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  2. German people...rührt euch!!

    Mein USC Mann war mit mir in Frankfurt. War kein Problem.
  3. Administrative processing London

    Moved from IR-1/CR-1 Process & Procedures to UK regional forum; procedures and/or timelines for return of passports after the interview vary from country to country which makes this topic country specific.
  4. @pushbrk as always inviting you to share your wisdom. @Ryan H can this be x-posted to Canada regional discussion forum as well?
  5. It wont let me request online and the i797c is not an option either. There are no info pass appointments available at my local office either I have emailed people and done what they told me to do and nothing.
  6. What next?

    Moved from IR-1/CR-1 Process & Procedures to US Citizenship Discussion.
  7. Moved from IR-1/CR-1 Process & Procedures to General Immigration-Related Discussion.
  8. The I-130 is not required for K1. However do include a copy of the approval of the I-129F. See the links here: http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/fiancees I'd be careful to trust a lawyer who gives false advice.
  9. F1 visa and overstays?

    So they’re still working the store? Total violation of status. as above you’re lucky you got approved. what happened after your parents’ denial of CoS? Did they get a notice that they need to leave the country? ( I’m also totally curious as to who granted them a bunch of loans with that financial history, and of course if they are paying taxes.) bear in mind that if you ever want to naturalize by AOS you’ll need to show you were never out of status after age 18 (...I think, someone correct me if I’m wrong on the age) so you are doing the right thing trying to ensure your own status is legal.
  10. Peter Fonda should go to jail !!

    Lol... intelligent discourse always appreciated
  11. What's your case status now? I believe 90% case around me shows the same as me.
  12. Yeah this will really help build up the blue wave come November.....sike.
  13. it could be something really simple and easy to fix too.....maybe you missed the dot above the 'i' somewhere lol but seriously - usually RFE's are quick to fix and they usually process them in a fast manner too
  14. Fair enough, but what if its just one look and now we are forgotten about? XD the worries
  15. You can see the date in your my.uscis.gov account and all letters are posted there usually within 24-48 hours of the email. They'll also mail you a hard copy.
  16. As above, she’s already violated her status on a tourist visa both by studying and “practicing” at a restaurant. Best she keep her head below the parapet and just go home unless she really wants to risk the visa being revoked. If the restaurant wants her that badly they can sponsor a relevant visa for her and she can return and work legally for them.
  17. Peter Fonda should go to jail !!

    Checked my alignment and it's still pulling to the left a bit. I'll be back in the ditch before that pass happens.
  18. Look at the bright side, at least you know someone looked at your file
  19. Peter Fonda should go to jail !!

    Peter Fonda's speech, as abhorrent as it is (and it is absolutely repellent and beyond the pale), is protected by the First Amendment. While it is true that some speech is unprotected, this does not fall into that category. In order to do so, it would have to pass this test: Are the words intended to incite immediate criminal action, and is there a likelihood of imminent danger of such action? We're not talking about whether some loony takes this into their head that the suggestion is a good idea. The example I recall from school is where there's a seething mob, and guy is standing there handing out pitchforks saying, "Go get that [*expletive deleted*]!" If the danger is imminent that the mob will take those pitchforks and stab the [*expletive deleted*] because (1) they've now got weapons and (2) there is an immediate opportunity that there's going to be some stabbing because the SOB is just around the corner, the speech is unprotected. But, if there's a mob, and pitchforks, and the guy telling the mob to go get the SOB, but the SOB is, say, on the other side of the country, or anywhere where the danger of criminal activity is not IMMINENT, the speech is protected, even if it is abhorrent. There's no imminence here, and there's probably no likelihood of harm. It's gross, but it's protected speech. It is a high hurdle to pass for good reason, because we have a super-awesome First Amendment and it is meant to protect us from government action except in certain, very circumscribed instances. Funtimes reading here: https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/395/444/case.html
  20. That was quick!!! So happy for you 2. Best of luck alwayssss!!! ❤️💕
  21. Want to share our photo too! We are incredibly happy❤️
  22. When was it delivered? Mine was delivered on the 14th and still no notification or cash checked.
  23. It says the transcript is not available on the IRS website. The RFE only says latest documents.
  24. For self employed person receiving Social Security retirement benefits, the current income is calculated as follows. Take the number on line 22 of the 2017 tax return, subtract any TAXABLE Social Security benefits and then add back in the total Social Security Benefits. That IS their current annual income. In the tax section, so the same for all three years.
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