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Montreal, Canada
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Consulate Phone Number: 514-398-9695 - General Inquiries - Non-Visa services only
514-398-9748 - American Citizen Services only (faxes for visa services will not be received)

American Citizen Services, including passports, reports of births and general information:

Question regarding non-immigrant visa applications:

Questions related to immigrant/diversity/fiancé visa applications must be sent through our Public Inquiry Form available on the U.S. Embassy in Canada website.

The Visa Unit is not able to accept communication by facsimile machine or telephone, but we will review and reply to online inquiries in the order they are received.
Consulate E-Mail:
Address: Physical address:
1155 rue St-Alexandre
Montréal, Québec
H3B 3Z1

Mailing address:
315 Place D'Youville Suite 500
Montreal, QC
Working Hours: American Citizen Services: 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday-Friday and 2:00-3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays
Immigrant Visas: 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Monday-Friday
Nonimmigrant Visas: 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Monday-Friday
Best Way to Contact Consulate: The only way to contact the consulate for immigrant visa services is through their online inquiry form. Non-immigrant visa services are still available via e-mail. Response time varies.

Call Department of State (202.663.1225) for Visa status information prior to interview. **Wait at least 1 full week before contacting after P3 has been delivered.
Approx Waiting Time for interview date from when the Consulate receives the package from the NVC: Approx. *2-6 months from the time P3 checklist is sent back. Approx. 1-2 months from the time file is completed at NVC for CR1/IR1. These are not highball numbers, they are approximately accurate. Expect a long wait for your interview. See the thread in the Canada forum for people waiting on Montreal.
Issues a Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: Updated 10/27/2009

Please note, P3's of July 2009 and later no longer include the forms... instead, the following is included in the cover letter:
"In order to continue processing this case, please complete and return to this office at the above address, attention Immigrant Visa Unit:

Form DS-230 Part 1 - one copy, available online at
Form DS-160 - one copy, available online at
Form DS-156K - one copy, available online at
Form DS-156 - two copies, available online at
Confirmation receipt regarding Form DS-160 - one copy available online at
and Checklist (enclosed) indicating you have obtained the required documents"

There are also further details on what documents are required for the interview.

The new DS-160 Online, Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application, will eventually replace current nonimmigrant application forms DS-156, 157, 158, and other related forms, such as the DS-156E, 156K, and 156V.

The roll-out of the new DS-160 will be gradual. Therefore, not all U.S. Embassies and Consulates will be required to use the form at the same time. U.S. Embassies and Consulates currently using the new form DS-160 are the following: CANADA: Vancouver and Montreal only The form DS-160 does require you to upload an "approved" picture, it lets you know if its not suitable. You can continue to submit without a picture, it gives you a confirmation page at the end and tells you to bring it with you with picture.

Because Montreal requests the full DS-160 five page printout, MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE THE FORM IN INTERNET EXPLORER. Firefox does not currently print your form correctly at the end (it only prints three of the five pages); IE is known to print it correctly. (If other browsers are known to print it successfully, please update this. I have only tested those two.)

NOTE (as of April 8, 2009): Even though the new on-line DS-160 replaces the DS-156 form, the interview date letter (packet 4) stated to complete and bring 2 copies of the DS-156. At the interview, the agent confirmed this was still required and will collect it from you, even though the packet 3 checklist does not state it as a requirement. The embassy will hopefully correct this conflicting information soon. So be prepared to complete and bring 2 copies of the DS-156 form, just in case.

*Updated 5/20/2013*

For CR1/IR1 immigrant visas - You *must* complete the online forms DS-261 (Choice of Agent) and DS-260 Visa Application (replaces DS-3032 and DS-230.) You are also able to e-mail documents vs mailing them. ENROLL or OPTIN is no longer required.
Please see Saylin's Wiki - NVC for Montreal Beneficiaries.
Issues a Packet 4? Yes
Packet 4 contents (if known): K-1 Appointment Letter: includes a list of documents you are required to bring to the interview, who is allowed to accompany you to the interview, what items are restricted from entering the consulate, and of course the date and time of the interview. *Also can be emailed to you instead of being mailed through post.

If filed for CR1/IR1, packet 4 includes only information on interview day and medical.
What forms should be send back to the Consulate? K1:
DS-160 Online Form

CR1/IR1: none
Other Forms (if any)? K1:
I-134 (Affidavit of Support for K1) to be brought with you to interview.

DS-156 (2 copies): As of April 8, 2009, this form is still required to bring with you to the interview.

If you did electronic processing you must bring all of your originals to the interview including the AOS package (photocopies of tax transcripts and pay stubs are okay.)
Consulate offers Direct Consular Filing? No
If so, for all or only for US citizen who is lawfully resident in your country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend the interview? Yes
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Advance
Did the embassy schedule your interview or could you walk-in? Scheduled Ahead of Time
Visa issued same day? No
If not whats the waiting period? Montreal now uses DHL to send your passport and visa back. No need to get the Xpresspost envelope that was previously required. When packet 3 arrives you will be instructed to register for DHL. You will pick the nearest location to you from a drop down menu. The waiting period varies.
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? No
Cost of Medical Exam? Varies by Doctor.

It is advised to schedule exam at least a week before interview if going to Medisys in Montreal. Medisys requires 3 days after the exam to get the results back (medical day + 3 more days, weekends not included)

Medisys charges $50 plus taxes anywhere in Canada for shipping the medical by Purolator.

Medical Exam costs for Surrey Office are:
Adults - $275.00, Pregnant Adult - $225.00, Child - $150.00
results can be picked up the following afternoon.
List of doctors? (*in effect from October 1,2013 through September 30, 2014)

Dr Gulzar Cheema
7170 - 120th Street
Surrey, BC V8W3M8
604.597.6887 or 604.597.1233

Dr. Lyndon Mascarenhas
200 St. Claire Ave. W. Suite 101-W
Toronto, ON M4V 1R1

Dr. Randall T. Lee
2901 Lawrence Ave., East, Suite 201
Scarborough, ON M1P 2T4

Dr. Ian Zatzman
955 Major MacKenzie Dr., West Suite 208
Vaughan, ON L6A 4P9

Medisys Health Group Inc.
500 Sherbrooke St., West #1100
Montreal, QC H3A 3C6
514‐499‐2777 ext 3500
1‐800‐499‐1394 ext. 3500
How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 3
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 2
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? 1-3 hours
Vaccination requirements? >>>See for vaccination requirements<<<

Generally needed from ages 18-64

Tetanus booster or Tdap
Proof of chicken pox or vaccine
HIV blood test will be done
Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate? Days Inn downtown. A short cab ride/drive from the Consulate.

L’Auberge de Jeunesse de Montréal (Montreal Youth Hostel)
Anyway, it's a *really* short cab ride from the hostel to the consulate and is EXTREMELY cheap to stay there. I flew up and stayed one night. It has the basic necessities. Nothing fancy, but you just need a roof over your head and a shower/bathroom. Worked out great.

Tour Centre Ville - Across the street from Consulate -(514) 866-8861
Nothing fancy, but clean and decent room for the night... will also hold onto your luggage. While cheap, please be aware of some recent problems with bedbugs at this hotel (see customer reviews on TripAdvisor).

While not as cheap as the others, the Le Square Phillip Hotel is a top rated hotel on TripAdvisor, just one block away. Great staff, huge rooms, comp breakfast starting at 6:30am and they will gladly store your luggage while you are at the embassy.

Hotel Travelodge on boul. Rene-Levesque -- a ten minute walk to the Consulate.
Additional Info? Arrive Early - Get in line by 7:00am. Doors open at 7:30 am. Interviews are on a First Come, First Served Basis.

Pictures of the consulate:

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