. Filing for a K-3 is a waste of time. Almost EVERY K-3 is closed. I have even seen cases which were delayed because they filed both.....but to each his own....
  6. Yeah, you need to submit DS-261 after you access with case/invoice number then you will see what is available either AOS or IV fee to pay after done submit DS-261 Good luck!
  7. Case approved PD oct 16 2017 Approved apr 20 2018 Tsc USC Received email this morning
  8. Hello—does anyone here happen to know if it’s possible to receive more than one RFE for an I-129f? I received one and answered it, but I am wondering if that means I’m “in the clear” or not. Does USCIS review the whole petition and then send one RFE for all problems encountered? Or do they immediately stop when they see the first problem on the petition, and send an RFE for just that?
  9. No i didn't . . . Should i submit Ds-261 first to start further process?
  10. 😮 wow...... I might just well do that!!! How interesting... Thank you!! ---------------------------------- (a bit quiet here lately)
  11. Wooowwww!!! Congrats, Buds!🎆🎆💖💖💖
  12. Did you submit DS-261 and pay either AOS or IV fee?
  13. We use Bank of America as well, and we have had not a single issue.
  14. We were approved today at 6am! haha Goodbye USCIS, hello NVC.
  15. Hi could you tell me please what is the new site so i can check mine too ???😞😞😞
  16. Funnily enough, I'm going through a *kinda* similar situation. I'm in Indiana and went down to Chase twice in a row with my state ID because I don't have my GC (8 months waiting for a replacement because they messed up my name on it) and am not a USC. They wouldn't take it, despite multiple people over Chase' CS phone line telling me it was fine. I wonder if it varies state by state, or by bank? I was told it was a government thing and it didn't matter what I did, I HAD to have my GC. I'm not OP, but I've been told multiple times now that BoA is the most immigrant friendly, I just tried lodging an app online. Hoping for the best! I have my SSN, EAD and State ID. No GC as explained above even though I technically have PR
  17. You mean you’ve been told they’re reviewing your case right now?
  18. @dassy004 use https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices to search your field office based on your residence ZIP code. Nice...you are scheduled for biometrics.....You should see your notice online by EoD Monday. If your scheduled ASC accepts walk ins you can print the notice and try a walk in.
  19. Hii all Quick update guys - PIVOT CASE - Islamabad Embassy Got case number on 20 Feb 11 30 pm in email. Noa 2 = 18 Jan 2018 Nvc Received = 12 Feb 2018 Case No. Assigned = 20 Apr 2018 Please guide what to do next as i just logged in CEAC website and after entering my case number a pop out window show up and it says at NVC . . . your responses would be highly appreciated.
  20. W8BEN or whatever the form is called plus my mother’s foreign passport is all I needed to put her on a bank account (with USAA). She has yet to step foot in the USA.
  21. Hello guys, I am a medical graduate from Pakistan, I had visa interview for J1 visa on 19th April, 2018 at Karachi Consulate and visa officer has put my application in administrative processing. How long will it take to get their final decision as joining date for my program is June 11, 2018? What are the chances that they will approve my visa ? I am currently working in UAE as a GP, can I ask consulate to return my passport till they make their decision and doing that would affect the final outcome? Thank you so much, I would appreciate your responses.
  22. I totally understand you! It is. Yeah of course everyone has different circumstances. i wish you the best
  23. CEAC status after approval

    if they kept your passport then approved it takes time to process the visa stamp and document packet a few years ago they hardly ever updated the site and my husand was here for months before the site said issued like the above says "only as good as the person doing the updating"
  24. You read their minds girl!! THANKYOU 💖💖 your turn next week!!! Thankyou EVERYONE!!💖 More approvals next week!! 🎉🎉
  25. Binney has had his National security clearance stripped for years.
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