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Consulate Phone Number: +39 081-583-8111 (Dashboard)
Consulate E-Mail:
Address: Consolato Generale Stati Uniti
Piazza della Repubblica
80122 Napoli
Working Hours: 8AM-4PM (closed between 12pm and 1pm)
Best Way to Contact Consulate: I tried emailing them when I knew our file was already there, but got an Out of Office autoreply that made me lose two weeks. Luckily, another VJ member from Italy sent me a link to their website, where you can find all of Packet 3 in a .zip file. So, what I did was fill form DS-230 pt. I, and fax it to them... A week later I got Packet 4 by email, and was able to schedule my interview very soon afterwards. Therefore, I would recommend using the same method in order to avoid wasting precious time.
Approx Waiting Time for interview date from when the Consulate receives the package from the NVC: From 2 weeks until 1 months and a half/2 months
Issues a Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: Naples issues the packet 3 by email.

Instructions for Immigrant including link to DS-260
Applicants Statement
Vaccination requirements
Instructions for medical exam
Immigrant Visa Supplemental Information Sheet
Issues a Packet 4? Yes
Packet 4 contents (if known): Visa Appointment letter (by email)

UPDATE: 26/10/13
After emailing/faxing your applicants statement, they will contact you by email with an appointment date and information to register for the courier service on us

I got Packet 4 by email a week after sending them form DS-230 pt. I. In the same email they advised me to call the Visa Information Center a week later in order to schedule my interview - which I did. The evening after I called, I got a confirmation email, which I had to show to the official who takes charge of newcomers on the second floor of the Consulate building. However, you don't need to show an appointment letter to the policemen at the entrance gate, since they have a list with all the names of the people who have the appointment that day. So, you just need to give them your passport, and after they have checked you are on their list you'll be let in.
What forms should be send back to the Consulate? After you receive Packet 3 you return by email or fax (+39 081 583 8394) the Applicantís Statement filled in and signed. You keep the originals for the interview.
Other Forms (if any)? 1. PASSPORT : at least 6 months validity beyond the issuance date of the visa
2. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: original or certified copy, had to be long form with parents details too, for both petitioner and beneficiary
3. POLICE CERTIFICATES: As of 2011 there are 2 certificates required, you have to ask for the CERTIFICATO GENERALE DEL CASELLARIO GIUDIZIALE and the CERTIFICATO DEI CARICHI PENDENTI , you can obtain them at the Tribunale (ufficio del Casellario)of the place you need the certificate from.
6. PHOTOGRAPHS: 2 for interview + 1 for medical
7. TERMINATION OF MARRIAGE DOCUMENTS if any (for both the petitioner and the beneficiary)
8. RECEIPT of payment from any branch of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (131 DOLLARS)in payment of the interview
9. EVIDENCE OF SUPPORT: I-134+evidence (they require only 1 year of tax returns)
11. TRANSLATIONS of any paper that is in a different language than English or Italian.
Only one copy of each document (except pics) is required, but you are advised by them to obtain them in duplicate ďjust in caseĒ. I was asked for both the original and a copy of my birth certificate, and they didn't return any originals to me. Good thing I had had two certified copies made of every document.
Consulate offers Direct Consular Filing? Yes
If so, for all or only for US citizen who is lawfully resident in your country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend the interview? Yes
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Same_Day
Did the embassy schedule your interview or could you walk-in? Embassy Scheduled
Visa issued same day? Yes
If not whats the waiting period?
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? Prior to Interview
Cost of Medical Exam? 180 euro for people 15 years of age or over; 30 euro for people under 15 years of age . Then there is a supplement for every vaccination you need to get. For example for MMR the supplement is around 38 euros. I paid a total of Ä 235 for the medical, plus the MMR and TD shots.
List of doctors? No list. The medical takes place the day before the interview at the Istituto Varelli (Via Cornelia dei Gracchi 51/60 - very close to the Soccavo station of the Circumflegrea railway line). You have to be there at 8.15 with your passport. Be prepared to spend some time there, though in my case everything was over by about 12 noon.
How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 1
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 2
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? They seem to take things easy. On the day of my interview, I had my appointment at 10, and when I got in some time before that I found the other people I had met at the medical the previous day, who had been waiting since 8 in some cases! I was the last, and by 12 I was out of there. Then all of us met again at 4 to be given our visas and sealed envelopes - in the Consulate courtyard of all places!
Vaccination requirements? Depends from the list that is in Packet 3
Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate? Not cheap but nice, wonderful view, quiet place next to the Consulate, almost 5 minutes by taxi Hotel Paradiso single room 115 Euro per night.

"B&B Caracciolo10" ( very nice, friendly and clean bed and breakfast place, it's only 2 mins walking to the Consulate and 5 mins walking to Mergellina train station. Euro 100 a night including the breakfast.

B&B Area Mare (, small and nice bed and breakfast. It's situated in Via Gramsci which is in front of P.zza della Repubblica where is the consulate. By foot it's less than 10 minutes to the consulate. Also for who is coming by train, the B&B is very close to Mergellina Railway Station. The price is around 90 euros a double per night with breakfast included.

Napoli Central City B&B Corso Vittorio Emanuele,737 Tel: 081 19577840. Located a brief walk from the embassy and a half-block frm the Mergellina Railway Station. Beautiful double room with bath and breakfast for 70 euros. There are many nice reasonably-priced restaurants to choose from just down the street in a little square on Via Mergellina (just down the hill from Piazza San Nazzaro).
Additional Info? : I was expecting it would be really hard for me to get in touch with someone on the phone at the consulate, instead it was really easy. I asked for the visa office and they put this lady on the phone who was really nice (same lady who sent me packet 3 by e-mail telling me not to wait for the one in the regular mail). They have 2 info numbers you can call, one is 899 34 34 32 (general inquiries before you receive packet 3), then they have another number you find in packet 3 166 128 634. If youíre not in Italy you can send them a fax +39 081 583 83 94, but they will not answer before a week or so. Even the US citizen can call them, my fiance did it and they put him on the phone with the same lady I talked to. Donít know if I was just lucky, but thatís how it was for me.

The photo requirements have changed. Now the consulate asks for 3 pics ID full frontal face with white background and the ears must be visible. The size is 5X5 cms.

I scheduled the interview by calling the Visa Information Center at 899-343432, which wasn't easy, because these numbers are generally blocked on landlines. It is a toll number, so expect the call not to be particularly cheap. I had to call them from my cellphone, which is not the best way as the line may drop all of a sudden, but I had no other choice, and was successful anyway.

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