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  2. Here is a list of what I submitted with my I-360 concerning bonafide marriage and proof that we lived together. Hope this helps, especially if you don’t have a lot of bills under both of your names (I had none): - Described courtship in detail in my affidavit -Marriage certificate with apostille -Submitted pictures together, pictures with us and his family, pictures with us and my family, pictures with us and friends, pictures from the wedding - Letter from the couple we sublet a room from confirming that we lived together and the time frame - My family members mentioning in their affidavit that they visited us in our place when they vacationed in the US and confirming validity of the marriage - A letter from me explaining exactly why we had no bills or accounts in both of our names - A copy of my DS-260 for my J1 visa stating the address we lived at as my place to stay
  3. I wouldn't have put the beneficiary there, that's where anyone else you've sponsored goes. So both of your ex husbands go there. Do you have any children? Also click the "do not intend" otherwise you have to specifically say how you are supporting the beneficiary and you don't need to. Did you include a note with your I-134 tax returns that they are decreasing due to a divorce? It looks like you make less and less each year, but since you're divorced that's normal. There also is greater scrutiny because this is your third foreign husband.
  4. There must be an I134 expert on here that can help me figure out what went wrong. I'm overwhelmed and exhausted
  5. 1) That's accurate. They send them in batches and it can take from a few days to a few weeks. Keep an eye on the CEAC website to track where your case is 2) Since you provided your email they will email you. 3) Depends. If they asked you to send the P3, it normally takes a few days. If they accepted the P3 but didn't ask it can take a week or two. 4) Again it depends, sometimes there are interviews the next month, sometimes you have to wait for 2 months for interviews to open up. If you get your P4 before December chances of having the ability to book the interview the next month is high. December tends to see a lull because they're busier then.
  6. CR-1 uses I-864.........the same as at Adjustment of Status interview.
  7. Report post I filed by July this year and did my biometrics couple of weeks ago ...my status says estimated completion of case 33 month that's is like 2years I don't understand. can anyone help
  8. Sounds like you will be doing an interview here in the states prior to your I-130 approval. This sometimes happens. Any previous interactions with immigration?
  9. But I remember when I first filled out the I134 and I asked here on VJ if I needed to include my exes and I was told yes I must because I have filed visa petitions for them. The question on the form asks for file date and I put 2001 and 2004. I have been getting mixed answers from different people. I'm so confused and haven't slept. Also as a CR1 I don't believe you fill out the I134 or do you?
  10. I filed by July this year and did my biometrics couple of weeks ago ...my status says estimated completion of case 33 month that's is like 2years I don't understand. can anyone help
  11. Wow!!! That is great! Thanks for updating us....I, for one, was very curious as to how everything turned out.........good luck on the rest of the journey.
  12. Green card invalidates the NOA they are sending out to everyone.
  13. I received my green card yesterday, 2.5 months after my interview! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  14. Yes bc I read the question as to current sponsors. You included two previous sponsors as if you are still responsible for them and did not include your fiancé/current sponsor. Can you submit a new form along with letter of explanation?🤷🏽‍♀️Don’t know if they will allow you to do that. And you said 2 ex-husbands that you sponsored. Are you still responsible for them? Did they become citizens or meet the required 40 quarters of credit that would relieve you of sponsorship?
  15. Thank you for updating us! I'm glad they were able to reseal it for you so quickly.
  16. Did you use priority shipping ? If yes , it should. Didn’t USPS Tracking said delivered?
  17. Hello I had my interview in May after only applying for AOS in January. 2.5 months after the interview I finally received my green card yesterday! We had an ingopass appointment a few weeks ago, but i don't think that changed anything. The officer we talked to was very surprised by how soon after filing our interview was. I am sorry it is taking so long for some of you. I hope all of you receive good news soon.
  18. wrong case number. Once you pay the ELIS fee you get an IOE number in which to track the green card. You don't use your original USCIS number.
  19. @sidd.ikram yes, let us know. Praying you get soon!
  20. Miamifilerrr

    Miami FL, Field Office Filers

    Hello Guys I finally finished the journey last Friday at the oath ceremony... it was a great experience. thank you everyone and good luck with your own journeys.
  21. Thank u! And I agree calling is not for the faint lol I called one time and was truly disappointed vowed to never call again.... However now I'm going to call everyday since I get different answers everytime I call....
  22. My USCIS status has not changed since February 2018 (case at department of state) but I already have the GC card in hand. Sometimes the status tracker is nothing to go by...
  23. You will do just fine! Good luck!
  24. In order to get enrolled in DEERS, I did not only have to have my birth certificate but an apostilled one - I heard that there is a 50/50 chance you may be required to show that. If you still have time, I would suggest to get an apostille just to be on the safe side. Other than that, two government ID (in my case Passport and Personal ID issued by the German government) but I heard others are not accepting any foreign documents other than the passport. Each DEERS office is different. Some require a SSN and others don't.
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